Master Li was immediately saddened. "Alas, how can you achieve great things if you wait so hard?"

The mad dog dragon horse said, "Don’t forget that you waited for the three of you to come out and visit the world of mortals this time?"
Master Li quickly said, "How can you forget? I’ve been waiting for three times. This time, return engagement’s plan is to do justice for the chivalrous, to punish the strong and help the weak, and to do justice for heaven. "
"That’s right!" Mad dog dragon misleads "If you say that you are hungry, can you be happy?"
Master Li said, "I don’t think so!"
Mad dog dragon said, "Do you eat this fish?"
Master Li nodded happily. "I didn’t expect a brother to think carefully and have strong reasoning ability. It’s really worthy that I am a middleman in Datang."
After that, he ate fish faster or slower than the mad dog dragon. The pear poem next to him had already eaten "A brother is awesome!"
"A brother is mighty!" The gambling master shouted, then turned his head and whispered, "Can you bake ten more, foolish brother?"
A mad dog with a white eye is a fierce person. Others have a hard time getting one gold for you. If you don’t come, you will come to ten. Is this to kill the old rhythm?
After half a day, the fireworks girl’s prediction finally came true. A group of people spent an afternoon on the island, about evening, and finally a bright spot appeared on the dark sea. The bright spot gradually enlarged, and it could be seen from a distance that it was full of lights. Sure enough, about one minute later, a mighty sailing boat leaned in with a flag embroidered with a unique female head.
第一百四十章 祭奠
This watch is the kind of mechanical watch that looks very old, but in fact, it is equipped with extremely sophisticated ultra-miniature is, which is the pride of his friend. Traveling with this watch in Li Dalong can avoid all international satellite detection, because the satellite that is automatically generated all kinds of virtual signals. Once it captures the picture of Li Dalong, it is another person.
At the same time, it will activate the ultra-high J Σ ng crystal source in the watch when necessary, and the crystal source will form a hidden protective cover on Li Dalong’s body. The purpose of this protective cover is to forge another person’s DNA, blood, iris, fingerprints, body odor, hair, appearance, height and other human characteristics. Once it is scanned by various probes and shè lines, the data obtained by the other party is false.
Set uncle’s point of view, no matter how advanced your technology is, smart gadgets will eventually have defects.
Of course, this watch can’t be recognized by acquaintances when it changes Li Dalong’s physical characteristics, so it’s troublesome.
After preparation, Li Dalong went out. His home is actually in the wilderness. The nearest town is Luoning Town, and it takes two hours to walk there.
Camellia star is poor, Luoning town is more remote, but the scene in the city is completely different in the suburbs.
Here, skyscraper with modern flavor are springing up, with different shape, crystal powered cars are constantly flowing, and all kind of ships are flying around in that sky, which is the scene of the future world metropolis.
If you think so, you are wrong. This town has a strong scientific and technological atmosphere, but it just reflects the poverty here. Because these building facilities are invested by the federal government to build public welfare facilities, the real rich roots will not live in this city with crystal plates and intelligent machinery.
The living environment of those people is exactly the original ecological place of the earth hundreds of years ago, with blue sky and white clouds, flowers facing the sea, and warm flowers in H ū n. But it is also that place that needs the huge financial resources of the federal government to send it out. People without money can face J Ο ng’s dense operation like machines every day. When the city is fresh, a long person will often have problems than those who have been bored for more than ten years.
Don’t look at Li Dalong walking alone, but you can’t even see a person in the street.
Walking into a convenience store, Li Dalong quickly selected several bottles of white wine, several apples and several oranges, and then went directly to the cashier to pay.
Payment must make the personal information card equal to the third-generation crystal light card with multiple functions, such as ID card, personal bank card, work card and marriage card.
Of course, Li Dalong’s card is definitely not his own. It is his friend’s watch. He forged it in advance, because he doesn’t have his own information card.
It is shown that the amount of the next payment is 52 credit points, which is hundreds of credit points larger than these, showing how poor the Camellia Star substance is.
After paying the money, I looked at the balance, and there were 44 credit points. Obviously, he left 5 points before his friend left. He passed the difficult period after he escaped from prison, but I didn’t expect to spend 5 points at once, which made Li Dalong feel dreary.
When he got home, he didn’t go into the house directly, but came to a rocky woodland behind the house, where there was a raised mound and a stone tablet stood in front of it.