Ye Shuang’s song ended in red, and so on, which is already stunning in the Jianghu. But this woman still makes Ye Shuang feel amazing. The woman he saw was as fierce as the woman in the palace. When he saw this woman Ye Shuang, he had a guess that she was probably the stunning beauty in the Jianghu.

At the sight of this female morning breeze, she immediately said, "Miss Hua, why are you still here? I’m not asking you "
Speaking of which, the morning breeze knew that he had made a slip of the tongue and quickly shut up and smiled. It was his face but he was quite anxious and gestured to the woman.
But this woman didn’t appreciate it very much. "I appreciate your kindness and I will never run away without fighting."
She looked at Ye Shuang with her eyes. "Besides, I have seen your martial arts. I am defeated by my hand. I don’t believe Ye Shuang is as bad as what I heard in the Jianghu, which can make me run away from the Flower Palace."
As soon as this woman spoke, the morning breeze immediately turned red and Ye Shuang chuckled. He didn’t expect this kind of thing to happen to the enemy at home.
Many masters in Kamikaze Hall clearly know what is going on. They try their best to keep their looks normal when they hear Ye Shuang smile.
Ye Shuang didn’t look at the embarrassing morning breeze, but slowly walked to the women’s way of moving flowers palace. "I’ve heard for a long time that moving flowers palace is famous for its jade work and moving flowers to pick up jade."
"Well, I’ve seen the printing method of moving the stars and changing the stars, and I’ve seen the moving flower palace to replace the jade, and I’ve got the magical power of marrying clothes in my early years. I’m also quite curious about the jade."
"Lord Ye Tang’s name shocked the Jianghu. It’s also a great honor for me to come to Yuzryha Hall in person." Lord Ye Tang said slowly.
Ye Shuang’s rest continued to move towards the Flower Palace, and everyone stopped at the outermost machine and said again, "Since I’m here, I naturally won’t return to see the last chance for the Flower Palace in the morning breeze or be completely removed from the Jianghu."
When the morning breeze heard Ye Shuang’s words, it was even more urgent than all the people in the Flower Transplant Palace to rush to Ye Shuang’s side and say to all the women in the Flower Transplant Palace, "Miss Hua, the elder flower, you’d better surrender to me. I will try my best to ensure that you are independent and will not easily intervene in the Flower Transplant Palace. Ye Shuang’s martial arts are much more powerful than you know. You simply don’t know what he really achieved. Don’t waste your resistance."
The morning breeze’s painstaking persuasion didn’t win the understanding of the owner of the Flower Palace, but made her angry. "Hum, unless I die, the Flower Palace will never come to heaven. Come on."
"Stubborn, since you want to die, I’ll be you."
Ye Shuang didn’t talk as much as they did. Although the two sides were separated by hundreds of feet, they were all covered with poisonous trap machines. However, Ye Shuang directly used her flying skill to fly towards them. She borrowed two forces from the ground to attack other trap tribes.
See Ye Shuang directly ran past, and the morning breeze was urgent, and I didn’t care about other direct display of flying skills and chased after it.
When Ye Shuang arrived, all the women in the Flower Palace were ready to attack him with their palms or swords.
Apart from the jade skill and the skill of replacing flowers with jade, the skill of palm, sword and lightness skill are also top in the Jianghu.
Ye Shuang didn’t bring an epee on this trip. At this time, there was no one in the martial arts world worthy of his serious sword. When many experts from the Flower Palace attacked him, he went back with his fists.
The move palace master and Hua Wanmei’s offensive came first, and their martial arts were really top among the masters, but they were not enough to watch in front of Ye Shuang.
When Ye Shuang Tian Shuang’s fist attacked the two men, the main player of the Flower Transfer Palace and Hua Wanmei put in a substitute almost at the same time. Ye Shuang could clearly perceive that when he just punched, the main player and Hua Wanmei seemed to have penetrated the heaven frost fist and wanted a special way to make the Tian Shuang fist suddenly reverse and attack Ye Shuang himself, and the trick was different from Gankun’s big move and fighting for the stars. The key lies in the timing of the day frost fist’s luck method.
Ye Shuang’s martial arts and knowledge are almost instantaneous now, so he will definitely not let the main flower of the Flower Transfer Palace be perfect.
I want to test a substitute flower for a jade. Ye Shuang is constantly changing after punching, and his strength method is also changing, and his speed is extremely fast, which makes the main flower of the Substitute Palace perfect and has to change accordingly.
Soon, the two of them couldn’t keep up with Ye Shuang’s speed change, although it was very short, but all three of them were in a confrontation. Ye Shuang didn’t press people with the earth and the higher level.
After a while, Ye Shuang still wanted to continue to play against the main flower of the Flower Transplant Palace to further ponder the secret of replacing flowers with jade, but other masters of the Flower Transplant Palace also attacked in front of him, and he had to solve the immediate situation first.
"Substituting flowers for jade is unique. Let’s stop here."
Ye Shuang’s mouth praised the sudden change of fists and palms, and the changeable clouds and palms made people try to figure out how to move the flower palace and the flowers to perfection. When they didn’t react, the earth-shattering palm force was taken towards the two.
"Ye Shuang hand mercy" morning wind anxious sound sounded nearby.
The avalanche of palm power even if two people display the skill of replacing flowers with jade, they can’t resist the skill of replacing flowers with jade. The two of them immediately turned upside down like being hit by a boulder, and their faces turned white. If it weren’t for Ye Shuang’s skill, most of them wouldn’t survive.
Ye Shuang just repelled the master of the Flower Palace and the many masters of the Flower Palace, and the offensive came to the front. Whether it is palm or swordsmanship, it can resist Ye Shuang’s fist or a long sword breaking in Ye Shuang’s fist.
Although these flower-shifting ladies-in-waiting cooperated very well, they attacked Ye Shuang in a layered and continuous way, but their offensive department was blocked by Ye Shuang one by one and Ye Shuang came back to fight back, which made them die or be injured one by one, especially when the frost and boxing were cold, which made them fall one by one. icehouse was cold and stiff, and even if he didn’t die, he completely lost his ability to act.
Many of the masters of the Flower Transplant Palace were completely ignored by Ye Shuang, and they were beaten out of the water by him in a short time, and they couldn’t get a blow from Ye Shuang, whether they were fists, palms and toes.
"Ye Shuang, stop or I will kill him."
The sharp sound of flowers sounded not far away. When Ye Shuang looked back, she found that the flowers were beautiful. One hand was clasped in the morning wind, and the corners of her mouth were bloody. She looked at Ye Shuang stubbornly and angrily.
In a moment, these masters in the Flower Transfer Palace will be killed or injured by nearly half in Ye Shuang’s hand. How can this make the flower perfect without anger? At the same time, it also makes her feel great fear.
Ye Shuang coldly looked at the beautiful flowers and held the morning breeze hostage. He didn’t continue to sell it to others in the Flower Transfer Palace. The people in Shenfeng Hall saw that the morning breeze was held hostage by the beautiful flowers, and they all panicked and panicked.
Looking at the morning breeze, I don’t know whether I am crying, laughing, sad or happy. Ye Shuang sighed in his heart. Although he didn’t always pay attention to the morning breeze just now, it is absolutely impossible for the morning breeze martial arts to practice Bing Xin tactic to be held hostage so easily unless it is coordinated with the morning breeze. Maybe it is the morning breeze giving advice to the flowers.
I thought that there was another 25-year-old Ye Shuang among my other disciples, and I was quite depressed and angry. Things have made him very unhappy. I didn’t expect the morning breeze to fall on this woman’s skirt.
It’s a relief to see that Ye Shuang didn’t ignore the life and death of the morning breeze, and didn’t continue to make a beautiful move. When she relaxed, Ye Shuang suddenly disappeared in the same place, rushing towards the flower perfection and the morning breeze as fast as lightning, and at the same time, the three-pointed finger also accurately pointed to the flower perfection wrist and eyebrows.
Ye Shuang’s moves are extremely abrupt and extremely fast, and the flowers are perfect, but he didn’t practice Bing Xin’s formula. The morning breeze is fast, and the morning breeze has been paying close attention to Ye Shuang’s reaction. When he saw Ye Shuang’s moves, he also moved, seemingly trying to break away from the flower’s perfect hostage. It was his move that made the flower perfect, but it just avoided Ye Shuang’s fatal killing and blocked the flower’s perfect shot. Ye Shuang had to bypass him first, which also gave the flower a perfect reaction.
Ye Shuang realized that he had lost the opportunity before he reached the morning breeze, and suddenly turned to pounce on the Flower Palace master.
The owner of the Flower Transplanting Palace was injured by Ye Shuang. At this time, when Ye Shuang suddenly attacked his hand, he didn’t have much resistance and was easily captured by Ye Shuang.
Put one hand on the main shoulder of the Flower Transfer Palace, Ye Shuang turned to face the morning breeze and said, "Let go of the morning breeze or I’ll kill her."
Who knows, I’m anxious that the flowers are perfect, but I haven’t spoken yet. The owner of the flower transfer palace first shouted, "Don’t worry about me, and then I’ll leave it to you."
"Shut up"
Ye Shuang immediately ordered the main dumb point of the Flower Transfer Palace so that she could not speak again. Then she looked gloomy and looked at the morning breeze and said, "What do you want?"
Ye Shuang said that you immediately lowered your head when the morning breeze did not dare to look at Ye Shuang’s eyes.
Huamei immediately said, "Let my master go and let me move to the Flower Palace. You must not kill him later, and then I will let him go."
Ye Shuang listened to the beautiful words, and in the incredible eyes of the beautiful flowers, he slapped the head of the moving flower palace, and the owner of the moving flower palace was shocked all over. Then his eyes gradually lost their spirits and slowly fell to the ground. Ye Shuang’s move was beyond the expectations of the morning breeze and the beautiful flowers.
After killing the owner of the Flower Transplant Palace, Ye Shuang looked at the flowers with poor eyes and said, "Let the morning breeze go and I will let the people of the Flower Transplant Palace leave, or I will destroy the whole Flower Transplant Palace."
It was not until this time that I believed that the owner of the Flower Transfer Palace really died in the eyes of Ye Shuang’s hand. I couldn’t help but show a look of hatred. I couldn’t help but tighten my hand in the morning breeze. "Ye Shuang, you killed my master and I are mortal."
Ye Shuang looked at the flowers perfectly, but his right hand showed a three-point finger pointing at the master of the moving palace. Every finger was killed by the master of the moving palace.
"Ahem, I’m still in her hand. Don’t mess around." The morning breeze was beautifully buckled and I couldn’t help but exhale.
Master Shenfengtang also rushed over to persuade Ye Shuang not to ignore the life of the morning breeze.
Ye Shuang stopped for three minutes and looked at the morning breeze with profound meaning. "I hope you don’t become a flowing cloud."