The noumenon in the dharma body is really uncomfortable.

"Can’t, predecessors. I can’t stop. " Tianxin laughed, "That sword is out of control!"
"Boy, don’t you dare visit me," the emperor snorted again. "Look at someone who broke him!"
"OK, senior, hurry up."
The emperor stopped talking, and he didn’t know what to do. His vitality suddenly became violent. Rush to the body of the emperor, and rotate within a light year close to the body of the emperor.
"This guy, good means!"
Tianxin can see clearly, if you don’t find a way to melt these vitality quickly. These crazy turns will inevitably lead to the purple iron sword. At that time, the purple iron sword will be like a canoe in the roaring waves, and it will be difficult to maintain stability, let alone attack the emperor again.
"Mixed yuan is infinite, and it is new to accept it."
Tianxin’s eyes sparkled, his hands were empty-minded, his fingers were moving, and he was moving in the opposite direction. At the same time, Tianxin accelerated the operation of chaotic gods in the body, and increased the absorption and transformation of qi and earth. It can be said that it was with the emperor to grab qi and earth, and it was with the emperor to transform divine power.
"Boy, you are really tender!" At the center of the violent attack, the emperor suddenly burst into laughter. "Chaos god tactic really earth-shattering. Make the gods cry, but when you focus on this method, you will consume more mind. Boy, your mixed-up infinite technique is also good, but it also takes a lot of effort. Plus purple iron sword loss of heart. Boy, I see how much knowledge you have to consume. "
"Senior, still think about how to resolve it!" As the corners of his mouth were crooked, he ignored the Emperor’s explanation. Instead, he gave a little bit of knowledge to the Emperor, intending to make a big arrogant face. Ready to piss this old guy off.
The emperor’s heart is also dark.
What makes you laugh is that your opponent is as good as he thinks. Dark winds opponents’ understanding of all kinds of attack means is not generally profound, and the masters contend with each other, and the means are macro and micro, even the words used for communication at ordinary times will become a deadly weapon in disguise at this time. Thousands of star fields in the space, the two sides are twisted, and even a little bit of fluctuation in their minds will immediately perceive each other. For example, the anger aroused by the opponent’s words can certainly improve the force, but it will also leave a flaw in its own protection. It can be said that in this level of warfare, whoever does not concentrate will fail!
As for the problem of mental consumption, the emperor was miscalculated. Tianxin building a three-system civilization, from nothing to nothing, from perfection to perfection, from internal affairs construction to resistance to foreign aggression, from army construction to local construction, is not a task that consumes the mind. Especially when using the magic baby, in order to always control the war situation and make our own army win the greatest victory at the least cost, Tianxin usually has to control several instruments at the same time and pay attention to every corner of the battlefield. It can be said that any such war is a mental limit challenge to Tianxin itself. It can even be said that the road of spiritual practice is fundamentally different from others, and fellow practitioners with knowledge and strength run through this road from beginning to end!
Of course, it can’t be said that the ridicule of the emperor is unreasonable. Knowing energy is also a kind of energy anyway. There are too many distractions, and there is always a time when it can’t be replenished. However, this seems a little too far away for Tianxin. In particular, the current battlefield is only a battlefield for two people. Relatively speaking, the consumption of Tianxin’s knowledge can be better controlled.
Therefore, it is an absolute dream for the Emperor to try to beat or tire Tianxin without the means of intensive life. To be fair, the emperor made a small mistake in his first battle with Tianxin, that is, he was too reserved. There is no denying that the emperor has unlimited years of experience, but Tianxin is not bad either. Tianxin came from the military war. Its means of killing has always been to hurt, damage and destroy the enemy. In short, in Tianxin’s mind, no matter the means, as long as it can win. Moreover, since the three-system civilization, Tianxin has marketized the whole society. With the continuous expansion of the country and the huge increase of the population, the three-system society can not be well managed by iron and blood alone. After all, many criminals are not guilty of death. Tao gives birth to one, life to two, life to three, and life to all things. The three-system civilization of "can’t help everything" has produced many things that are mutually reinforcing and mutually resistant during its growth. These, Tianxin will absorb and integrate every once in a while, and innovate according to its own status quo.
There are many avenues, but the avenues are simple.
Emperor, if you really want to play with Tianxin. On the pattern, although the emperor is the predecessor of a long month, he is definitely better than the heavenly heart that has only entered the WTO for thousands of interstellar days. Because there is a three-system China behind Tianxin, where new things emerge every day. Perhaps the opposing side will say, doesn’t the emperor also have a dark god or many hidden forces? This is the problem. Tianxin cherishes every intelligent life and thinks that their existence will bring surprises to the world. But Emperor Jun, will Emperor Jun respect and care about an ordinary monk? If it will, there will be no dark god’s expedition to the rain and dry the world and sink the world.
This is the difference between Tianxin and Dijun. Although both of them are cultivated by the gods in the realm of "nothing", their ideas, methods and methods have long been different. Take out things are also different, an ancient, a new.
Therefore, the emperor will fall into the heavenly heart and be temporarily unable to turn over. Because the means of heavenly heart attacking the emperor is new and complicated, it is simple, and the emperor missed the opportunity for a while. But at this time, the emperor still didn’t realize his mistake of not knowing each other and overestimating himself, and didn’t make a brilliant move in time. On the contrary, it gives Tianxin a chance to calmly overweight and strengthen the intensity and omnibearing nature of the attack.
Maybe I want to be the last person!
But will Tianxin, who has the upper hand, give him this chance? No!
The mixed-element infinite technique itself is not a means of this world. As a result, Tianxin was inspired by the fact that Zidong, from the other world of Daewoo Star Field, failed to turn into a star (see Chapter 221, Life and Death), and then many Xuanzong experienced robbery. He went to see me off again, speculating about the change. A total of 81,888 old roads were bid farewell, leaving countless feelings for 81 unlucky old roads that failed to soar. This mixed-yuan infinite technique is considered a success.
From the emperor’s mouth, he said "mixed yuan means". God knows that the emperor must have seen mixed yuan, but he certainly doesn’t know much. After all, the celestial realm and then Avenue are two different things. Moreover, in the past, there were too few places that could trigger the mixed yuan apocalypse, but the ones that could not lead the mixed yuan apocalypse, even if they reached the stone steps. It’s almost over, and it’s up to the end of the true spirit. For the emperor, this level of dissidents, of course, a word, poor!
Judging the present world by previous cognition, the result can be imagined.
With the gradual enlargement of the heavenly heart’s "mixed yuan and infinite" trick, the emperor found something wrong. I found that the "whale-sucking tactic" that he summoned the vitality of heaven and earth attracted all the vitality of heaven and earth. These vitality, which contains all kinds of impurities, has become a planet like a snowball or a dumpling under the combination of the heavenly spirit and the ten fingers of Tianxin. To make matters worse, these planets actually listened to the arrangement of Tianxin, forming a large array of nine planets mixed elements in groups of nine. As time goes by. This large array of mixed elements in nine planets completely subdued the vitality of the world, and his dharma body no longer had the spectacular sight of "the wind rises, the clouds steam and Xia Wei", only the breeze rustled.
"freak, freak!"
The emperor was hit hard and realized that it could not go on like this. Nine planets mixed yuan large array outside is getting thicker and thicker, and that boy will have a crazy thunder. No, crazy stars have fallen from the sky, and I don’t know how many big holes will appear in my dharma body.
What are you talking about?
As soon as the Emperor’s "Whale Suction Tactics" was collected, how could Tianxin not know that this elder was going to do something unique! But it’s a pity that the "mixed stars" have grown up for too short a time, and each one is planetary. If we have a few more interstellar days, we will form a star-shaped mixed star group and smash it wildly. Even if we can’t smash the old guy’s body, we will definitely stun his body.
Now, these mixed stars …
Tianxin didn’t think much, and the quality was not enough, so quantity made up for it. The technique of "mixing the infinite elements" transiently "pushes the stars", imitating the "thousands of stars falling randomly" that the Emperor had used before, and all the mixed stars were smashed into the body of the Emperor from all directions.
The purple iron sword took advantage of the situation to fish in troubled waters, changed it into a thorn, turned back half a light year, and then struck the emperor from half a light year away at three times the moving speed.
Boundless rolling (thunder) sound rumbling, extremely fast purple sword lightning flashing. The sky changed dramatically!
"Hello, boy!"
The sound of gnashing of teeth came clearly.
"Elder, are you still awake! A young man can’t hold it, please forgive me! "
As the mouth reply, hand spirit tactic device more disease. A few mixed stars, Quan Yi’s ancient brain, threw it at the Buddha’s dharma body, striving for a full color, and the purple iron sword still maintained the lightning sting.
"Junior, you have angered me!" The emperor’s dharma body looms a ferocious face.
"Elder is poor, this is a robbery, and there is no need to annoy you. If someone is in this dark heaven and your territory, don’t hurry up, and then you will call a hundred legions and a thousand legions of disciples to help, which one can’t stand it. "
"Nonsense." Emperor more angry, "grieve a family, also teach you boy, this gentleman which need any help! Kid, take that. Fang Tian, an axe, can explain my magic. "
Void steep noise, the Buddha’s dharma body in its language never put off till tomorrow what you can, boundless gas strength annihilated everything within the scope of Fiona Fang ten light-years, explosion center, a shiny axe flashing with black light, ruthlessly toward his gods locked heavenly heart dharma body split.
"The purple iron sword is spreading, and the sword is shocking."
Tianxin induced Fang Tian with an axe, which was all transformed by the God Jing Jin in the realm of "nothing" of the Emperor. As far away as several light years, the imposing manner had already affected the Dharma Body of Tianxin, and the released gas strength blocked all the lateral paths of Tianxin, so there was no choice but to block and retreat. The whole move is a head-on attack.
Tianxin doesn’t intend to retreat, so, exceptionally, he frantically transported the chaotic celestial tactic, and the wild chaotic celestial spirit poured out from the celestial body, turned into the power of the imperial sword, wrapped the purple iron sword, and bravely greeted him. This is the only amazing flying swordsmanship that adds to the power of the original element. I thought there was no chance to try this fencing, but I didn’t expect it to be used at this time.
Axe, sword!
This time, there is no ringing in the void, and there is no dazzling flame. The black light of Fang Tian’s axe and the shock wave drawn by the purple iron sword touched, and the whole world was quiet, and all illusions were destroyed, as if nothing had ever happened.
Only Tianxin and Dijun know that they are now engaged in cultivation. Nothing has happened in the void, but the moment when the black light of Fang Tianyi’s axe touches the shock wave of the purple iron sword, everything is "broken", just like assassination. Before that person can get and call, it is already dead. Black light and firm but gentle didn’t give them any chance to fall apart within their coverage, so they decomposed everything into vanity basic units that could not be detected by gods.
At this time, we can see the cultivation of the emperor and Tianxin. Tianxin’s cultivation was inferior after all. After the black light melted with firm but gentle, the entity of Fang Tianyi’s axe was obviously in contact with the purple iron sword at the same time.
It’s extremely noisy after it’s extremely quiet!
The sound of the giant bell ringing in the sky, such as the train whistle that can’t be held down, never stops ringing. At the same time, sparks, which are really as big as planets, bloom in the void, such as exploding stars, gorgeous void sky.
Fang Tianyi axe is the essence of the emperor’s boundless gods, and the purple iron sword is made from the innate purple light of HarmonyOS and countless metal essences, combined with various refining techniques supplemented by the blood of all souls. The former is the display of the Emperor’s life’s achievements in refining gas, while the latter is the complete collection of refining techniques of Tianxin, which is also the display of Tianxin’s achievements. If they didn’t collide, no one could comment on the two instruments, but now, after touching them, I believe no one can tell them apart.
Long-term impact, scary momentum. Strangely, neither of the two implements has any damage, just like a bullfight. Although the horns touch each other violently, the horns are not damaged. The only difference is that Fang Tianyi’s axe has shrunk a little, but it is darker; The purple iron sword also quivered for a long time, and some dregs fell out of the blade, but it was brighter and brighter, which showed that the blade was closer. If it weren’t for the wrong occasion, Tianxin would certainly run a micro-eye to observe the changes in the structure of the blade.
"Boy, you are really a strong opponent of a family!" The faint words of the emperor sounded.
"Thank you for your praise, thank you for forging a sword." As a heavenly heart, it is an admission that you are slightly inferior to others. "If the predecessors have no orders, one is ready to leave."
"Go, you can’t go," Dijun shook his head.

Chapter three hundred and seventy-five Chaos
Sorry, someone must go. One is not like the wild cranes in the idle clouds of the predecessors … Besides, if we continue to fight, there will be more empty star fields … The predecessors will find one later, and one must be waiting in the snow and marsh world! "
The heavenly heart nagged, and the sound waves of god’s knowledge made the emperor a little dizzy. Then the heavenly heart suddenly moved to the direction of the rain and dry world, leaving a residual image and sound waves floating in the void.
When the Emperor woke up, he didn’t chase after him, but slowly looked at the sight of Tianxin with gloomy eyes. He knew that he couldn’t stop Tianxin. This descendant of Hong Jun was comparable to the extreme god warrior of the ten families of the universe, with amazing potential and the best mixer. It was just not another good fight to catch up with him. Therefore, it is better not to chase!
"This universe, finally appeared to rival a rival! Is this good or bad for me? "
The Emperor breathed a sigh of relief, his gloomy eyes gradually blurred, and he glanced at the direction where Tianxin was far away. Then he looked back at the direction of the Millennium world, and a sly smile appeared on his face, and then he disappeared.
Void to restore peace, the distant rotation of the stars faint swing down …
It is said that Tianxin has moved all the way out of the dark heaven, out of the rainy and dry world, into the snowy and marshy world, and gradually relaxed. He thought the emperor would chase him, but he didn’t want the old guy to let him go.