But Ma Yafang enjoys her age very much, but even when she was young, there were no particularly handsome men pursuing her. Because she was not beautiful enough and very strong, she would have felt sorry for herself before, but now she has learned the advantage in her hands and let young handsome men please her:

Chapter 236 Prepare to fight a tough battle
Ying Fei is one of them, and Ma Yafang likes him very much in the past two years.
So even if she knows that there is water in the flight, she will turn a blind eye. She just likes the feeling of being attached.
It seems that the queen is particularly charming.
After being coaxed by Ma Yafang for a while, Ying Fei felt that he had taken Joe enough. This just piteously embellished today’s things and said, "honey, at least I made a lot of money for Yunlin, and there is no exclusive makeup artist. Now I want to apply for some money to buy some good makeup. Y loves me so much, and I have to take good care of myself so as not to make honey sad, but who thought that Lin Xiaoxiao didn’t give it at all?" She said Ying Fei and secretly looked at Ma Yafang to react.
Yes, I can also say that everything is the same as Ma Yafang.
But how can he hide from Ma Yafang, a man who has been mixed up in business for more than half a century? He is still lovable, and the most important thing is to beat the dog and also to see the owner.
Ma Yafang has worked in the company for many years, even when the president was replaced and the company’s top management changed, she stayed in position but did not lower her status. This means can’t be underestimated, but she doesn’t have a beautiful appearance. She actually values profit and control very much, but now she has been rejected by a vice president. Ma Yafang is very unhappy.
Ma Yafang didn’t want to have any conflict with Lin Xiaoxiao, the vice president of the body at the beginning of this period, but today it is obvious that she will give her a hard time again, and now it seems that she can’t do it unless she makes moves.
"Sister Xiaofei will solve this problem for you. Zhou invited you to be a guest and invited Chu Xun, and you will also attend one."
Ying Fei’s eyes lit up as soon as he looked up with surprise. "Really? Y, you are so kind to me. I really don’t know how many good things my generation has done to meet you in this generation." Fantasy Yan has successfully promoted Chu Xun to a new generation of film emperor.
Even Pei Qingna is envious of being on the same stage with a brother, but this good opportunity falls to Ying Fei, a small white face. Don’t be awkward.
Do good deeds, do good deeds and accumulate virtue, is it kept in captivity?
Pei Qingna didn’t talk all the time. She looked down on Ying Fei from her heart, but it happened that Ma Yafang liked her and told Ma Yafang that she was a best friend. In fact, there are still some levels of Pei Qingna who can’t say what it means to keep her head down and not go to see the sticky couple.
After a long time, Ma Yafang gave a lot of benefits to coax Ying Fei and let him go happily.
Wait until they two women PeiQingNa room again to help Ma Yafang poured wine "Yafang elder sister you don’t really want to help Yingfei?"
120,000 makeup to buy this man is also interesting.
In Pei Qingna’s view, there is nothing wrong with Yunlin’s disapproval. Even if the company does this, the benefits will never be given to Yingfei. Don’t say that even the number of fans in Weibo has not exceeded one million and a half.
"I won’t help him." Ma Yafang smiled with a smile on his ordinary face. "But I’d rather meet the new vice president."
If you don’t give her a face, Ma Yafang will never give it to the right side.
The business world is so realistic. Today, you are trampled and you don’t respond. Another day, she dares to step on your head.
PeiQingNa smell speech nodded her white horse yafang meaning.
Either the east wind overwhelms the west wind or the west wind overwhelms the east wind.
But she’s not going to get involved in this. It’s a fool for the top management of the company to get involved.
Peiqingna didn’t talk foolishly, sat for a while, and then left just before walking to the ladder. Peiqingna joined Li Ze and agreed to meet later and hung up.
I don’t know what Ying Fei is clever enough to lie on Ma Yafang’s knee, and the picture has always appeared in Pei Qingna’s mind.
Although she looks down on Ying Fei, it’s actually good if Li Ze can coax her heart as cleverly as Ying Fei.
Pei Qingna’s face holding the mobile phone was a bit thoughtful, and even several company workers didn’t pay attention to greeting her. Finally, the agent found Pei Qingna to return to absolute being.
Nana, what are you thinking?
The mobile phone tossed and turned and it was almost broken. It happened that she still had an absent-minded expression. Pei Qingna suddenly asked, "Do you know what’s going on with the new vice president?" The agent was also asked by her, "You said it was Director Lin of Yunlin Planning Department. She is a goddess."
"It’s a woman"
"Yes, it’s normal that you don’t know Lin Xiaoxiao because when you were signed in to the company, it happened that our director was on a business trip; And when she came back, you took a long vacation again, and now Yunlin, vice president of her promotion group, has given it to Ceng Chengjie to deal with, but I said Nana, why did you suddenly ask about it today? "
After the agent gave Pei Qingna the car door, he continued to ask, "You usually don’t pay much attention to these things in the company."
"Then who do you think Ma Yafang will win the fight with this Lin Xiaoxiao?"
"That must be our director Lin. Although Ma Yafang stayed in the company for a long time," the agent suddenly thought something was wrong when he started the car. "I’m not saying Nana, what do you want to do with this?"
Peiqingna smiled, "I’m just asking casually." Then she bowed her head and took out her cigarette and turned to look out of the window. Her thin cheeks were half narrowed, and she looked a little decadent and sexy. Although she didn’t say anything, she was actually more optimistic about Lin Xiaoxiao in this matter.
Ma Yafang is impulsive, but in this case, Lin Xiaoxiao seems to have a feeling of planning before moving.
Lin Xiaoxiao didn’t know that her name had been remembered by a willing heart. When Ying Fei broke in, she forgot to hang up. Chen An listened to a game but didn’t say anything, but now Yan Lang called first.
In front of Lin Xiaoxiao’s class
"I’m upstairs, you come."
Just a few words in a simple sentence, but with a kind of non-refutation, Lin Xiaoxiao knew something when he heard this tone, and it was white when he thought about it.
Lin Xiaoxiao also unambiguously and simply packed up his things and went to Loulu. Everyone he met was greeting her with a bite of S.
Since grandpa and brother believe in her so much, naturally, she also wants to make achievements instead of muddling along. She must fight this tough battle well:
Chapter 237 Pinch the skin and twist it hard.
Lin Xiaoxiao walked out of the office building and looked back.
This is her future battlefield. Lin Xiaoxiao knows that she will walk steadily step by step.
The outdoor sunshine is just like Lin Xiaoxiao looking ahead. You don’t need to walk to see Yan Langhao’s car parked arrogantly in the front of the office building and occupied the best position.
Lin Xiaoxiao smiled and walked quickly to find that the car was not Yan Lang but a foreigner.
"Good day, madam. My name is Albert, and I’m the boss’s assistant."
Albert’s car came quickly and hit the door. Lin Xiaoxiao saw Yan Lang in the back seat. He was holding a document in his hand, but his eyes looked at her. Lin Xiaoxiao couldn’t help but smile sweetly. She didn’t forget to thank Albert when she left the car.
"You’re welcome"
Lin Xiaoxiao just sat down and was held hands.
Yan Lang’s body temperature is higher than her, and some Dalin Xiaoxiao has a feeling of being scalded, which is like being caught eagerly, but this feeling is not annoying. Maybe it’s because of him. Lin Xiaoxiao looked at him and found that Yan Lang was also looking at her, which made people feel like a strong woman before going out. At this time, Lin Xiaoxiao couldn’t help blushing and was uncomfortable all over by him.
"Why do you keep looking at me?"
Lin Xiaoxiao didn’t realize that there was a jiaochen in her voice, but she wanted to withdraw her hand, but she was held tightly by a man, just as firmly as his eyes. Lin Xiaoxiao smoked a Yan Lang and did not move, but Lin Xiaoxiao herself was pulled by the strength and tried it twice. Lin Xiaoxiao also stopped this meaningless line.
But she became more curious about Yan Lang. She looked at Yan Lang with big eyes and full of inquiry eyes, but Yan Lang was old and comfortable, holding his wife’s tender little hand and feeling better.
Is very vaguely proud.
It’s a wonderful feeling to be bet by your wife.
However, his face is still paralyzed and serious, like he is going to attend some important meeting. Lin Xiaoxiao can’t see through his good mood, but he thinks that Yan Lang is strange today because he heard his conversation when he was on the phone.
She didn’t think that such a trivial matter would bother her husband. If a wife, husband, big things and small things bother her husband, life can’t bring happiness to her husband. Isn’t that too pitiful for her husband? How can Lin Xiaoxiao love Yan Lang and have the heart to let him be a poor man?
"Don’t you have anything to say to me?"
Just when Lin Xiaoxiao was thinking, Yan Lang took the initiative to take the initiative. He glanced at Lin Xiaoxiao lightly and rubbed her fingers with thin cocoons. The back of her hand was slow but firm, bringing up a shiver. It was a serious tone, but it was provocative. Lin Xiaoxiao’s head was suddenly confused.