Usually, a woman can marry a man and serve a man all her life.

In ancient times, marriage was more important to the woman, and whether she was happy or not in her life depended on whether she married the right person.
Like those who can become other men and women again and again, they are either beautiful or special.
Even if her husband dies, even if she is still in her youth, there is not much chance for an ordinary woman to find a husband’s family again.
Zhang Xue’s beauty and Lingyun’s identity are relatively easy if something happens to Lingyun and Zhang Xue wants to find another man.
But Zhang Xue is not a easy virtue woman. Now that she has married Lingyun, it is natural to hope that this generation will be a Lingyun woman.
If Lingyun wants to resurrect her father Zhang Xue, she will not give birth to the idea of leaving Lingyun.
And Lingyun has promised her before, so she will not leave Lingyun, and Zhang Xue will consider her happy life.
How can I make myself and Lingyun happy in the future?
Before this, Zhang Xue never thought that she wanted to let Lingyun help her resurrect her father.
Zhang Xuecai thought of this problem until he saw Lingyun and Fengwu intimate.
Before this, Zhang Xuexin didn’t have much affection for Lingyun. It was some friendship and passion for Lingyun to save her.
She chose Lingyun’s husband because Lingyun is excellent in her eyes, and what is not important is Lingyun’s identity and official position. What matters is Lingyun’s identity as Emperor Pusong’s younger brother.
I chose Lingyun because I thought Lingyun had the ability to help her resurrect her father in the future and was willing to help her.
Lingyun has promised her now, but it can’t be realized yet, but it also makes Zhang Xuexin a lot easier.
Seeing Lingyun and Fengwu intimate, Zhang Xue suddenly hoped that Lingyun could treat her like Fengwu.
Lying in bed and gently sticking to Lingyun’s back, Zhang Xue sometimes thinks about reviving his father and sometimes fantasizes about living with Lingyun in the future.
In a daze, Zhang Xue finally fell asleep and had a beautiful dream at the same time.
In the dream, Lingyun revived her father, and she and Lingyun gave birth to several dolls …
Lingyun turned over in his sleep towards Zhang Xue, who slept on the outside.
Wind dance also turned over to lingyun.
Lingyun turned his skill in his sleep and hugged Zhang Xueshen’s legs and Zhang Xue overlapping each other.
Dreaming of Zhang Xue is also hugging Lingyun’s body.
Dawn …
The first to wake up was Feng Wu. Last night, among the three people, she was the first to fall asleep after she and Lingyun changed places, and she was also the first to wake up today.
After waking up, Fengwu discovered that he was facing the wall, and his hand habitually stretched out to his waist, intending to lift Lingyun and put it on his waist and arm.
But the wind dancer left her only to find that Lingyun’s hand was not on her body.
Wind dance turned around and then she saw Lingyun and Zhang Xue’s faces almost without separation.
Then the wind dance eyes rested on the quilt and guessed how the quilt body was entangled from the ups and downs of the wind dance.
"What is this?" The wind dance has some measures
She knew that she forced Lingyun to sleep last night. At that time, she was thinking that she could sleep safely inside. I didn’t expect such a thing to happen.
I agree that she contributed to Lingyun and Zhang Xue, and I also thought about Lingyun and Zhang Xue sleeping together in my heart.
But at this time, when the picture of the two people intertwined really appeared in front of Feng Dance, Feng Dance felt that she had some ways to accept it.
Lingyun still hugged her when she slept last night. Why did it become such a picture when she got up early this morning?
She sleeps alone in it, facing the wall, while Lingyun just hugs Zhang Xue.
The wind dance is very uncomfortable in my heart. At this moment, she regrets that Lingyun must sleep last night. When she got up early today, she wouldn’t have seen such a picture.
The sunshine outside the window is charming, but the wind dances with a shadow in my heart.
She knew that this was definitely not Lingyun’s intention, but even if Lingyun didn’t mean to dance with Zhang Xuefeng in front of her, it was hard to be happy.
Zhang Xue slept nearly an hour later than Feng Wu, and slept less than four hours a night, and woke up a little later than usual.
Soon after the wind dance woke up, Zhang Xue woke up.
Zhang Xue opened her eyes and saw Lingyun’s handsome face at first sight, which appeared several times in her dream last night.
Now when I wake up, I see Lingyun’s face and let her still dream.
However, Zhang Xue woke up in the second eye because she saw the wind dance.
Zhang Xue didn’t see the wind and dance in her dream last night.
Seeing the wind dance, Zhang Xue "woke up" and then she found herself holding Lingyun, who also held her.
The white face is as red as a ripe red apple.
Zhang Xue hurriedly let go and moved back a little bit and Lingyun pulled a little distance.