Ye Zhang had thought of one point before Thun III appeared this contradictory logic, but at this moment he thought of another point from Thun III’s question.

That’s what happened when the Ye Zhang player authentication ID was deleted by the flashy system.
Ye Zhang has never been in charge of this thing. Actually, this has not had much impact until today, but at this moment, Ye Zhang has figured it out.
Perhaps it is because he was judged by the glitz system that he is no longer a player, which is equivalent to him. Ye Zhang kept the previous data, but it is impossible for him to change the world again in the future.
In other words, the influence of big and small cyclones on glitz has turned irreversible. Unless we go back to Ye Zhang directly and come back from glitz three years ago, it is very difficult to change the historical process over the past year or so.
Therefore, the main program of glitz acquiesced in the whirlwind before, but it erased Ye Zhang. A player may rewrite the development process of glitz again in the future.
Therefore, the whirlwind in front of Thun III is no longer the original whirlwind. He has become another person, a shadow and a piece of data, and this data method is linked with the past whirlwind. At the beginning, the whirlwind that fought with death and the whirlwind before the reorganization of the flashy main program have disappeared in today’s flashy.
There are three different people in Thun III’s memory bank. One is Ye Zhang, who fights with death and is also a combination of big and small cyclones. This Ye Zhang was before the reorganization of the flashy main program.
One is the big whirlwind in the Tianqi data file, which is different from the small whirlwind. The irreversible deflection of two people due to the historical trajectory has caused Thun III’s memory bank to deny that the big whirlwind is one person.
And the last one is the big whirlwind after the reorganization of the flashy main program, which is now the big whirlwind in front of his eyes
Three different cyclones caused the chaos of Thun III’s database, and only he had the soul of Anubis, and no other NPC would have such chaos because they had no intersection with the past cyclones.
Ye Zhang had already thought of trying to repair the flashy history. In addition to the flashy main system, he could remember the part of Thun III’s memory in Anubis, but it is now difficult to let him cooperate with Zhang Ye to awaken this part of memory.
Ye Zhang came to his senses from meditation. He looked at Thun III’s eyes, and there was a very nai feeling in his heart that he was a whirlwind, but it happened that logic refused to admit his past. What else could he do?
But thinking about thinking about an idea flashed through Ye Zhang’s mind, he frowned, and at this moment he seemed to think of something, and capturing this light gave him a new feeling.
"Thun III, what will you do if I can prove that I am a whirlwind?"
Ye Zhang dialect made Thun III stunned. At this time, he quickly formed a cause and effect in his database, just like one, and this is the big whirlwind, which will be able to prove that he is a small whirlwind.
"If you can prove it, I don’t think we have a reason to continue the enemy!"
Chapter nine hundred and ten Found it
Zhang Ye smiled very brightly. That’s what he waited for.
If the big whirlwind is the small whirlwind, all the data confusion of Thun III will be solved. There will be no more three different cyclones. When the trinity is completed, the memory of Anubis, who bears the death, will become a whole of Thun III. The reason why Thun III hates Ye Zhang is the resentment of the death in the human footprint three years ago.
Thun III is different from an NPC in the Tianqi expansion. He is not only in one expansion, but also has a complete data link in the flashy history. Tianqi in the lost mainland is even other expansion in the future.
Thun III still seems to be puzzled when he looks at Ye Zhang at this time, just like asking you if it is a person to prove that Cyclone is alone.
"You will see!"
Ye Zhang said a word and then turned away from Thun III. At this time, Ye Zhang’s face was covered with gloom after turning around, because he knew that this absurd argument seemed simple, but it was simply more difficult to say an NPC with absolute logic.
If a player who doesn’t know Ye Zhang needs a large number of players and videos as evidence, it is not difficult to prove that the whirlwind is Zhang Yegen, but unless Thun III’s logic can make him sort out all the causes and effects, he is still one-track.
At this time, there are two clues in Ye Zhang’s mind. The first one is Hayes and Heraxis. These two NPCs come from the history three years ago, and they can naturally know the dual identity of Ye Zhang. Moreover, they have not only experienced the real historical main line, but also been influenced by the distorted historical process. They naturally will not doubt that the big whirlwind is the small whirlwind.
And those who meet the same standards include Walcott Murphy, Princess Bones, Dragon King Kerry, and other shadow tribes. These NPC departments are all connected with real and distorted history, and they have memories of large and small cyclones, and the value system can also make their databases free from chaos, because all the cyclones have the same hope for the same player.
But this is not enough, or in the eyes of Thun III, all these NPC departments are in great contradiction with the memory of Anubis, the god of death.
These NPC memories are no longer true mainline history. They all accepted the data changes after Ye Zhang distorted history. Even if Thun III can admit that the cyclone is a person, Anubis will not admit that part of his memory.
Although Ye Zhang is very familiar with these logical ideas now, he also feels very headache when he is in trouble. Because this is also a NPC habit, it is very difficult to break this habit and let the other party’s outrageous ideas dispel doubts.
Ye Zhang went all the way from Longque Imperial City to the last historical site, and now it is also possible to find it. With Thun III as the keeper and a hidden place, it is necessary to wait until this is completed.
Zhang Ye sent a message to Feng Zhi’s Somali Night official website after the line, because this website has a special person in charge of Ye Zhang at any time, and the news soon reached Feng Zhi.
And the message is that if Hayes and Horace show up again, you must tell him.
After Feng Zhilian, Ye Zhang is now looking for two travelers all over the world. The world is so big that Zhang Yegen doesn’t know where to look. Finally, he found three NPCs, including Jiang Chen.
At this point in the process of weeping, it can be said that all the truth is gradually emerging, and there are also many problems. Ye Zhang thought about it and then shut up.
"Is it the same person that Jiang Chen made up the rules for repairing the jade of the gods and cultivated the nine swords?"
The Ye Zhang question linked two unrelated histories, while Jiang Chen frowned and searched his database for the intersection of two NPCs, but the search result was a known one. Finally, he shook his head and made Ye Zhang frown.
Hayes and others may say Thun III, but they can make absolute logic coherent. Now Ye Zhang needs to find more evidence, and he can make the human footprint start all over again because he can’t change the world now, so he has only other ways.
In addition to these NPCs in two different historical periods, truth and distortion, Ye Zhang can also think of clues that Ye Zhang has never changed in the historical world.
However, these clues are doubtful. Ye Zhang asked about these two immortals because they may have never made friends with Ye Zhang, so they were rewritten naturally.
Ye Zhang pondered carefully whether there was any NPC who had a relationship with him in the past, but it did not lie in distorting history.
From the city of Cologne, Wenrui and Mutu thought of the fiend in the sea of sand, the prince Dracula of the magic feast, and then thought of the lava fiend and the dark magic dragon shadow tribe. But Ye Zhang found that since he was distorting the historical trajectory, how could there be clues that would not be changed by the historical process?
Ye Zhang was in trouble, and at this time Jiang Chen was in trouble.