Mad dog dragon nodded. "What about Shu?"

Lu Chongyun said, "Shu is a sacred land. Mr. Zheng has never underestimated this opponent. They are so talented and expert that no one dares to offend them easily."
"It seems that Wu is a bloody elite?" Mad dog dragon asked.
Liu Chongyun nodded. "It’s true that the bloody elite is ashamed of their guild name. Their financial resources are not as good as those of our masters in the new century, but there will be a special conclusion that men and women are not afraid of death …"
He suddenly showed a strange expression and mused, "If I have to find a word for this guild, it is wolves!"
Mad dog dragon immediately remembered the amazing courage to blow itself up in the face of the terrible king’s bloody elite in the river bend shanzhai that night.
A level 7 master, if you say self-destruction, you will really destroy yourself. How many level 7 people have the courage?
Of course, he will never doubt that the Eastern dynasty is more terrible than the bloody elite to some extent, because the Eastern dynasty will never bow its head, which is a guild where bloody talents can stay.
I don’t know why he has been thinking about the past recently. Is this person’s mentality aging? to be continued
Chapter six hundred and thirty-six Metaphor
Mad dog dragon said, "What’s wrong with this Wei Shuwu metaphor?"
"Can say one thing!" Lu Chongyun said word by word, "This is a balance!"
"Balance?" Mad dog dragon wondered, "Liu Ge, can I understand this? It’s like once a tripod is broken, it can’t be placed on the table, because no matter how you put it, it will fall down! "
"Brilliant!" Lu Chongyun was a little excited and patted Mad Dog Dragon on the shoulder. "Brother Gua, you understand too deeply. I have never found a good metaphor for our three families. Since the Battle of Fengyun Port, the three of us have made a very tacit agreement this year. In fact, it can’t be called an agreement. The presidents of the three families have a very clear understanding. If there is a big contradiction between China and Italy and there is a fierce conflict, this situation will be subverted."
Mad dog dragon said, "What kind of situation would that be?"
Lu Chongyun suddenly showed a fear expression. "It’s not just a scene of a mountain of corpses and a river of blood. It will be an unprecedented super storm in the history of The Ninth Continental. The whole pattern of The Ninth Continental will be changed, and history will probably go backwards. It even involves many life problems in the real world. No one can take responsibility for this consequence."
"That’s true, Brother Lu. You are not exaggerating at all!" Mad dog dragon said with awe, "this is indeed a catastrophe and storm, but who can guarantee that it won’t happen?"
"Without this situation, it will never appear in the decision of our three families!" Lu Chongyun explained that "the three guilds have all developed into one guild in the history of The Ninth Continent. The composition, organization and operation of the guild have all reached a mature stage. The three bosses will not do such stupid things."
Mad dog dragon nodded, and he really agreed with Lu Chongyun’s statement that anyone who can sit in the position of president of the three people’s congresses must be extraordinary, and his vision and knowledge are superb. Even Lu Chongyun has this understanding. What about Mr. Zheng?
"But this situation is also possible!" Liu Chongyun finally got serious.
"Oh?" Mad dog dragon was surprised. "Which possibility?"
Lu Chongyun said, "This balance will be broken when powerful foreign forces intervene."
The mad dog dragon sank, "What kind of power?"
Lu Chongyun walked to the hall. "Does Brother Gua know that group of people?"
Mad dog dragon road "three hands?"
This is the first time that Lu Chongyun’s face has a very dignified expression. "It is said that this organization has been very mysterious for forty years. I can say that it has been quiet for forty years, but in the last two years, it has suddenly sprung up. According to our investigation, those vanishing points in the last three months have been secretly made by three hands."
Mad dog dragon suddenly said, "xiao yue kept the goods in the blue manager’s place? Is that also a point? "
"No!" Lu Chongyun decisively rejected "that is a signal!"
Mad dog dragon road "what signal?"
Lu Chongyun said, "The first three hands dared to sneak around in remote areas and move our brains a little bit, but once the Heavenly King tried to rob our goods openly, that’s to say one thing, they got bolder."
Mad dog dragon coldly said, "More and more reckless?"
Lu Chongyun nodded. "That’s what it means. That’s a signal. Why did they suddenly become so bold?"
Mad dog dragon mused, "if they are in harmony with the divine domain or the bloody elite, it is indeed enough to change the sky."
Lu Chongyun has walked back to the front of the big stage and stopped talking about this topic. He took a sip from the glass and said, "In fact, it is my job to nip such bad signs in the bud. It is no coincidence or accident that the new century has developed to this scale."
The mad dog dragon looked at him and didn’t speak. He found that Lu Chongyun was also an extremely terrible person. He was more terrible than Hu Weiwei, Yang Hong and Gu Xiaoyue. It was not only that others couldn’t see his depth, but that this person’s views and concepts were far from being very popular.
It suddenly occurred to him that a long time ago, the waters recommended an old movie called "A Chinese Odyssey" to himself. When he watched it for the first time, Mad Dog Dragon simply laughed and hurt his belly. He couldn’t laugh when he watched it for the second time. He felt a deep sadness. He suddenly wanted to cry when he watched it for the third time; After watching it for the fourth time, he didn’t even want to cry. He sat in front of the naked man and swayed in his mind, repeating the ending line of the hero over and over again. "He looks like a dog!"
He told Lengfeng that people are not as good as dogs because he said that many men can sum up "live like a dog!" "
Those who know that taste can neve tell it, and never will.
But people who don’t understand the truth will laugh as sweetly, innocently and heartily as the heroine.
And when you see this kind of smile, you will feel a kind of sadness that goes deeper into the bone marrow.
Life and destiny are so cruel and always so abstruse.
Later, Mad Dog Dragon liked to relive A Chinese Odyssey. Gradually, he saw a lot of philosophy of life from this film. He was extremely impressed by the words in it, and the deepest understanding was that the Tang Priest broke his mouth and said, "Your mother’s name", so that the monster next to him committed suicide.