"My dear nephew, you and I are family friends and called uncles, but today there is a big businessman in the city who wants to sell his house. I heard that he will buy it soon, but this house is in the south of the city …" The south of the city is generally the residence of businessmen and craftsmen.

"It’s a day to find my little nephew on behalf of my father. Uncle Xie passed away. Sure enough, Uncle Shi managed everything in detail. My little nephew finally saw this trip. It’s too … Uncle Shi acted without procrastination and was highly effective." Feng Zhang said insincerely, but his appearance looked sincere.
Who doesn’t love flattery? In particular, the villain is a means of flattery. Feng Zhang insists on associating with Qiao Huan’s achievements. Qiao Huan laughs all over his fat and jumps rhythmically. The wide Zen dress can hardly stop a belly as big as a watermelon from falling to the ground.
"My dear nephew, I’m flattered. I only want to move out when I see the cash, but I know him well. So …" Qiao Xuan means that you will pay for it yourself. I won’t pay to buy it for you and send it directly to you. I still ran away for you.
What an idiot! It’s not a pity that Feng Zhang secretly sneered at this little money and died in Liu Dai’s hands in the future.
Pretending to be polite, Feng Zhang asked Huang Zhong to send Qiao Xun away. If you were not generous, I was stingy and didn’t even let him eat.
Qiao Xun’s front foot has just left Feng Zhang’s back foot, so Zhang An will go with him to pay the money. According to Qiao Xun, the house is not far from the south gate, and it should not be difficult to find it.
This is not a very formal event, so I didn’t bring Huang Zhong and Wang Yue with Wen Pin and Huang Xu. Now they are all interested in Feng Zhang Kung Fu from head to toe.
Four people strolled across the horse and slipped to the south gate and turned left. Sure enough, there was a big house with a plaque hanging high on it. Feng Zhang, the two official servants, jumped in the heart. Was it him?
At the door, there were two servants with small hats in Tsing Yi. When they saw that four of them were dressed in big heads and horses, another man came to hold the reins and asked, "What can I do for you four?"
Feng Zhang nodded slightly. "I am the buyer of this house."
The servant knew that the house was for sale, but he didn’t expect it to be so small. One master asked four people to wait, and another servant rushed in to inform the master.
Soon a 16-year-old boy came out to meet them, both of whom were relatively Zheng. I didn’t expect each other to be so young.
"In Mi Fang Pavilion, you are the buyer of Joe’s mouth?" The young man didn’t underestimate Feng Zhang because he was young. Anyway, he respectfully called the pavilion.
"It’s just Feng Zhang" Feng Zhang has a soft spot for him, perhaps because he wants this person to be his little brother in the future?
Feng Zhang, a female figure in the Three Kingdoms, admires Diao Chan Mihuan the most. Although there are many others, I would like to talk about them as versatile as beauty … but in terms of people, they are either ignorant or despised by Feng Zhang.
Speaking of the beauty of the Three Kingdoms, Diao Chan, Xiao Qiao, Zhen Fu, Zhang Ji’s wife, Zou’s wife, Cai Yan, Zhao Fan’s sister-in-law (can Zhao Yun, the Woodenhead, flirt with each other? Although it is after drinking wine, it does not rule out a bit of unattractive people’s fascination.) These are some written records, although some are unofficial history (Romance of the Three Kingdoms). Others have not said that they look as unknown. For example, the first wife with big ears, Mrs. Gan, is said that when Liu Bei got married, someone gave him a jade sculpture of an adult, and he put it on the bed with his wife to see which one is whiter. The other is Sun Shangxiang (wife with big ears again! ! ! ) Lv Fan went to Liu Bei as a matchmaker and said that she was "beautiful and virtuous". Should she be somewhat feminine?
However, from the point of view that Chinese people think women are chaste (don’t deny that most people in China care about that small piece of film), Zhen Fu was originally Yuan Xi’s wife. Although she was beautiful enough for her brother-in-law Cao Zhi to write the immortal Luo Shenfu, but …
What’s even more ironic is that Cai Yan, who is known as the first female talent in the Eastern Han Dynasty, can be described as an expert in chess and chess. Although she is ambitious, her eyes are above the top and she has a history of sex. After her first husband died, she couldn’t stand her husband’s dirty eyes and fell back to her home, but she read so much. After being taken by the Huns, she could endure humiliation and drag out an ignoble existence for so many years. Don’t you know how she was treated and read poems in those days? Don’t she know that those women who are paranoid about chastity but lack that spirit in "Fierce Woman
It’s not hard to explain why Feng Zhang despises Cai Yan the most, because he always bullies her as soon as he knows Cai Yan, and how can this elder brother, who Feng Zhang wants the most women in the Three Kingdoms, not be excited?
Feng Zhang and Mi Fang talked all the way, as if they hadn’t seen friends for years. Zhang Fengren was easygoing and gave a good impression for the first time, while Mi Fang was a businessman with a rich family background. It was not a bad thing to make one or two more friends. They walked through a long corridor on the wall, with angry lotus flowers round like umbrellas on both sides, which almost occupied the whole pool. Occasionally, there were one or two red flowers. I don’t know what kind of fish poked its head out and then sank into the water.
Mi Fang likes this little brother’s extraordinary speech and behavior. That kind of extravagance can’t be faked, and he knows that Mi’s family is from the business look. Instead of looking down on the meaning, it faintly shows the meaning of making friends.
Let this well-liked child into the house and let the maid order two cups of green tea. The two of them are still in Tiannanhaibei Hu Kan. A little girl who is only three or four years old skipped in and said, "When are you leaving?"
Mi Fang was obviously in pain. The little girl accused Feng Zhang of a crime and coaxed her. Then she said to Feng Zhang, "This is a letter from Third Sister Huan-erh who loves eldest brother and me, so she doesn’t know how to be polite."
Feng Zhang even dare not look at this future to hunt down and marry his future wife. Xiao Mihuan is also curious to look at her little head cocked like a green little finger and gently bit her face in her hand without any fear expression.
Dear, you will be my wife in the future. Feng Zhang said to the little girl in her heart, Mi Fang obviously didn’t pay attention to what Feng Zhang was thinking. At that time, the businessman’s habit made him unconscious and praised the advantages of this mansion, but he didn’t pay attention to Feng Zhang’s listening.
Mi Huan stared at Feng Zhang with big eyes for a long time and said, "Big brother, you look better than big brother."
When Zhang Fengchang was so old, he first heard people say that he was good-looking. When he was in distress, "You are good-looking if your little sister is good-looking."
Mi Huan smiled smugly, her face was picturesque, her heart pulled her skirt around and said, "Well, I think so myself."
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Chatting and chatting, Mi Fang unconsciously played the role of a businessman. The history of Feng Zhang was cleaned up in the seemingly messy but actually orderly topic. So how old was this "Fang Xiong" who gave a huge mansion to Feng Zhang with the unique speculative eyes of businessmen.
"I don’t know mi brother will leave Puyang? It should be a good place to do business when there are many people and the people are rich here? " Feng Zhang has got down to business since Mi Huan went out to play.
"My good brother didn’t know that my brother had transferred most of his possessions to Xuzhou and had been granted the position of master book by the prefect Xu Daren, so …"
"The younger brother first congratulated me on hearing that Xuzhou is a great place with a vast wealth and a vast population." Feng Zhang was busy laughing and said.
Mi Fang also got up to reciprocate and knelt down.
"I don’t know Fang Xiong’s business?"
"Ha-ha, a saying,’ Do what you make money’ makes your brother laugh."
"So my younger brother has a few ideas, one paper workshop and two wine shops, but I don’t know if my brother is interested in helping because my young father is not very supportive."
Mi Fang a listen to eyes shine "oh? I didn’t think that my good brother Gui Taiwei was actually interested in this cheap industry? "
Feng Zhang laughed. "This is all a worldly vision. Brother Fang deceives each other, too? Qin jumped from Shang Yang’s political reform to the weakest among the seven countries to the strongest, and destroyed the six countries in one fell swoop. Yesterday, Gao Zujian came to Zhang Qian to go west, but again? However, what about the millet and rice? Merchants barter for goods, and if they can help heaven, can they also help heaven? Sea rocks spread all over the world? The front of the people and the roots of the rich country can also be destroyed if businessmen gather together. "
Mi Fang listened with great comfort. Although Mi’s family is a rich family, it has always been despised by the world. Even if Mi Zhu got the position of main book in Xuzhou, he was still looked down upon, especially some Xuzhou old people, Cao Jia and Chen Jia. Today, when he heard Kan Kan, a 10-year-old child, complaining in his heart, he really felt heroic and indomitable.
"Good brother is really special! Make the foolish brother have a sobering feeling and walk slowly. The foolish brother makes people prepare dining tables and eat and chat again. "Mi Fang doesn’t pretend anything. Roll up his sleeves and shout," Somebody prepare dining tables! Call miss San quickly! "
The first time I saw Mi Huan was because she didn’t know that it was inconvenient to meet a stranger when a guest arrived. At this time, Mi Fang took the initiative to call Mi Huan to come, but when Feng Zhang was a bosom friend.
Feng Zhang, of course, is also happy to see this future wife again. Soon, Xiao Mi-huan bounced out, followed by a long list of maids and servants.
Feng Zhang told some jokes that Mi’s brother and sister had never heard through what they saw and heard in previous lives at the banquet. Lianzhu made them laugh, not only because Xiao Mi was weak, but also because his stomach hurt.
"Good-looking brother Huan-erh couldn’t stand your jokes, so I went to have a rest." Mi Huan’s face was pink and tender, so she sued and retired.
Mi Fang lifted the wine bottle and staggered to Feng Zhang’s side and patted him on the shoulder. "Good brother and foolish brother, I am happy to make friends with you today … a little brother is very happy … very happy and full of this cup."
Feng Zhang’s face is red, but he is a little drunk. All he hears is that Mi Fang touched the bottle and gulped it up.
"Today, I’ll give you a high-five about your good brother’s business. A share of my Mi family is this money, but my good brother doesn’t worry that my Mi family doesn’t have this yellow and white thing, but it is very much."
Just as I was talking, I heard the noise outside the door. Mi Fang was very dissatisfied and shouted, "What’s the noise?"
A domestic servant rushed in and made a line for Mi Fang. "Sir Zhong, the Zhang Gong family, has to look on the other side, otherwise …" He said and looked at Feng Zhang with his head down.
Feng Zhang suddenly realized that it was Huang Xu and they were impatient to wait outside for fear that something would happen to Feng Zhang. Mi Fu had a quarrel.
"Brother Fang doesn’t matter, but a few families have been waiting for it to get late, so my brother will leave and visit again."
The next morning, Mi Fang took the initiative to come to Feng Zhang, who was still sleeping on the couch.
"Eldest brother yesterday that name mi gigolo requested to see is not as good as I will give him away" Huang Xu tearing voice shouted at the door.
"Fart please him waiting for me to change clothes! And don’t talk nonsense. Is he half as white as me? " Feng Zhang heard the spirit of Mi Zi, and the horse got up and changed clothes. These things that used to be waited on at home had to be done by himself. It’s time to buy some maids.
There’s my little brother. Feng Zhang cleaned himself up like a gigolo in front of the fuzzy shadow in the bronze mirror, and then he took a step and shook out with a fan in his hand.
"Thank you brother Fang for waiting for a long time." Zhang Mi saluted each other and then divided the host and guest to sit down.
"Foolish brother, this time it’s yesterday. I don’t know my good brother …"
"My brother wants to run a paper mill and a wine shop, and he wants Fang Xiong to share the shares … er, that is, each of them will pay for the income in proportion. Fang Xiong has a wide range of friends and business contacts all over the world, but he can’t refuse to look for shops to sell goods."
Mi Fang patted his thin chest and snapped, "This matter is covered by the foolish brother."
"My brother Joe, the prefect, agrees that all the refugees in Puyang City have been resettled, but he has chosen their lean ones to engage in paper-making and wine-making respectively. There are more than enough in this house. My brother wants to live in a secluded place, live in two places, practice medicine and keep an account."
Mi Fang listened to the arch again. "I didn’t want to be a good brother at a young age, but I have a big heart! Make the foolish brother feel ashamed. "
"I’m just doing my best, but I can’t be a brother."