"That’s true, but the dragon god’s huge size makes no sense. The only explanation is that it was more traumatized and saved by Gaoqin."

"Do you mean that the heart sword hurt the dragon god?"
But I guess what they are planning should be the ultimate destruction.
"The ultimate destruction? See "
"A thousand years ago, Maple City was killed by the first deity in Lingzhou Mainland. Bones and Shen Jianing will fall into illusory territory together, and then the heart will disappear mysteriously. We are all wondering whether the heart has left this world for another continent, but now it seems that it is. Now that he has returned to the prosperous mainland, it is very likely that he has become a bone tool."
Yu Xiaofei’s words Liang Ping is dubious.
However, the dragon god suddenly exclaimed, "Liang Ping, you idiot, why can’t you think of this? It seems that we must go to the magic capital as soon as possible."
"Go to the magic capital?" Liang Ping asked in surprise.
Yu Xiaofei asked in dismay at the same time, "What goes to the magic capital?"
"Ahem, I’m talking to the dragon god. He said to let me go to the magic capital as soon as possible." Liang Ping patiently explained.
"So that’s what I expected. Now that even the Dragon God said so, I’m in a mess. They really want to carry out the ultimate destruction plan for Lingzhou mainland!" Yu Xiaofei said with a dignified tone
Suddenly flapped his wings and turned around to fly out of the secret cave of the snow mountain.
However, Liang Ping suddenly stopped talking and said, "What are you going to do if you go to the magic city now?"
"Let’s put Brother Ten in a safe place first, and then I’ll send you to the magic capital." Yu Xiaofei said firmly.
"But now the situation is in a critical situation. If someone looks after it, I’m afraid if there is any emergency again."
It is also a hesitation for Xiao Fei to come to this matter.
It is this mushroom that coughed, "How about this? Since this is the secret cave of the snowy mountain, I believe it must be the passage to the extreme hell. We put our love near the entrance of the extreme hell passage and believe it must be absolutely safe there."
"Investigate the entrance of the Hell Passage?"
Liang Ping said strangely, "Mushroom, please make it clear. Now we can’t see anything here. How should we get to the place you said?"
"If I remember correctly, I should fly this passage is about 100,000 feet. At the end of the abyss, there are extremely cold ice fields and extremely hot magma. There is a small crack passing through the crack, which is the ultimate hell. But we don’t need to investigate the extreme hell. Putting him in the ice fields and magma is very helpful for his physical recovery." Mushroom said fluently.
Although the sound is as small as mosquitoes and flies, you can still feel the beautiful sound of mushrooms.
Liang Ping retells the original statement of Mushroom Office to Yu Xiaofei.
Yu Xiaofei smell speech motioned Liang Ping to hold on to his body.
From flapping your wings, you will fly straight to the deeper abyss.
This form is actually extremely risky. If Mushroom is slightly different from Xiaofei, the current speed of 15 mph plus the pull of gravity has now reached at least 2 mph.
The brisk wind in the ear is like making a delivery function.
In this case, Liang Ping’s spectacles almost fell off several times, and only by plunging into the small back can they stabilize the spectacles.
Breathing is already a luxury, but Liang Ping learned swimming skills in Yindu City, and it doesn’t matter if he can hold his breath for two hours.
Yu Xiaofei himself is a flier Liang Ping, but he is not worried at all.
It’s true that he has a strong spirit to protect himself, and there will be no accidents if he wants to come.
It was not long before I felt a constant temperature comfort around me.
Peeking at the ground, I saw that the ground was full of colorful flowers.
There is still the last kilometer left, and Yu Xiaofei is still downhill.
Liang Ping wants to speak to stop it, but she doesn’t even have a chance to open her mouth.
On the verge of hitting the ground, the small body suddenly leans
"whoosh ~"
Dress fluttering in small wings flapping in the flowers on the ground like a landing helicopter.
Several delicate flowers were scattered.
Flying from high speed to small Fei needs a long gliding to stop.
So there are thousands of meters of flowers, which have been turned into flowers and leaves by the high winds of his Kuroha wings.
Finally slowed down and saw a farm here.
"It turns out that those strange incense just now came out from here?"
Liang Ping was amazed and stood proudly in Xiaofei’s back again.
Yu Xiaofei’s brow is also full of joy.
"I’m afraid the scenery here is better than Yunzhou City!"
Landing in the flowers and seeing the show, it’s not as tanned as it is.
All kinds of flying flowers soon fell like petal rain.
While enjoying this scene, an old and hoarse voice sounded from the ridge outside the flowers.
"hey! Who are you who dare to destroy my flower field! "
They have already seen a farm here, and they are not surprised to hear that voice.
Looking around, the man is wearing coarse linen, white hair, short hair, yellow teeth, dark skin and strong muscles. He looks like an old farmer.
Liang Ping took the lead and said respectfully, "This is your flower field. We broke your flower field. Why don’t we tell you what? We’ll compensate you with gold coins."
When the old farmer saw that Liang Ping was wearing a pair of glasses and a white cloak, he looked handsome but looked disdainful. He said coldly, "Who are you and me? What are your flowers? Can you send me away with a few stinking gold?"
Liang Pingwen looked at the old farmer in shock.
"Is there a gold coin method to buy things in this world?"
The old farmer disdained to say, "What’s a gold coin? We people here can’t root for things like gold coins."
"No?" Liang Ping was surprised and asked, "What is your currency?"
"We are all the most simple farmers here, and no one can get gold coins, and there has never been such a thing here." The old farmer seemed extremely proud when he said this.
While Liang Ping is secretly laughed.
The old farmer’s speech is full of flaws. Since there has never been a gold coin, he is also like learning that there is such a thing as a gold coin in this world.
Just like this, thinking about Yu Xiaofei holding the love came along.
When the old farmer saw Yu Xiaofei carrying Kuroha’s wings, his eyes immediately lit up and exclaimed, "You actually lost the bird!"