Zhu Mei looked down and saw that all the disciples of Qingcheng School had pinned down the momentum of Xiushan Sect under the guidance of Yi Yu. However, after all, the number is still too small, and most of the disciples in Qingcheng Mountain have not yet caught up. It will take some time to completely destroy the enemy. I looked at the sun. It’s almost half an hour since the Qingcheng Sect began to attack the mountain. If we can’t fight again, I’m afraid Changdidong will really come to help, which will be difficult to deal with. Although Zhu Mei once said that Li Jingxu would resist the outside reinforcements, the main target of Blissful Reality is actually the two fairies of Little Sumi Mountain in the East China Sea! If haha, the bodhi old zu really came, it’s really hard to do!

"Zhushan bodhi old zu is dead! Zhushan Sect is dead! If you don’t resist again, you can save your life! "
Zhu Mei roared this voice and immediately aroused thousands of disciples of Zhushan Sect who were struggling to resist a moment ago. I only saw Zhu Mei standing alone in the air while the bodhi old zu of Zhushan disappeared. In their eyes, the palm Sect, which is as powerful as a fairy, was defeated and died! This is definitely a fatal blow to the disciples of Xiushan Sect, except that several disciples who are bent on dying and martyrdom are still resisting, and most people of Zhushan Sect have given up meaningless fighting. The bodhi old zu of Zhushan has been destroyed, and there is no point in fighting any more. It’s just a waste of life! For details about the funeral, please see the next time "Late Reinforcements".

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When it comes to Zhu Mei, he broke the trick of mutual destruction of the bodhi old zu of Zhushan with a clever plan, and the bodhi old zu of Zhushan can only give up the Zhushan religion and seek to soar with all his heart. After losing the last hope, the disciples of Xiushan Sect also gave up unnecessary resistance.
As the first man gave up flying swords, more and more Zhushan disciples chose to surrender. Although I don’t know what the Qingcheng Sect will do with them, there is obviously no way out if we continue to fight. If we surrender, there is still a hope. Most people go up the mountain to fix the truth just to live forever. Who wants to die?
Yi Yu will set Jian Qin away and gather up a mass of water with her hands, and wipe a few on her face to wash away those bloodstains that are about to solidify. Flying to Zhu Mei’s side, he said with a smile: "Under the wise decision of the master, it is really the greatest achievement I have taught in the past 500 years that my Qingcheng Sect suppressed the Zhushan cult!"
Zhu Mei twisted his beard and smiled: "All right! Stop sucking up! You did well just now, and you are a bit of a general. You can rest assured that you will be the teacher of Qingcheng School in the future. If you were forced into the celestial world just now without a subsequent hand, the role of your sword would be too important! "
Yi Yudao said, "It turned out that the disciple was worrying too much. How could the master’s magical power be calculated by the bodhi old zu of Zhushan!"
Zhu Mei gave a way: "It’s really dangerous this time. I can’t believe that the bodhi old zu of Zhushan should be so determined. If it weren’t for the cultivation of this secret-hiding spell by the Emei Sect, I’m afraid it’s really hard to say who wins or loses today! All right! Let’s not talk about this. The younger brothers of all families quickly went to all directions to wipe out the remnants of Xiushan Sect! "
Behind this, it was said to the elders of the Qingcheng Mountain Sect below, but Zhu Mei didn’t let Yi Yu follow. There seems to be something to say. And this pair of mentoring had a tacit understanding, and Yi Yu didn’t take credit.
Zhu Mei glanced at the hundreds of prisoners below and said, "What do you think of these prisoners on her? If the reputation of our Qingcheng Sect is greatly unfavorable, if they are kept alive, the effect of killing a chicken as an example will be weakened. "
Yi Yu smiled and said, "Master wants to cram all these people into my’ Pure Land of Blissfulness’, just say so, so why bother!"
Zhu Mei smiled and said, "Do you want it, then?"
Yi Yudao: "Of course! Although the cultivation of these people is not high, the number is quite large. I’m afraid there must be three or four thousand prisoners of Zhushan Sect this time! If these people all enter the cycle of’ Blissful Pure Land’, it will be a huge energy! "
Zhu Mei was stupefied: "Did you enter your’ Pure Land of Blissfulness’ and born to die?"
Yi Yu said innocently, "Master! That’s my home! There must be no problem. If these monks are allowed to run wild in it, I’m afraid I won’t have peace of mind! Naturally, they must be reincarnated into reincarnation to feel at ease. "
Zhu Mei sighed and said, "That’s right. Anyway, you should consider it yourself! You don’t have to ask for a teacher. "
Yi Yu slightly one leng, he has never seen Zhu Mei so helpless, or that he, the master who has struggled for hundreds of years, is tired? Maybe it’s the feeling of rabbit dying and fox dying! Zhushan religion, which has no resistance now, reminds Zhu Mei of the Qingcheng School three hundred years ago. At that time, they were so powerless in the face of long eyebrows. If there is no real bliss to turn the tide. I’m afraid the Qingcheng Sect has long since ceased to exist!
But Yi Yu doesn’t care. He knows that Zhu Mei will recover soon. Now the Qingcheng School can’t rest easy. Glancing at the depressed disciple Yi Yu of Zhushan Sect, who has been surrounded in the middle, once again showed a greedy smile. In his eyes, they are no longer monks. But a mass of pure energy, they will take root and sprout in the’ pure land of bliss’. Now Yi Yu has an even more interesting idea.
Yi Yu casually glanced at the following prisoners. Light way: "Brothers, just go and wipe out the people who resist everywhere, and I’ll leave it to you."
All the disciples of Qingcheng Mountain were stupefied. Looked at the Zhushan sect prisoners with five or six hundred people and looked at Yi Yu floating in the air, some couldn’t believe it. But most of them have witnessed Yi Yu’s growth step by step, creating incredible things until today. There is naturally no doubt about what he said. As for others, they have long been obsessed with blind worship in the shocking sword just now.
Although the disciples of Qingcheng Mountain on the periphery left one by one, the prisoners inside did not feel a little relaxed because beating them away often meant doing something shameful. And demon fairy Yi Yu’s reputation can’t make them feel a little safer.
Yi Yu floated down and looked at everyone. Obviously, the feeling of waiting to be decided is not good. Those disciples of Xiushan Sect are all nervous, confused and even sweating with clenched fists.
Yi Yu finally said faintly: "The original plan to attack your Zhushan Sect was to kill people with ulterior motives … but my master is kind enough to see that you can’t bear to kill, but if you don’t die, how can you show the power of my Qingcheng Sect?"
The following people have breathed a sigh of relief after hearing these words. Since Yi Yu is still talking here, it means that they still have a chance to live. If you really want to kill someone, you don’t have to talk nonsense. Just draw the sword.
Yi Yu added, "I can guarantee that you will live, but you will go to another place where no one knows!" You can choose to stand to the left if you agree, and to the right if you disagree. "
In fact, what Yi Yu said is almost nonsense. Now that you have surrendered, what right do you have to choose? Either agree with Yi Yu’s suggestion or die. However, people’s thoughts are complicated, but they are quite interesting animals. Actually, some people actually choose to stand on the right, although there is only one person.
Yi Yu looked at the woman with blood all over her face and asked, "Why do you choose like this? Didn’t you just surrender to save your life? In this way, it is better to die directly to avoid the stigma of surrender. "
The woman’s voice sounded like nature, and she said without any panic, "Because I want to live, I choose this way …"
Just a faint sentence without too much explanation makes Yi Yu slightly lose heart. Obviously, this woman has seen through his thoughts and knows that if she listens to him, she will be dead and lifeless. However, Yi Yu is not talkative about her, and she is still very satisfied that smart people can get a chance to live.
Yi Yu smiled and said, "All right! Beautiful young lady, this is your own choice, and you have to bear the consequences yourself. " Then he stopped looking at the woman and turned to the left brigade for humanity: "Gentlemen, wise! In this case, being original will send you to a place where you can live, which is called’ Pure Land of Blissfulness’. It’s my field, the world, where you can marry and have children or practice by yourself! My Qingcheng school will never interfere again. "
Yi Yu waved a piece of white light to cover the hundreds of people and disappeared in an instant. Although’ Pure Land of Blissfulness’ is Yi Yu’s domain, it is easy for the world to accept one or two people or even one or twenty people, but it is difficult for hundreds of people to resist at the same time. Therefore, Yi Yucai came up with this statement and temporarily detained them.
In the’ pure land of bliss’, you can really live and marry and have children. I can practice Taoism better, but this is after reincarnation. These hundreds of Zhushan disciples only feel that the white light in front of them has changed in a flash. I haven’t figured out what is going on yet! I only felt a hot wind coming from my head. I looked up and was scared out of my wits.
I lied to them!
There was only a loud bang, and none of the hundreds of people were alive. All of them were pinned down by a huge meteorite with the size of a hundred feet. The energy of these monks who have been practicing for decades or even hundreds of years suddenly merged into the’ Pure Land of Blissfulness’. And their souls were also put into the bellies of hundreds of pregnant women in the lower bound by the great power of reincarnation under the personal auspices of Tang Wandi.
At this time, only Yi Yu and the woman with a bloody face were left in the square in front of the temple of Zhushan Sect. Yi Yu smiled lightly: "Now you are the only one left. Why didn’t I run when I dealt with them just now? Maybe you had a chance, but now it’s gone. What do you think I will do with you? "
The woman gently stroked a piece of ground silk that had been stuck by blood. Unexpectedly, I was not afraid of Yi Yu’s face with a faint smile: "Can those people really live just now?" I’m afraid not! "
Yi Yu walked slowly to look at the woman who couldn’t see her face at all. Although the mess is very bad, there is a pleasant and comfortable silence. Smile: "Although I can’t see your face clearly, I think you should be a beauty. But you don’t trust me very much! It seems that everything I say is a lie. "