And now!

Zuo Tangtang’s hand slowly stretched out and looked at her slender fingers. It seems that she didn’t realize her thoughts until now. Now her actions seem to be changing the reality, but she still changes according to his thoughts.
She still continues to be different from herself because of him.
This, this …
What the hell is she doing?
Zuo Tangtang is a little confused. It turns out that he still affects himself without him. Isn’t this a joke?
It’s like insisting that it has been broken, and it’s like a lie that deceives itself has been exposed. At this time, Zuo Tangtang doesn’t know where he is and what to do.
[Team] Pat the ball. Since Hoohoo-hoo said so, how can we be disgusted?
[Team] Clap the ball. Who said that the pianist is worthless? As far as I know, people around me have studied piano, but they haven’t reached the level yet.
[Team] Pat the ball and hoof. It’s a deal. It’s up to you to add blood later.
[Team] Pat the ball and hoof?
[Team] Pat the ball and hoof? Are you online? Lost the line?
Looking at Zuo Tangtang with a ball, I was so happy and said a lot of words, but I didn’t expect Zuo Tangtang to have no reaction at all.
It wasn’t until the kelp coughed gently that Zuo Tangtang woke up from the puzzle he brought himself.
Blink slightly, it seems that there is no doubt that there is nothing white. I made so many words by patting the ball until I read Zuo Tangtang carefully and looked at it without saying a word. The fog in Muyun’s idle eyes slowly disappeared, revealing clear eyes.
By the way, she was really thinking about the past and the past, and her most plain words turned into a sharp knife to pierce him.
She doesn’t want to do it, and she doesn’t want to deliberately let herself go and let herself go with a cold look.
She won’t be stupid in her subconscious, and she will follow his "guidance" and try to change herself and endure the pain she feels struggling.
She can do whatever she wants now.
[Team] Pig’s trotters are stewed/hey, it’s here ~
[Team] Stewed pig’s trotters just got a little stuck. I just saw it now. Sorry ~
Zuo Tangtang’s expression lied and she made a cute expression. There was no hesitation after the whole move. The screen root would not have noticed that she had thought so much in a short time.
[Team] It’s okay to clap the ball ~ just don’t get stuck
[Team] Pat the ball. Wait …?
[Team] Pig’s trotters stew and laugh/Mm-hmm. I’ll take care of what I add to the blood later.
[Team] Clap the ball and clap your hands/OK! Ok!
It’s a great relief for Zuo Tangtang’s cooperation to slap the ball. Players can easily get rid of this team, but when his work is just an impact, he absolutely won’t allow this kind of accident to happen. He is a team without Emei’s cover, and now having such a pianist can make up for a lot.
[Team] Pat the ball, it’s a leisurely time ~ You go and try it. To be continued.
[265] Chapter two hundred and sixty-seven During the storm]
MuYun idle I don’t know when I have already reached the front of Zuo Tangtang, and I didn’t see the captain urging me or the scattered people around me in my eyes, just staring at the girl who is no longer the handsome Royal Guards Sect.
He doesn’t know what they said, and he doesn’t want to see those messy conversations. He knows that every word Zuo Tangtang just said was addressed to him.
Is he coming to regret it or not to explain that his shock in his heart is over and he has not given him the opportunity to do it? Now he can look at the virtual human figure representing Zuo Tangtang like this.
She knew that after a long pause, Muyun was idle and murmured that she didn’t know whether she was facing herself or the other.
Does she know that she saw the little confession? Muyun found herself a little afraid to think about this fact. After that, she didn’t say anything. Is she still waiting for him every day?
He used to really like her!
Muyun held his head in his spare time and felt full of frustration and unknown anger.
What have you ever done? When I think of this girl who used to be shy and knew to follow him, Mu Yunxian has managed to think more. At the beginning, she never wanted her to get hurt, but she actually saw every word of that little confession.
It is no wonder that the mood was so abnormal at that time.
No wonder she was so excited and questioned him about small things at that time.
No wonder …
It turns out that all these things that she once wondered about were just because she knew them all.
MuYun idle hand slightly shook, it seems that some don’t adapt to the sudden cold.
He may have gone too far.
I used to protect her carefully, but in the end I let her get this kind of injury, just like every sentence she just punched in her face and directly collided with her heart. He didn’t know that he could imagine how he would be hurt when he said he liked to care for the girl when he saw that picture.
Oh, what harm are you talking about?
MuYun idle self-deprecating thought that hurt? At that time, when I heard her crying, my attitude was probably more harmful than those. Go.
Thought of here, Mu Yun’s idle expression became light again, and it seems that nothing has been thought about. The mood in his eyes is also like the past, cool thin.
[Team] Clap and clap the ball? Muyun idle?
Half a day didn’t get a reply. It was nai who shouted at the side.
[Team] Pat the ball, Mu Yunxian, should you be stuck?
Bouncing the ball is going to make me cry because of this accident. I jumped directly in front of Muyunxian and jumped like a frog, hoping to attract Muyunxian’s attention.
In fact, he did succeed in bringing Muyun back to his original sight.
[Team] Mu Yunxian Yeah