The shadow dart has been brushed by the emperor’s phoenix night face, and the two men have passed dozens of strokes.
"You’re not so good. If those dark guards didn’t protect you, your field would be much worse than mine." Blood killed and grunted unhappily.
Emperor Phoenix retorted at night, "It’s all your life. I won’t interfere with the freedom of my late-night friends, but she’s different from you people. Don’t put her in danger." In fact, if possible, he wished this feminine guy wouldn’t talk to him late, but late-night children would be angry if they knew they were cheating, and he wouldn’t want her to be angry.
So he’s here to kill qi and blood this time. He’d better be conscious.
"I like that she won’t let her get involved in my grudge against you." It’s not that she can’t beat him, but I also advise you that if one day you are sorry for her, I will take her away. "
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Chapter 444 Not happy
Say that finish blood kill turned away and never look back.
Emperor Phoenix Night is also satisfied. This annoying guy won’t go to see Yuer recently.
After he left, Bloody Killer came out of the room again. Do you like it? Do you like it? Don’t say that the hero saves the beauty. The beauty wants to be married. Saving the hero will also make the hero bend over.
He likes her a little faintly, otherwise he wouldn’t be so devoted to her, but he hasn’t liked it enough to get carried away.
So he wants to just observe a moment of silence in that temple, and he likes it so strongly that it has become his greatest weakness late in the year, and he is certainly not the only one who can see it.
Such a sensitive person has a weakness.
Blood kill anxiously jumped off the roof and picked up a Gu Xun to blow it up.
The sound whimpered and twisted a little into the darkness and into the deep palace.
At this time, Liu Sunseeker was walking with her and looking at the beautiful moonlight outside the window. Seeing that Mo Xi came in, I couldn’t help but failed and gave her a look. Mo Xi looked very happy. Liu Sunseeker said, "Did you hear that? What is crying? "
MoXi smell speech busy pei pei three dissatisfaction tunnel "miss taboo taboo what are you talking about? How can someone be crying in the palace? We’re fine. Don’t say such discouraging things. "
Liu Xixi’s smile at night really followed Pei. Recently, so many strange things have made her believe in ghosts and gods.
"By the way, tell you a good news. Isn’t that Mo Ruan as insidious as a fox? Hum, the queen and Mofei encouraged the emperor to cut your meat. Guess what? Handmaiden just went out and heard that the emperor had cut Mo Ruan Ruan’s meat to exorcise Mo Fei. "Say that finish, Moxi clapped her hands and laughed happily.
Liu Sunseeker was a little surprised at night and then was silent for a little while.
If you need to be happy for a while, you suddenly find that Liu Xixi is not happy, so I couldn’t help leaning in to look at Liu Xixi’s look carefully.
"Miss, what’s the matter with you? Why aren’t you happy with such great news? You’re not sick, are you? " Say that finish foam city stretched out his hand to touch willow sunset night forehead.
Willow sunseeker night turned supercilious look "how do you like yao son? Seeing the wind is rain, I’m fine. I think it’s all too good. It scares me a little. I’m afraid that the more beautiful the scenery is, the more the willow becomes someone else’s target. "
MoXi smell speech don’t agree with the tunnel "our temple is favored by the emperor to protect us. It was always like this before, miss. Don’t be paranoid. Hum, let those who dare to have a crooked mind all tourist trap, so that you can have a safe life with the temple."
Liu Xixi was really worried at night. Now, listening to Mo Xixi’s words is getting more and more outrageous, and I can’t help but have a fever again. Recently, Emperor Phoenix has become more and more intimate with her, which makes her sometimes blush when she thinks about it.
Two people, alas, she hasn’t been in serious love yet. The first time she talked, she met someone who was so beautiful that she always felt unreal as if she were dreaming.
I also thought that as the saying goes, beautiful boyfriends are easy to be philandered, and ancient men always had three wives and four concubines. Wouldn’t there be more beautiful women in her boyfriend, and then he might even become an emperor? It would be a headache enough to think about it. So many people here envy her, but she is bored to death.
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Chapter 445 What a beautiful Bai Lianhua
I don’t know if she is so determined to stay and swear that she won’t hate him no matter what he does. Will she be a big idiot?
At this time, I heard Bai Qing saying, "That Mo Ruan came to my house and said let me tell you one."
Liu Xixi was full of black hair and told her? Are you trying to make her jealous? Can this man talk more? This is naked in the brush.
"Miss, we hurry up in the past! !” She hasn’t spoken yet, and MoXi beside her is as round and bright as chicken blood.
Liu Xi wants to cut you up at night and let me go there.
At this time, Moxi eagerly tunnel "Miss, shall we go?"
"go! !” Liu Xixi felt that she could be faster than her mind at night, and she quickened her pace involuntarily.
Go and see what this little watch will do today!
"Night elder brother I hurt! !” Mo Ruan Ruan looked at Emperor Feng at night and suddenly felt wronged to the extreme. Today, instead of being jeweled as usual, she put a white robe in her head and put it in a place decorated with Oriental Pearl. As the saying goes, if you want to be a filial piety, her dress will look lovely with tears on her face, just like a lily swaying in the wind, saying that people can’t be dispatched makes men have a strong desire to protect.
If other men are afraid that their hearts will be so distressed at this time, they can’t wait to do everything they can to torture the culprit who caused her to be like this, and then talk about her hugging her tightly and being warm.
But what she met today was Phoenix Night.
See her is a head came to the emperor phoenix night inexplicably deftly push the wheelchair slipped out far away fundus is gherardini sharpness "nguyen nguyen girl today? Did you have a nightmare? "
"Brother Night, you see," Mo Ruan Ruan didn’t feel that it was really thick-skinned to avoid her at night, which made people sigh. Not only that, but she also pursed her mouth to show her white wrist, which was covered with a layer of gauze, but at the moment, she even infiltrated a little blood beads and obviously hurt badly.
"This is-"Emperor Feng night continued to play dumb.
"My sister is so cruel. My sister is pregnant with Tai Chi and the Emperor is also anxious about her sister and children. This makes her cut the meat to save her life. It is my sister who shouldn’t take it out on me. I actually-she actually cut off a piece of meat alive." Here, maybe 50% was acting, but when she cried here, she was a little ferocious. This is 100% first love.
She hated to bite her teeth and didn’t dare to let Emperor Phoenix Night see the opportunity to wipe her tears. She just hid it viciously and looked at Emperor Phoenix Night with injustice and bitterness.
I didn’t expect that the emperor phoenix night didn’t move at all, but his eyes suddenly became cold and stared at her sharply like the strongest poison.
"You say it’s late son cut your meat? How did I hear that it was my father’s will that you sisters were deeply in love? Didn’t Mo Fei feel much better when she was attacked by your flesh? "
Mo Ruan Ruan choked slightly, but she was very good at benefiting her own advantages. At this time, her eyes were full of tears, and she looked at Difeng Night so wistfully. "I was wrong, brother. I was just so sad. Cutting meat hurts me. Am I going to die?"
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Chapter 446 Was thrown out
She realized that if she aimed at Liuxi Night again, I’m afraid it would make Emperor Phoenix Night feel that she was all deep and even more disgusted with her. She dared not stay late at Liuxi Night again, but insisted that she was in severe pain and asked Emperor Phoenix to walk at night to comfort him.
"Night elder brother do you remember when I was a child? When I was a child, I fell and hurt myself. You gently blew my wound. Can you still blow it for me now? When you blow Ruan Ruan, it won’t hurt. "Mo Ruan looks tearful and gently stretches out his arm to show his white skin. Which man should have a physical reaction at the moment? Always want to touch it? That tender skin feels good at first sight.
As he spoke, Mo Ruan approached the Emperor Phoenix Night in a graceful way, and then leaned forward to fall into the arms of the Emperor Phoenix Night. If anyone saw this, it would definitely make the Emperor Phoenix Night responsible, and the Queen Mother still loved her.
Mo Ruan Ruan’s eyes are full of joy. She doesn’t like the big emperor, and she hates it. Because the big emperor looks very cloudy and cruel, but seeing the queen means that she wants to win people over with the big emperor. She doesn’t want it.
Somo Ruan Ruan will take the risk to seduce Emperor Feng Ye.
Maybe Difeng Night will hate her, but when he wants her, he will know that a real woman’s body is different from that of a little girl who didn’t develop well in Liuxi Night! !
Thought of here, Mo Ruan Ruan looked at the emperor phoenix night with amorous feelings, and she felt shortness of breath. At the thought of his strong hand caressing her body, she couldn’t help but fall towards the emperor phoenix night with a tender body.
And the inverted position is particularly good, which just happens to be * * * pressing against the night hand of Emperor Feng.
Come and knead me! !
She closed her eyes and snorted happily.
Then, then, she fell to the ground with a thump. Emperor Feng looked at her coldly at night and said, "I’m sorry to pick me up later. I’ll go first and get up early and go back to the palace."
Liu Sunseeker almost laughed while covering her mouth at night. It turned out that her man was so bad.
Affectionate and unreasonable, but she likes it very much