"Even if it can’t be cured, it will come back ….. that can be done by touching something abroad."

"Wait …"
"This brain has been preserved in the present brain since the 21st century! Then the things in this house should also be from the 21st century to the present … "
"Look for something in this room that doesn’t belong to the 21st century. You should be able to find some clues!"
Chapter five hundred and twenty-five The secret of eternal life!
"It is also a very troublesome thing to keep things in the 21st century until now … This room must be regularly maintained by someone, and many things should have been replaced many times long ago, all of which are imitations."
"This brain … the things in the brain are still 22 years old, but the machine must have been changed many times." Lin moved the brain case out, dismantled the shell and examined it carefully. "Sure enough … the raw materials are decomposed and rebuilt, but the metal can be so wooden, paper, glass and plastic … but there are still some things, but there is no way to rebuild the raw materials."
"My personality is so great that it will never be a memorial to make such a memory room … it must be to hide something very important!"
If other people come here to see this ancient 21st century house, they will not care too much, but Lin is different. He knows himself too well. If he really wants to build such a house, it is not in line with his realistic character.
If building this house is a memory … then the whole village should be taken out, and it will be taken out for several schools, not for such a house.
Lin stayed in this house for a whole month, and kept looking for a gap … What a pity!
Lin knows that it is impossible for the dark king to come back without a year and a half in this era, so he is very relieved to be presumptuous here when he has enough time … Of course, even if the dark king comes back in this era, there is no need to be afraid of worrying about anything. After all, this eternal planet is now in Lin’s hands.
But if the dark king of this era finds out that the eternal planet is under his control, I’m afraid the result will be to blow it up.
"Take a break!"
At night, Lin went to the roof and looked at the unfamiliar star brain in the sky and wondered where he would hide his secret.
"It shouldn’t be …"
"I’ve searched everywhere … where else will I hide my things?"
"There is no doubt that it must be here!"
"What corner will it be in?"
Thinking about thinking about Lin lying on the rooftop watching the stars fall asleep … I haven’t slept for a long time. With his strength now, although he can still persist, he will still fall asleep once he relaxes.
The next day, when the first ray of sunlight hit the forest, Lin opened his eyes.
Get up from the ground and look at the morning sun.
"How long has it been since I saw the sunrise …" Jing Lin didn’t want anything to shine on her body by the mild sunshine.
Wait until the sun is off the horizon before Lin Cai blinks and turns to look around.
"High mountain!"
"It’s really a land of feng shui!"
"If I had to choose a place to build a house, I would definitely choose this place … and so on!"
Lin’s eyes narrowed and turned around, and the surrounding landscape was once again included in his eyes. "It finally reminds me!"
Lin turned and walked to the edge of the rooftop and jumped directly behind the house … This backyard was grandma Lin’s place to raise chickens and ducks, and even raised many pigs when Lin was a child.
After climbing over the backyard wall and walking on, Lin soon saw a small mound, but Lin knew that it was not a mound, but a grave without a tombstone.
Lin frowned in front of the tomb. "When the former Dark King talked about the relic, he said to dig the tomb … was that to wake me up or to see my reaction?"
"Never mind digging!"
Lin went back to the room and took the shovel and hoe to dig … It didn’t take long for Lin to dig out a tunnel.
As soon as I checked that there was no machine forest, I was relieved to go.
The channel inclines to a short distance of about five meters, and there is nothing like the main tomb and the auxiliary tomb at the end of the channel, which is just a crude pit.
There is no technology in the pit, but there are 21 urns!
I think there were only nine graves when I visited the tomb every year. Some graves have more than one person … It adds up to almost 21.