Li Re cherishes his anger and purses his lips. "I don’t eat."

Mo Shaoju looked at her with gherardini eyes and said, "Do you want to have meat dishes once a week in Weikang orphanage, and you may have a chance to eat meat this time before Yin Mo came to save you?"
Li Rexi bit her lip tightly, and she was too hungry to be hungry. Working before and being beaten has already exhausted her strength.
Mo Shaoju "crawled over" with anger at her.
Li Ruoxi’s hands trembled. Mo Shaoju picked up a stick and played with it. "What, do you want me to treat you like a dog? I am a senior animal and can understand words."
"You" Li Ruoxi’s lips were bitten out of blood stains, and finally she knelt down trembling.
This move made her seem to hear that self-esteem was trampled on by Mo Shaoju.
Mo Shaoju snorted and put the food in his hand on the floor before Li Re cherish.
"Come on, don’t say I’m mistreated. Remember, I’m not unreasonable, but I passed away with you and spent a lot of money on it. I hope you won’t let me do compensation business."
Li Rexi picked up chopsticks and tears fell on the rice.
She bowed her head in embarrassment and grilled rice. Mo Shaoju turned and walked out. She sneered, "People are miserable bones. You have to suffer once to find out how beautiful your former life is."
Li Ruoxi let go of lunch and looked lonely, sitting on the ground looking at the floor.
I wonder what Yin Mo is doing now.
On the other hand, Yin Mo, the director of the Yin chaebol, kicked over the chair again and looked at the little assistant with a gloomy face and handed me a pile of information.
"Yin Dong, I really don’t know where Mrs. Yin will be, but these materials are often used to visit the guests on the first floor of Century Jiayuan. The information is just from Director Yan Chen."
Yin mo pressed the eyebrows "put it here"
The little assistant looked at him anxiously. "You haven’t had dinner yet. Do you want me?"
Yin Mo gave a sound of impatience and loss. "Little pity has not found me where I have an appetite for dinner."
What’s more, he doesn’t even know if Li Rexi has suffered or been bullied now.
The violent uneasiness surrounding Yin Mo made him want to kill himself to vent his anger.
Everyone knows how uneasy Li Ruoxi is. Why did he lock her in the office alone?
He’s such an asshole.
The little assistant was frightened and quickly turned and walked out of the office and shook his head at Mu Wanqing and Ye Fan outside. "No, Yin Donggen won’t listen to me. It’s almost one o’clock in the morning. Yin Dong is still looking for Mrs. Yin."
V Chapter one hundred and thirteen Wan Qing don’t go.
Although it is not strange to react to Yin Mo, it is not a way to go like this.
Mu Wanqing blames herself for biting her lip. Why is it that she can’t do anything when she cherishes her best friend?
The little assistant quietly sorted out the information on the side, and the white desktop was piled up. The folder department was full of frequent visitor information on the first floor of Century Jiayuan Hotel.
However, Century Jiayuan Hotel is a century-old shop, among which there are countless frequent guests. It is not easy to find clues from it.
Ye Fan was a little bored walking back and forth in the house. The little assistant muttered to himself while sorting out the information. "I really didn’t expect that the director of Weikang orphanage would go to such a place to save the trafficked children?"
Mu Wan Qing turned around and said, "Hey, what are you cooing about?"
The little assistant was startled by Mu Wanqing’s sudden shout, and quickly took out the information in his hand. "Miss Mu, I was talking to myself. Don’t mind. Don’t mind."
Mu Wan Qing tightly locked her eyebrows. Ye Fan stepped forward to comfort the little assistant with a smile. "No, Wan Seita is impatient. By the way, you have been looking for information for so long. Are there any clues now?"
The little assistant scratched his head. "It’s nothing. The regulars on the first floor of Jiayuan in this century are either poor or local tyrants. There are no candidates involved at all. It’s hard to find one who may be connected, but it’s impossible to think about it with this person’s identity."
Mu Wan Qing took a sip of her lips. "No one can feed you. Do you know that everyone is anxious now? Say it quickly if you have something to say. What are you hiding?"
The little assistant was a little aggrieved, pointing to his own information. "That’s it. I just talked to myself because I was surprised that Mo Shaoju, the director of the orphanage, would also come to a place like Century Jiayuan."
Ye Fan went over and took a look at the information in the hands of the little assistant. "Isn’t this man the director of Weikang Orphanage? He is doing charity. Yin chaebol allocates funds to other orphanages every year."
Mu Wanqing gave him a cross look. "What are you so clear about?"
Ye Fan shrugged his shoulders and toyed with the folder in his hand.
"I talked about this Weikang orphanage with Yin Mo in detail before. I remember that at that time, it seemed that a girl with leukemia was taken in by the dean. At that time, the Weikang orphanage received enough support funds to maintain normal life and order, so I jointly organized a charity fundraising with Yin chaebol."
Mu wan Qing know nodded and then some dissatisfaction muttered
"It turned out to be such a trivial matter. What am I curious about? Besides, since this person is doing charity, there is nothing wrong with him often going to the Century Jiayuan Hotel to sell. Maybe he is trying to save more children in distress."
The little assistant nodded. "I think so, too, but this information sheet, Dean Mo Shaoju, goes almost every day and"
Before she finished, she was interrupted by Mu Wanqing. "I said, how did you become an assistant to Yin Mo? Do you want to check it from beginning to end? Won’t you check the guests who went to Century Jiayuan Hotel yesterday?"
Ye Fan nodded and gently calmed the panicked little assistant.
"Wan Qing’s temper is straightforward, but his words are not rough. You can only have clues by looking up the years and months like this. Why don’t you check from yesterday that there are not many regulars in Century Jiayuan, and you can draw them all?"
The little assistant hesitated and nodded, and suddenly he held up the information in his hand and said, "What about this?"
Mu Wanqing turned around in a fidgety way. "Can’t you do anything? Are you Yin Mo’s assistant or a follower? Even a small matter can’t be decided well."
God knows what will happen if Li Rexi drags on for another second.
The assistant is so dull that he feels annoyed just by looking at it.
"Wan Qing" Ye Fan growled at her with a warning. Mu Wan Qing shut up and Ye Fan looked at the frightened little assistant again. "How did this Mo Shaoju also go to Century Jiayuan yesterday?"
The little assistant nodded. "I have been there and stayed for a long time. I can tell by his check-out record, but he is not a powerful person. I don’t know if I should circle it."
Ye Fan suddenly looked at Mu Wanqing with a sigh. "If you are in a bad mood, take it out on others. They are Yin Mo assistants and not your assistants. Apologize quickly."
Mu Wanqing stared at her eyes. "I apologize. Why should I apologize? She can’t even do such a small thing well. How can I say that she is reluctant?"
She was in such a hurry that Li Re regretted leaving, but it happened that this little assistant was still unhurried in studying this man called Mo Shaoju. It’s not suspicious to circle him and make a note. Well, don’t you know when the time comes?
I still have to ask such a small matter as a body assistant.
You should have common sense without a brain.
Mu Wan Qing was furious and looked at Ye Fan. He actually blamed himself for such an unsightly little assistant
Ye Fan’s anger frowned. "You’re unbelievable. You’re not the only one who’s worried, but there’s a limit to everything. If you can’t help, don’t tell others what to do. It’s your turn to owe you. Why do you take it out on others?"
"I’m willing to sa Ye Fan. You can say it again. Believe it or not, I still dare to hit her." Mu Wan Qing raised her hand in the previous step.
Ye Fan held her wrist and gave her a handsome face.
"I said let you apologize, Mu Wanqing, and you should know that I have never been used to your bad habits."
Seeing that things have become so big unconsciously, the assistant went into a hurry and advised, "I didn’t scold Miss Mu wrong. I really didn’t do well enough. Please don’t hurt your feelings with Miss Mu because of this."
Mu Wan Qing almost stood there, never thinking that Ye Fan would scold her in public with outsiders.