The wind lifted the royal body, but the impact of landing still shook his qi and blood. One mouthful blood was sprayed from his mouth, and his knees could not support his breath, such as the violent ups and downs of the cow’s chest. The blood on his mouth made him look unusually rare and ferocious.

Xianglong, Fat Whispering Silent, Thin Whispering Loud, Small White Face, and Xi Xu like to mind their own business. Five people have flown from that Baizhang high school. Those five people are actually strong martial artists. Flying is as light and natural as falling leaves.
"Just didn’t find out their strength proved to be a big mistake. People’s hearts were sinister and were overcast by this group of king eggs." Feng Yang is now annoyed that he didn’t find out their real * strength level in an emergency, otherwise he could not be countered by them so easily.
"Those super-power leaders have to be polite to me. I didn’t expect to capsize in the gutter today." Feng Yang was angry and stared at the floating body. He just came here and admired himself. At this time, he was full of cruel and disdainful smiles. Five people had already given birth to a strong murder in their hearts, and their eyes burst out with light, which made the gas seem to be cold for a few minutes.
"Crazy, you’re really a wet behind the ears idiot. Sunset Mountain can easily trust five strangers, and you can blame you for being stupid if you die today." Xianglong restrained his polite posture and replaced it with disdain and arrogance.
"Are you here for these Warcraft?" The wind Yang stared at Xianglong coldly.
"Every day, seeing you go crazy, of course, we are very moved. We deliberately attracted a group of Warcraft costumes to be chased by the Warcraft group and came to you. According to your desperate situation, such a large group of Warcraft delivered to the door. You will definitely kill us in your way. Not only can you get the benefits, but you can also learn how perfect your hunting method is." Xianglong smiled smugly.
"Your bow is the main factor in the implementation of this hunting method. Hand it over," said Pang Xiao silently.
"Tell him what nonsense a dead man says, kill everything directly, and everything belongs to us." Sometimes I won’t say a word for a day, and I can’t help but say when I see huge benefits.
"Kill him and our brothers will be rich." Xianglong shouted.
Hand-written novels
Chapter five hundred and thirty-six The way out
Welcome you to come.
Five Wu Xian, including Xianglong, attacked Fengyang at the same time, and all five of them tried their best to defeat Fengyang with one blow (starting from WnZShuCOM)
"Want to kill me?" Wind Yang sneer at heart at the same time also contains the murderous look, but now it is not easy to deal with five Wu Xian strong, and it is likely to be planted in their hands unless the strength level is forced to rise quickly, but it is difficult to get away from the sunset mountains.
"You die" Feng Yang cold so drink a way to look at the results of this day just struck the hundreds of heads of Warcraft and finally made a decision. The voice of the body has been weird by disappearing Xianglong and others, and they have also hid from Xianglong and other five Wu Xian strong attacks.
Five deadly attack department hit the wind and raised the wind. Just lying down, the original body of Warcraft was shocked and the ground was smashed out of a big hole.
"Where are people?" Xianglong’s face was full of shock. Just now, he witnessed a living person. With the strange picture of disappearing, he couldn’t believe his eyes.
"Is it Wushu?" Fat Xiao’s head turned and thought of this possibility for the first time.
"Look fat, be careful" Xianglong looked up and his face suddenly changed and burst into a heavy roar.
However, when he entered the fat ear, the wind raised his sword, but he was already the first to kill the fat body. Before the wind raised, he secretly forced the opening of a acupoint. Three Wuxian suddenly rose to the strength of five Wuxian. His sword speed had already broken through the speed of sound, and his own movement speed was not much worse than the speed of sound. A sword breath sealed his throat, so that the fat didn’t even scream, and he fell into a pool of blood without any fear and fear on his face.
The wind rises and falls to the ground, and the energy sword attacks toward the thin. This sword looks strange in the dark, which is a little bit faster than the speed of sound. Everyone sees the sword first and can hear the sound.
Thin looks like a cold one, but his strength is not strong. When he saw his brother’s head weird and his body split up in a pool of blood, he couldn’t help but be scared, only to find that a sword pierced his front at night, and fear and unwillingness filled his heart instantly, making his heart twitch violently and not dodge. The situation was passed by a sword through his throat, followed by a scream and a broken wind, which became the last sound in his life.
"Wu Shen, the strong, this is definitely Wu Shen’s strong fighting capacity. Mom kicked the blade this time." Xianglong’s face changed instantly and was killed. On the second floor, two brothers with strength are Wu Xian. He realized that the other side’s fighting capacity exceeds his own. There are too many of these people. After all, he can extinguish two Wu Xianren with two swords. Even Wu Shen must have strong fighting capacity.
"Withdraw" Xianglong drinks a loud voice, and people have already shot out like arrows. The transformation from hunter abrupt to prey has made Xianglong feel at a loss. Mrs. Shi suddenly everyone is arrogant and can’t consider others running one by one.
Small white face tin Xu meddlesome to the people also realized that this crazy terror panic mood instantly turned into a desire to survive, and the two brothers did not consider dying, fat and thin, to worry. At this time, they were worried or their lives had to run wildly.
"I still want to run" Feng Yang sneered at a pair of legs and a push to the sky, and instantly chased the slow small white face. The attribute energy sword suddenly stabbed dozens of swords behind Xi Xu, and the sword awn permeated behind Xi Xu, which could stab his back into a hornet’s nest.
That tin Xu also has to cast a protective cover to defend his body and block those swords when he runs back.
The dozens of swords pierced Yuan Li’s protective cover, which stirred up a ripple, and then burst into pieces in a short time. The wind blew out again just with a sword, and ended the career of Xi Wu Xian with a blood arrow.
The wind Yang sword in the shape of a flash to pursue again.
"chirp! !”
However, a sharp whistle suddenly came from the side and the wind blew out of the corner of my eye. I caught a glimpse of a flying Warcraft, and the sharp mouth was actually trying to blow the wind through.
At this time, Feng Yang was bent on killing Xiang Long, who was going to run away in front of him, and went out with a sword.
The flying Warcraft * * is also as tough as fine steel’s sword. The flying Warcraft turned out to be a metal boom. The flying Warcraft once again gave a sharp and harsh animal. This sound is sharper than with extremely horrible penetration.
However, this sword caused a momentary obstacle to the wind, but it made Long Xiang and Xiangmin take the opportunity to escape.
"You’re a beast." Wind Yang’s anger was transferred to the flying body of Warcraft, and the body suddenly stopped and turned against the flying body of Warcraft. In the past, two sword mans crossed into a type of sword mans in the epicenter of the flying body of Warcraft, and the huge body of the flying body was unexpectedly transformed into a pile of meat pieces and fell to the ground in the sky.
Feng Yang returned to the mountain peak and quickly put the land of Warcraft into the stunt ring. Today’s income is rich once in a month. After all, he also killed hundreds of Warcraft heads, which led to the fact that it is already late at night and has not yet returned to Sunset City.
It is estimated that at least 200 million gold coins will be harvested today, and I will be satisfied. I plan to fall back to Japan first, and then I will slowly settle accounts with those two sinister villains after I have kept my injuries well.
The wind rises, leaps and leaps, and restores physical strength by forcibly opening acupoints. The wind rises in a streamer and rushes in the direction of Sunset City.
"chirp! !”
However, the wind flew for about ten miles, but there was a mountain call and tsunami of Warcraft chirping in my ears. These sounds came from all directions, and this strange chirping was almost continuous, forming a harsh wave.
"Mom, this was badly hurt by those bastards." Feng Yang leaned out of Yuan Soul Force and detected the surrounding situation. Suddenly, his face suddenly changed. He was more than Yuan Soul Force, and he could feel a strong coercion coming from all directions. The coercion made his flight speed drop and his physical consumption speed increased several times.
Within a few breaths, the eagle’s eyes opened and the wind blew, and he saw huge shadows in all directions. He stopped and turned around and looked around at himself, and the shadows in his 360-degree range came together at a rapid speed and surrounded the wind.
There was a wild gust of wind on the ground, which was more fierce than hurricanes. Those hurricanes were all lifted by the shadow that kept coming at a rapid speed. The shadow was not that it was a number of flying Warcraft, and it was divided into several layers, and there was no dead angle left for the wind.
Unfortunately, the factor flying Warcraft is moving in one direction, and the land Warcraft is also alarmed. Several land Warcraft groups also spontaneously converge in this direction.
Stay in the stroke. Yang looked down at his feet. A mountain range is full of Warcraft. His feet alone are Fiona Fang miles away. There are hundreds of heads of Warcraft. Because of the high number of terror, Warcraft is dense, like several black spots. The momentum alone is enough to oppress and collapse people who are not able to bear it.