Guarding city personnel can’t help secretly cursing the abnormal condition in their hearts and resenting the game company’s inhumanity. No matter how resentful they are in their hearts, they still have to keep monsters, and they have to destroy monsters in all directions. If it weren’t for Xuanyuan League members’ strong physical quality and relatively leading ordinary players, I’m afraid the city would have been ruined.

Chapter 451 Warsong played five
There are still more than three minutes before the monster siege ends. Attacking the monster is more fierce than ever, and it has been unable to handle it. At this time, the wild boss is ready to move. The situation is getting more and more critical, but our boss is no longer accompanied by the flight. The boss is nowhere to be found, leaving us brothers to persist. But what can we do?
None of our brothers and sisters in Xuanyuan League show cowardice. Even if the monster is fierce and tough, we all swear to die together. Although this is not the real battlefield, no, this is the real battlefield. This is our home. Here are our dreams and things we are eager to cut. This is our hope …!
Looking at the serious, determined and unyielding expressions of my brothers and sisters, my heart became hot, and I was a little afraid. At this moment, I seemed to be ignited by the passion hidden at the bottom of my heart. I was eager to fight and kill the enemy, no matter what it was, even if it was too high to touch God and endanger our home, we would completely destroy it.
Because we want to be born, we want to come true at the top of the world, and become real winners instead of losers. This is the center of our Xuanyuan League members. Come on, let’s fight. Even if those senior boss departments in the wild press us, we will not retreat. We want our flesh and blood to build a defensive home. The first Great Wall wants to destroy our Xuanyuan City. Well, then you should step over our bodies first!
This passage was written by an ordinary member of Xuanyuan League who participated in guarding the city in his post-war memoirs. He said that no matter what contradictions all the combatants had before, the only belief was to defeat all monsters who dared to threaten Xuanyuan City or human beings. All members of Xuanyuan League were United and cooperated with each other to help achieve a very tacit understanding before this moment.
They are comrades-in-arms and close relatives at the moment, and they will defend each other’s safety with their own lives. This is the heart of the members of Xuanyuan League. They are a whole and an iron plate. No matter how strong the attack is, they can resist the outside and build an insurmountable wall with their own minds.
Come on! Come on! !
We are not afraid that we will fight, fight …! ! ! !
The monster attack is more fierce, perhaps the urgent reason may be that the monsters can’t wait for the original boss to join the offensive ranks, which brings edge pressure to Xuanyuan League guarding city players.
Monsters have been eliminated in batches, but this batch will usher in more difficult monsters. At this time, the average level of attacking monsters is 75, and the level of guarding city players is far higher. The casualties of guarding city players are even worse. Every time they die, their strength will drop a lot, but the monsters will continue. No matter how difficult it is, they need to continue fighting.
"Captain bad … found two boss monster ahead! Already in the total city wall! " A small captain who was anxious received a very annoying message after killing a wall monster.
"Mom, don’t talk so much nonsense. Immediately organize people to take care of the two boss and eliminate them. It’s time to test us. We should stick to it for three minutes and the victory will belong to us." Although the little captain was very anxious in his heart, he couldn’t think about it and didn’t want to order his brothers to organize people to fight against the two boss.
This happened not only in this place, but also in many places. The players are not all fighting hard and resisting the invading monsters. Friends like to watch war movies first. You can imagine that a large number of enemy troops are constantly attacking our city, and the flames of war are spreading and the enemy is attacking fiercely.
The soldiers guarding the city kept pressing the enemy away with their weapons again and again. The scene was so spectacular and tragic. One person poured the other person and immediately filled it. It was so sad and magnificent to stand up his body to stop the enemy from advancing.
This is the principle of being a soldier. Yes, now Xuanyuan League players are soldiers. Every soldier is fighting against the invasion with his body and life. The enemies are those who have no planes, cannons and siege ladders and guns.
But siege is some monsters, but they have strong resilience, terror magic, long-range attack and the power to shake the earth, so they are more terrible than those enemies on the battlefield.
But are we afraid of guarding city soldiers (members of Xuanyuan League)? The answer is to watch those players kill the wall-jumping monster again and again without hesitation, or smash the wall or destroy it in front of their eyes, and they know that they are not afraid of fighting in their hearts.
There are monsters everywhere outside the city wall or equipment treasures dropped by players after their death, but no one has picked them up. Many of them are high-grade equipment, and occasionally you can see a few pieces of high-grade equipment with hidden gold, but it doesn’t matter. What matters is to destroy the monsters in front of you and hold on to this majestic city.
The battle has entered a white-hot stage, and there are bloody magic, knife light, impact and so on intertwined. A person and a monster will be immediately filled by someone or a monster to continue the previous battle.
"Please pay attention to me, members of the body. Listen to my command. Pay attention to the monsters in front of you. It is really impossible to stop the boss from attacking the city wall. If we insist on it for 25 minutes, we will win!" When he found out the problem, the wind heart was lonely and shouted in the guild channel. He soon found that if the boss continued to attack the wall, it would soon collapse and he could not help but react quickly.
He has been wondering what happened to the absolute arrogance of the deputy Wang of the combat body, and why he has never been seen! But at this time, I don’t want to be the boss of bare, who was taken by that damn golden lyre bird. He can temporarily serve as the chief commander.
The command is effective. Many players are preventing the boss from jumping off the wall. Those boss show close combat. In fact, they don’t expect to destroy these powerful boss. They are entangled in them by their own bodies so that they have no chance to continue destroying the wall.
Chapter 452 Xuanyuan City Broken
Boom! ! !
Fifteen minutes before the siege ended, with the collapse of the city wall, players exclaimed that the strong city wall finally failed to withstand the baptism of war and collapsed in a corner with a long-lasting consumption.
The wall is here! !
By those fierce monsters, one monster jumped at the moment when the wall collapsed, and the attack on the wall still persisted. A large number of monsters took this opportunity to quickly flood into the city, and a number of monsters were constantly expanding the gap between the collapsed walls so that more monsters could rush into the city and wreak havoc.
The collapsed city wall has caused great casualties to players who are still defending, and some of them were trampled to death by monsters flooding in or flooded by the collapsed city wall. Monsters caught the player’s mistake and rushed into the city in an instant, wantonly killing them.
More than that, monsters poured into the city. It seems that the goal is very real. After abusing the guarding city personnel for a while, they quickly approached the castellan’s mansion. Some monsters went to the temporary resurrection point to see if they wanted to occupy a place where Xuanyuan League’s advantages could be lost.
The members who just hung up after fighting outside the city wall just got up from the resurrection point and found with horror that a large group of monsters were killing towards the resurrection point. Looking at the flood of monsters, the number was not less than thousands, and everyone could not help but feel a chill.
"Mom what’s the matter? Why so many monsters have gone to town! " Coming out of the resurrection point, the player saw the situation in front of him depressed and shouting, but the answer is obvious. They are fierce attacks and bites by monsters.
At this time, the resurrection point flashed rapidly again. It was that a large number of players were resurrected here, showing how fierce the fighting outside was. I don’t know who suddenly shouted, "Let’s organize resistance and never let monsters occupy the resurrection point, otherwise it will be really over this time."
No one cares about this sentence at this time when I hear shouting. Who said that he can take up arms and rush at the monster while eating? Hundreds of people form an effective formation to cover up and kill, and the purpose is to prevent the monster from approaching the resurrection point and hold on to the only holy place. His companions are resurrected to make a final struggle.
They also know that there are too many monsters and each monster level has to force themselves to be much higher, but so what! They are not ordinary people, they are members of Xuanyuan League, members of the first meeting of the king. Will they be intimidated by a few monsters?
No, absolutely not. Even if these monsters look a little more, there are hundreds of them. The best proof is the weapons in their hands to prove Xuanyuan League people. No matter what the situation, they will not easily succumb. Even if they die, they will pull these monsters to die together. This is Xuanyuan League will.
"Before the shield battle, display the shield wall warrior to assist the mage archer to coordinate!" A decisive voice rang in everyone’s ears and took over the command limit.
No one cares who this person is, but he acts according to the order. Dozens of shield battles quickly put away the waving weapons as soon as the order arrives. The replaceable shield forms a human wall at the front end, and the soldiers follow the shield after the war and press the strongest weapon in their hands and the biggest attack output skill to the impact monster.
Although you can’t kill the monster, you can successfully stop the monster from moving forward. This is not to mention the mage archer behind you. At this critical moment, he also played the greatest potential of mankind, and several magic arrows fell to the monster in front.
The resurrection point is still flashing, players are constantly resurrecting in the resurrection point, and the resurrected people do not hesitate to participate in the battle ahead, so the defense of the resurrection point is getting bigger and bigger like a snowball.
In a blink of an eye, the number of players in the Kung Fu resurrection point has reached 1,000, and it is still increasing. You know, nearly 10,000 people in Xuanyuan League are still fighting outside a resurrection point, and the death toll is increasing.
Although the monsters attacking the resurrection point have been trapped for nearly a thousand times, the resurrected personnel have just blocked the steps to reinforce everywhere after the resurrection, and successfully blocked the group of monsters from occupying the resurrection point. However, this stalemate is not enough. The monsters can’t attack but the resurrection point personnel can’t get out! !
"Well, don’t stay here. There are a lot of monsters attacking the Lord’s Mansion. Let’s hurry to reinforce!" A player who has just participated in guarding the castellan’s mansion just got up from the resurrection point and saw thousands of players being blocked at the periphery of the resurrection point and shouted anxiously.
"What did you say? Shit! The Lord’s mansion was attacked? " I also hung up the Fengyun knife once. After hearing the shouting brother, I rushed to him with an arrow and excitedly grabbed his collar and asked
"Yes! I just hung back from there, where thousands of monsters are attacking the Lord’s mansion! Sister-in-law, they are struggling to resist, but there are too many monsters, and there are several boss situations in crisis! " The player didn’t pay attention to being gripped by the collar with a knife and quickly introduced the situation of the main mansion.
"ah! If a bear is breached there, the guarding city will fail and end. "Fengyun Knife looked around and said," Brothers, there are still more than ten minutes before the siege ends, but the castellan’s mansion is now very critical and needs our reinforcements …! "
Paused and continued, "I order that no matter which department you belong to, some people in the same management will stick to the resurrection point and the other part will break through with me to reinforce the castellan mansion. Never let monsters break through the castellan mansion …!"
"Reinforce the Lord’s mansion!"
"Reinforce … reinforce the Lord’s mansion to defend the homeland!"
"Kill …!"
The personnel were quickly assigned, and the Fengyun Knife led nearly a thousand members of the Resurrection Point from the profile on Warrior Knight Road to resist the attack. The players at the Resurrection Point were also crazy about those monsters, and they were also anxious to finish destroying these monsters in front of them so as to do their part.
Human potential is limited when one person squeezes out the potential completely, which is terrible, and even worse, thousands of people! At the resurrection point, monsters fight players like this. Faced with the failure of guarding the city, they are crazy. They burn their own small universe. At this moment, they become the strongest warrior and the strongest mage archer.
I remember hearing that a young mother was involved in a car accident to save her child’s life, but her thin body was horrified to lift a truck weighing several tons for dozens of minutes until a good-hearted person passed by and rescued the child from the truck.
At present, this greatness is to burn the power beyond one’s own limit generated by one’s own life, and the mother died because of excessive stimulation of potential, but this officially says that one’s own strength is terror, and a considerable terrorist force can erupt under special conditions.
And although we Xuanyuan members didn’t break out like the mother, we also successfully stimulated the potential. Usually, the inflexible skills played a 200% strength in stimulating the potential, and the monsters kept falling in these crazy soldiers.
Their fierce, fearless and enterprising spirit has successfully destroyed one monster after another. In their eyes, they have a mind to destroy everything that hinders them. The monsters have a sense of murder in their eyes. At this moment, they are not human beings. They are beasts, no more than beasts.
Because monsters have to retreat in front of them, more and more people are gathering at the resurrection point, and the battlefield is expanding. Even if monsters keep coming, there is no way to stop the expansion of the battlefield. Because monsters meet wild animals, the brave win.
The fighting here is fierce, but it is more fierce. It is not here, but the area is small. The last line of defense in Xuanyuan City is also the soul of Xuanyuan City. Since the monster besieged the city, her heart has not been calm.
She knows that this is not only about him, but also about whether the future development of people can be stable on the road of kings is an important link. It is not only lucky but also simple that people with hearts can support such a big first family business in kings from scratch, in which sweat is hard and full of yearning for the future.
The success of this battle depends on being arranged here by her lover. Although she can’t kill the enemy in person, she knows that it is her lover’s trust that this is the soul of the whole station. There can be no mistake. She is more dedicated to her lover and herself. She needs to be extremely energetic to meet the challenge.
Yan ran knows that she is not only defending monsters here, but also needs to pay attention to whether there are malicious human players coming to destroy them. These are all unavoidable. Monsters are horrible, but humans are more cunning. A careless move may lose everything. She is more careful.
When I watched it, I learned through the communication channel that the battle ahead was so fierce that the members kept dying and pressed the monsters to attack again and again, but they still didn’t finish destroying those monsters. Even the most powerful and powerful people in their minds had brazenly array and made a compound magic, which failed to keep the siege monsters out of the wall.