That’s the disadvantage of smart people. It’s easy to hear keys from others.

The angel said, "As long as the God is in a good mood, you are destined! God is in a bad mood, so it is common for two people who are destined to live next door but can’t meet each other for a generation. "
Threats … * * Naked threats!
"That’s right!" Li month will solve everything in front of me and think of what just happened. "What the hell is going on here?" I know the answer now! "
"say it!"
The angel said lightly, "You know about the massacre. Your brother Li Qingfeng hid in a civilian’s house when those butchers slaughtered. He rushed out and killed many butchers. Then dozens of experts surrounded him and made him take him alive. After being arrested, he was arrested here. They did not torture him. They tortured him with a poison that would make people feel miserable, and your brother did not say a word until your master appeared and told him that the other party could answer your brother’s questions."
Omitting the process, very concise answer
Li Yue asked, "What else? What is this plague? "
"This plague is actually more than one plague, but a combination of several plagues," the angel said lightly. "Three days ago, your master entered Longcheng with the corpses infected with these plagues and released the plague. Because the emperor made the massacre a river of blood, the plague spread on a large scale outside Longcheng. Fortunately, the incubation period of the plague broke out not long ago, and everyone died."
The two unifications are "Time" game system, which needs to be considered, that is, the "Time" game system is judged to be creative or not.
What do you think of Sonic Star Intelligent Monitoring System? Then he is called.
"My master … how did this happen!" Li Yue’s eyes are full of horror. Her master’s weight in her heart is not lower than her brother’s. "Then how can we have nothing? Why are you angels all right? "
"We angels are immune to all kinds of poisons, but our musical family is fine. That’s because our angels have given you an antidote," the angel said. "This plague has been solved by the gods. Another rain of purification will restore this land to its original state!"
"My master? Why didn’t my master save my brother at that time? " In the eyes of Li Yue, Lin can’t be like a god.
"Your master left after talking to your brother at that time, and now he is leaving," the angel said. "Why didn’t your master save your brother? Then I don’t know this question. You should ask your master."
Li Yue turned slightly to look at the dozens of angels who surrounded her and then asked herself, "Are they all my angels?"
"Let them go and invite my master back!" Li Yue said coldly, "I want to ask him why he didn’t save my brother!" "
"What if he doesn’t come?"
"I know my master because I know he won’t come and let them all go!"
"Even if our department goes, please don’t come back."
Li Yue wondered, "What?"
The first angel said faintly, "Because your master has twenty-six angels to guard!" "
"Twenty-six?" Li month a little doubt yourself listen to wrong.
"That’s right!" The first angel said, "Your master is very talented, but he is proficient in 26 musical instruments, all of which have reached the level of a musical instrument family."
"what!" Li Yue was a little surprised that she was shocked too much today. This news can also make her a little surprised and sigh with emotion, "What a master!"
On second thought, Li Yue said, "Take me to him!"
A dozen angels took Li Yuefu and flew in the direction of Lin.
Lin doesn’t know all the special treatment of the melody family, so he doesn’t know that even if the melody family is poisoned by the plague, it will be released by the angel before the anti-virus equipment will appear
Now, far away from the poison field, he took off his body. This set of simplest and cumbersome anti-virus equipment was let the angel take him to the ground and walk slowly.
It is true that he is superb, but he will be killed if he falls from tens of meters high. Even if he is lucky, he will not be able to escape, so be safe.
Li month … In the heart of the forest, that is, a tool to make Li Qingfeng obedient, it has not been taken to his heart for a long time.
Because of Lin’s horrible memory, he asked once from the angel’s mouth about the information of the melody family, and when he remembered it, he didn’t ask it for the second time, so he didn’t know what happened to the melody family in Li Yuecheng later, and it was even more impossible to know that Li Yue had changed from a melody family to a melody family now.
As the saying goes, even a wise man sometimes nods!
In his view, Li Qingfeng Mountain must be the player looking for the door … It is estimated that Li Yue should be dead or living somewhere in the Green Dragon City.
It never occurred to him that it was because of his strong memory that he ignored the information.
His two angels were walking along a forest path.
Twenty-four other angels were sent to work by Lin at this time.
"They should all be dead!"