"Let’s go and confirm" Qi Zheng said.

Zhang Tao is frowning slightly. The appearance of this deep pit is really too abrupt. It is by no means a natural formation. Zhang Tao knows that this may be the great talent, but I am afraid it is difficult for Zhang Tao’s realistic power to complete such an absolutely circular pit so perfectly.
"This is?" Qi Zheng’s surprise attracted Zhang Tao to the past. Looking at the pit, it was not very deep, but there was a huge ice crystal palace on the surface.
Although a lot of ice cracks have reduced the transparency, we can’t see what it looks like in the palace, but this magnificent building is still attractive. The three-story ice building is like the bedroom of the god of ice and snow, domineering and mysterious, but full of a trace of ice elegance, as if it is the door to another world.
"What shall we do, Colonel?" Qi Hong asked that the height here is at least 100 meters away from the ice crystal palace. Once you jump, I’m afraid you won’t come.
Qi Zheng thought it over and over again. "That’s enough. I think it’s finished."
However, every relic is bound to have mysterious dangers. Although there are many opportunities and interests, Qi Zheng knows very well that everyone’s strength is not suitable for taking risks. It is enough for JIU ge to give him the key to his chest. Chapter 713
Everyone thinks it makes sense to hear Qi Zheng’s words, but Zhang Tao feels that the language is cold in front of him. How can he give up easily? Moreover, although the test for them is almost over, Zhang Tao has decided to end it. Since they don’t want to go, they can hardly help themselves.
"hmm!" Zhang Tao eyes a stare suddenly caused a whirlpool in the strong mental strength, Qi Zheng and others are all physically shocked and his face changed. "No, what power is this?" Qi Zheng was just about to wake up. When everyone was more careful, great power appeared and pushed Qi Zheng and others away.
The distance of 100 meters is not fatal for everyone. The height is the thought of unknown dangers and problems like going, which makes people’s heads as big as cows
The ice palace is getting bigger and bigger and closer to Qi Zhengda. He said, "Adjust the position". A qualified mercenary must try his best to fight for it even in the face of despair.
Although I have faced the worst result, I don’t know how to fall in, but it is better to blame others than to do my own thing, which is exactly what everyone needs to do.
Adjust your position and land, but also be convenient to pay attention to the surrounding environment at any time after landing, so as to prevent people or animals from sneaking up on the 100-meter distance, and all six people will land.
Zhang Tao, of course, won’t make a special case, and his feet are deeply immersed in the ground. The fact that Zhang Tao’s intellectual man fit kung fu is only a hundred meters like a feather won’t add any weight to Bai Qiu’s ground. Zhang Tao naturally won’t give up the spirit extension. Although Qi Zheng and others helped, they didn’t know that it was Zhang Tao who let Bai Qiu ‘an land.
Bai Qiu is the weakest in the mercenary group, and a hundred meters is enough for her to die. She is also a key protection object of panda level, but she is also a huge rare treatment ability, which is definitely the lifeblood of the team, and she is also indispensable.
In the face of the ice palace, there is no chill, only the magnificent and huge ice crystal palace is like floating in the universe, and the wandering galaxy is full of different charm and shock.
There seems to be no danger except that there are two ice sculpture guards at the door. "Everything is made of ice, and I don’t know which predecessor created this palace. It’s a sigh."
When I heard Qi Zheng’s amazement, everyone nodded in succession. Even Zhang Tao had to sigh that the people who created this palace wrote it, but the perceptual extension did not seem to find any danger. It seems that the cold in this palace is reserved for himself to enjoy slowly.
On the fact that it is impossible for ordinary people to collect such roots, who will go in and enjoy the baptism of corrosive gas in this ice morning swamp if nothing happens? This kind of ice palace has been sleeping here all the time. It seems that people have found that this is Zhang Tao’s excellent luck, otherwise it would have been so cold.
"What should we all do now?" Qi Zheng asked to sort out a dress.
Are you trying to get back? Or enter the ice palace? In order to confirm that the ice palace does not need to enter, this is also the original words of the JIU ge Fu. I am afraid it is unwise to face unknown dangers, and we need to ask for your opinions.
In the end, everyone decided to leave here. After all, no one knows what’s in this ice palace. Zhang Tao naturally won’t object to it. He will form a big net from the middle stalk spirit and let them go out and experiment with several methods, and all ended in failure.
Everyone is a little decadent. "It seems that there is only an ice palace where the law can be easily separated from here." Although Qi Zheng and others are well informed, they don’t know that it is Zhang Tao’s spirit that stops them. If you wait here until JIU ge Fu and others come to rescue you, I’m afraid it will be a pile of bones.
"It seems that only entering the ice palace" Qi Hong said with a dignified face. Although everyone is unwilling to take risks, this situation is also true. Qi Zheng and others are all nai. "Well, then we have to go to the tiger mountain." Zhang Tao finally nodded with satisfaction when he heard Qi Zheng’s words. This is the development route according to his own drama.
"Let’s go, but we must be careful." Everyone seems to be heading for a historical fault, and a mysterious atmosphere is coming. Zhang Tao is not worried. When he looked around and came to the front of the ice palace, he found that the door was actually more than ten meters high, and the suspected escort ice sculptures on both sides were actually five meters high. "Go in quickly." Qi Zheng felt that there was something wrong with the surrounding atmosphere
Suddenly, an ice crystal giant door appeared at the original gate, which directly blocked everyone’s way forward and immediately fell into the embarrassing situation of Tianmen’s way forward.
"This? How to get in? " The sudden appearance of the gate startled Zhang Tao, too. It seems that something was triggered in everyone’s mind.
Qi Zheng and others went over to study the ice gate and made a tentative attack. They found that the strength and thickness of the ice gate were not strength, which could break Zhang Tao’s spirit and barely penetrate. They found that the ice gate was at least 15 meters thick, even if they needed to make great efforts.
"What do you think this is?" Qi Hong found a strange shape like a six-pointed star in front of the ice gate.
Zhang Tao frowned slightly and suddenly found that there were two blue crystals on the chest of two ice sculpture guards. The blue crystal was like a blue liquid flowing slightly like a dream, but if you look closely, you can find that the two blue crystals merged together to form a six-pointed star, that is, the key to the ice door is like the sky flowing on the ice. This sea and sky wonders make people forget the surrounding cold.
Qi Zheng and others soon discovered that the problem was about to let Qi Hong take the blue crystal from the ice sculpture guard chest.
The ice sculpture guards on both sides moved slowly as if the robot were warming up.
"attack!" Almost instantly, the most correct order was reached. Ice sculpture is definitely not a good phenomenon. Preemptive action is definitely the best choice.
Wu Moyu’s two-handed dagger has been unconsciously put in the neck of an ice sculpture guard. Suddenly, the ice flakes splash, but the ice sculpture has a small scratch, and the qi arrow hits the ice sculpture guard, but there is just a fist-sized hole.
Yu Qizheng’s attack is swift, but the ice crystals guarded by two ice sculptures are obviously harder than expected, and the gains from preemptive attacks are very limited.
Zhang Tao is still protecting Bai Qiu’s eyes, but she is looking at the ice sculpture guard Lu Feixiong, who also participated in the battle. Soon, the hard action of the two ice sculpture guards disappeared and suddenly became flexible. In an instant, the two guards actually disappeared in situ.
"So fast, everyone be careful to dodge." Qi Zheng’s face realized that he hoped that Qi Zhenghe would be good at assassinating Wu Moyu.