Rush into darkness

Sitting in front of my brain in the morning shift, my back, neck, shoulders and palms have been numb and cramped. I went to the hospital to take a picture of my cervical vertebra in the afternoon, as expected.
Chapter one hundred and forty-three The teacher elder sister to the tuba is Chinese.
Tang Yike’s songs are lingering in the fans’ ears and moving in their hearts.
MengMeng’s sound is gentle as water, just like the spring breeze, but it is always so warm and touching. Every time, people are full of blood and tears.
The lyrics are very Chinese, and the melody is from the most familiar China melody. Therefore, although Tang Yike’s pronunciation of singing unfamiliar Cantonese is not too standard, Tang Yike sang all the gentle and affectionate Cantonese tunes, so that this song can capture the audience from the emotion and appreciation habits, and let this song be sung to the heart as soon as possible.
Who makes my splendid hometown pale?
Who makes my beautiful green lake bitter?
On the night of September 1, 1931, the Japanese East Army arranged a railway "garrison" to blow up the track of the Nanman Railway built by Japan near the Liutiao Lake in Shenyang and planted it on the Japanese army of China. This excuse was that the shelling of Shenyang Beidaying was the "September 1 Incident" and the Japanese imperialist invaded China.
However, in 1992, when the Japanese Ministry of Education approved the teaching, it changed the words "invasion" to "entry and exit" in paragraphs such as "invasion of North China" and "face-to-face invasion of China" and changed the Nanjing Massacre to "occupation of Nanjing", which aroused great anger among Chinese people who love peace in the world. Almost all literary and art workers expressed their strong condemnation of Japan’s move and expressed their anger in various forms.
At one time, there were two music masters in Xiangjiang who wrote such an impassioned pop song full of national integrity. Brave China people were Gu Jiahui and James J.S.Wong, who were praised as "brilliant".
From the beach to the bloody heart, Gu Jiahui James J.S.Wong, a singer who is known as the "godfather of music" in Hong Kong, also called "Huihuang" as a strange master of Xiangjiang pop music. Old Mr. Gu Jiahui’s musical style is deeply influenced by Guangdong Cantonese opera. The tune is beautiful, fluent, concise and meaningful, and the charm of the loop is unique. He has an epic grand and distant feeling.
From my heart in China to the brave people in China, James J.S.Wong, a poet who has been praised as a "ghost talent" in Xiangjiang, can sum up his chivalry, heroism, righteousness and nationalism by saying "chivalrous".
Mr. James J.S.Wong, a lyricist and cultural person, has an in-depth view of social life phenomena, but he doesn’t complain negatively when he knows all kinds of things, but he faces the world with red feelings of home and country and inspirational mentality, which is always very enlightening and inspiring.
"Huihuang", the two saints and the two wizards, left a deep impression on the world and made the music world wonderful.
The two saints have jointly written to Shishan, the "city song" of Xiangjiang, and the Financial Secretary Liang Jinsong has quoted the lyrics of this song to send a message to the public that they should help each other in the same boat, which shows that it has a far-reaching impact on Xiangjiang society.
Of course, in this world, the song Lion Mountain has also become the song of Xiangjiang City.
In fact, Xiangjiang was not just these two masters in the early 1970 s. Looking back from the late 1970 s to the early 1970 s, we can clearly feel that a large number of patriotic theme songs emerged in Xiangjiang music scene during that period, and Xiangjiang patriotic songs paid special attention to expressing their attachment to the mainland and lyrical presentation of China’s modern history
One is to attempt to cover up the history on February 2, and at the same time, the two-year Deng Gong Thatcher talks exhibition was returned to Xiangjiang for negotiations.
After that, Xiangjiang literary and artistic workers were treated with a certain degree of tenderness, which also made Xiangjiang government, literary and artistic circles and citizens generally respond positively to the call of returning to the times and arouse their love for the motherland through lyric songs again, which became a history that cultural people spontaneously undertook.
When China’s melody, bones and muscles rose in Xiangjiang Cantonese music scene, you still said it was not inevitable
Today, many people say that the Chinese music scene is too weak, and even those who were able to stop the Cantonese pop music scene at its peak are dying. In fact, we might as well turn to history and have a good look at what we have lost in today’s pop music, and we should get it back.
A brave China song on the Internet once again set off an outrageous situation, and the netizens were in tears.
Now I also ask Tang Yike that he has suluo’s style and got suluo’s truth.
I saw it all.
"pit main retreat"
Weibo is also United as one.
If suluo sings the melody of great wall never pour’s song like a soldier in front and a goddess in the back chanting blessings, then this song of the master elder sister singing brave China people will bring out the best in each other.
Let’s talk about Wang Quan, the original singer of this song. I don’t need to introduce it more. One "sister" is enough. Xiangjiang entertainment circle will always be the most attractive banner in sister and a golden signboard that will never fade.
If it’s not enough, then add "how can a miracle be enough?"
Well, sometimes there is sister Wang Quan, and sometimes there is a big teacher elder sister Tang Yike, and suluo laughs very heartily and proudly, waiting for the day when there will be such a golden sentence "How can a miracle be enough for Tang Yike?"
"Big sister is great."
"Be a brave China.
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Human blood awakens the Chinese soul. "
"Wake up, wake up, wake up by this song."
"encore encore"
"One more song, don’t stop."
Comments are rolling, and the carnival of fans continues.
One more song is a must, because brave China people are too gentle and graceful, which is very suitable for younger sisters to sing, but it doesn’t quite conform to my senior martial sister’s domineering design. Masculine and bloody songs can only be sung by men, and senior martial sister said that she can also sing.
Make my beautiful hometown pale.
It makes my beautiful green lake full of hate.
Get rid of him
An hour later, the domineering master elder sister went online again.
This is your home.
Elegant courtyard
Simplicity is beneficial to show style
Tuba is Chinese.
As soon as the music started, netizens felt full of blood, boiling up and pounding their nerves. Every word of the lyrics in the magnificent and fierce melody was integrated into the bone marrow of Chinese sons and daughters, which made people feel bloody.
Son, this is your tuba called Zhonghua.
Domineering, many netizens have been unable to control their tears from their seats and filled their eyes.
"Son, this is your red brick and blue tile.
Ancestors’ blood dried bricks and sweat planted flowers.
Regeneration of flowers from withered trunk
Let’s take the burden off our shoulders.
Huang Yan wan Dai
Thank you.
That trait in the blood
Leave for generations