For the players in the high team, Gao Rang is more respectful, but it is only once that Aries Rang never likes it, and he doesn’t take a reason for Aries’ questioning Gao Rang.

Ziwei in white is a person who knows the way of the world. She quickly smiled and replied for Gao Rang, "Our purpose is not to treasure here, but to hunt down a demon."
Zhugong "devil" It was the high boss in the former war. Did you let the devil out? "
Gao Rang nodded his head, which is the answer to Zhugong.
"You are still looking for that kind of demon. It’s really persistent!" Aside chrysanthemum male said with a smile, but this guy at this time more attention is on the white crape myrtle chest.
The cat saw Jugong’s wretched eyes and quickly pulled the white crape myrtle behind him and asked the high team, "We all said that what are you here for this visit?"
"Hey, why are you missing one person this time?" Curious baby found the problem at a glance.
Lan Gong "Yes, this time it is really missing the residual name, and it is because of him that we are here this time."
"Because of a broken name?" Gao Rang asked curiously
Mei Gong "Yes, I don’t know if you have noticed that the real virtual partition of the game is becoming less and less obvious now. It is estimated that these two contradictory forces will turn around soon."
Turtle dove "I have heard many such examples recently. It is said that some female players have become pregnant in the game."
Gao rang "it seems that this balance between reality and virtuality will be broken, but I still don’t understand what this has to do with the remnant name?"
Chapter 453 Stellar meteorites
Black Wolf used to be a player with a high expression, but now his face is even colder.
"In the real world, the remnant name is actually a vegetative person to let him enter the game. I have put a lot of energy into many ways. Later, after the game was updated, he actually entered the game. I am so happy. Recently, with the increasing instability of the virtual reality, the state of the remnant name often fluctuates, so I will try to find a way, but no matter how I try, I can change the state of the remnant name until I meet a player who was being ignored. I came to the gang to hunt him down, but I saved him. The destiny is a very strange professional player. His professional name is the prophet, but he is very powerful in other ways. I didn’t know that he was a destiny, but he told me that he could treat all kinds of diseases or disabled players in the real world in the game, so I told him about the broken name. After listening to what I said, he told me that there is one way to treat the broken name, that is, to come to this ghost relic and find a treasure called’ magic eye’, which can only be treated.
"Did you find that phantom eye?" Ye Ye Wen Shuo
The black wolf took out something like a compass and said to Gao Rang, "We have been looking for something for a long time in this relic according to the guidance of this’ search Sina’. The strangest thing for us is that this search Sina instructed us to reach a dead end several times, but the search Sina still guided things ahead."
"Well, don’t wander around here. Let’s take you to the second floor of the ruins!" Gao Rang waved the disc in his hand in front of the black wolf and others.
So the black wolf and others followed Gao rang to the entrance on the second floor of the ruins according to the instructions of the scroll.
It was difficult for them to find a circular groove at the entrance.
Gao Rang twisted the disc into the groove twice, and a big hole suddenly appeared in the original dead end.
There is no doubt that this is the entrance to the second floor of the ruins.
After entering the second floor of the ruins, the Black Wolf and them parted ways.
At the entrance of the ruins are four roads, east, west, north and south. The black wolves chose the west road according to the guidance of Sina, and Gao Rang and others decided to go south after discussion. There was no reason to feel it.
Follow your feelings and never look back.
Gao Rang and others choose this road. There are not many monsters, but there are surprisingly many traps and machines.
One hundred meters away, Gao Rang and others encountered four or five planes and three traps.
In this kind of secret machine and trap situation, the cat directly sent its own mechanical guards to "wade" forward.
Although this method seems stupid, the reality is very high. After sacrificing about 20 mechanical guards, Gao Rang and others finally crossed the dangerous area.
After the absence of machines and traps, monsters are ushered in, but these monsters are also ordinary monsters of about 90 levels. For Gao Rang and others, it is as easy as chopping melons and vegetables.
It took Gao Rang and others an hour and a half to hack all the way before they came to the end of the road.
At the end of the road is a round stone with a blue name-stellar meteorite.
Out of curiosity, Tutu touched this stone first, and at the moment she touched it, her body disappeared.
I was afraid that something would happen to Tutu, so everyone quickly touched the stone. After touching the stone, everyone disappeared.
It was already in darkness when everyone appeared again.
The original Gao Rang artifact can illuminate, but in this case, this attribute is completely effective, and all pets have been forcibly taken back from pets.
It’s really strange that I feel that I have lost my strength in this.
Soon this gradually lit up, and then a lion-like monster changed from a stone carving to a real monster.
Mighty Lion (Special boss) HP 2
Grade 99
The attack mode is unknown
Attack skill unknown
Auxiliary skill unknown
The mighty lion is a two-story star meteorite with the remains of ghosts and gods. Only by defeating it can Guardian escape from it alive, otherwise it will be lost forever.
This boss has a blood volume of 20,000 points, but its attack methods and skills are all unknown. It is estimated that its strength is not small, and it should be a malicious role. Gao Rong and others have made up their minds to fight to the death.
"Fear roars!"
The old cat has directly used his group control skills for hundreds of millions of years. With his roar, the whole thing seems to be quiet, but his roar has not stunned the mighty lion.
"mighty roar!"
On the contrary, the mighty lion actually returned a roar, which was much worse than that of the old cat. Except for the negative state, everyone else went into a dizzy state for 2 seconds
"Holy blink!"
Gao Rang started the sacred blink skill of the ring for the first time, and everyone instantly woke up from dizziness.
The mighty lion was just about to rush toward the white crape myrtle, only to move one step and be blown back by an explosion.
This explosion is the skill of setting a pulse bomb in front of the secret machine. This skill is a passive trigger skill. It is very simple to trigger this skill. It is necessary for the secret machine to determine the attack direction of the target and trigger the bomb if the target can move from the predetermined direction one second after the pulse bomb is placed.