When he came to the wooden house, Qian Haikui sent a message to Wei Chengxian to come out to see him.

Wei Chengxian soon came to Haikui and looked at Haikui’s face. He could feel that Haikui had a slightly cold breath. "You wanted to see me."
Haikui looked at his physical condition and nodded. "It’s a good recovery. It’s almost restored to the original cultivation level."
Wei Chengxian stared at Haikui cautiously for a while and said, "What’s the matter with you, boy? You seem to have increased a lot."
Haikui snorted, "Why are you so rude? Shouldn’t a servant be addressed in front of his master?"
Wei Chengxian looked at Haikui unwilling to squeeze out the word "adult" at Haikui.
"I called you here to do something. I saw you before, and you will exchange this skill for me. Tell me about the methods of refining puppets and refining souls."
Wei Chengxian showed an unhappy look on his face. "These are all my housekeeping skills."
Haikui wanted to be angry, but considering that Wei Chengxian didn’t make a mistake at this time, he couldn’t punish him too much. He snorted and stepped out of his eyes step by step and shot into Wei Chengxian’s eyes.
Wei Chengxian only felt a bang in his head, like a lightning strike, and his face was pale. He also knew that this was the power of slave seal, and he could only control it unless he cultivated more than Haikui.
"Well, I’ll give you these achievement methods." Wei Chengxian weighed his teeth for two seconds and said.
"Very well, I’ll give you the practice of the Beihai Sword Sect and the sword tactic." Haikui nodded satisfactorily and gave a stick to a sweet jujube, otherwise Wei Chengxian would not accept such resentment in his heart and it would become heavier and heavier.
However, Wei Chengxian doesn’t seem to catch a cold about the achievement method of Beihai Sword School, and he still has a bad expression on his face.
Haikui took out a jade slip and handed it to Wei Chengxian on the kung fu depiction of Beihai Sword School.
Wei Chengxian caught "I have no jade Jane and can’t give you the achievement method", and Wei Chengxian Tantan said with regret.
Haikui took out a piece of jade slips from the storage bag. "It doesn’t matter. I have another piece. I’ll prepare more for you next time."
Wei Chengxian can’t describe the achievement method on the jade slips.
Haikui saw his eyes flashing and smiled, "I hope what you gave me is the real achievement method, otherwise it will be hard for you. I said that if you want to kill me aboveboard, I will accept it, but if you play dirty, don’t blame me for being rude."
Wei Chengxian looked at Haikui’s face for a while and reached out with a jade slip and handed it to Haikui.
Haikui took a look at the jade slips, then looked up at Wei Chengxian and said, "Why do you want to erase the knowledge of gods as a puppet cultivation method?"
"Puppets must be loyal. If they are conscious, they will always have second thoughts."
Haikui stretched out his hand on the storage bag and grabbed a girl, which he took out of the storage bag and threw on the ground.
Wei Chengxian looked at Haikui strangely, then stared at the girl for a while and said, "You want to turn this beautiful girl into a puppet."
Haikui nodded. "But I don’t want to turn her into a real puppet. I just want her to obey me temporarily and let her go when I’m done with her."
Wei Chengxian squatted down and looked at the girl in a coma and stretched out a hand to touch her delicate face. "It’s a pity that it’s so cute and made into a puppet. It’s better to give it to me to make me happy."
Haikui’s eyes narrowed. "You’re too old to practice happily."
Wei Chengxian looked up at Haikui with a smile on her mouth. "This girl is still a virgin, and you know that my kung fu is yin. It is of great benefit to me to have sex with this girl. How about lending me two days before you become a puppet?"
"Hum, that’s a beautiful idea." Hai Kui waved the girl’s body to float. He took her into the wooden house and said to Wei Chengxian behind him, "You wait outside the door to protect me."
Wei Chengxian reluctantly touched his nose and stared at the beautiful feet of the girl exposed in the house, muttering in a low voice, "Grandma really wants to fuck herself."
Hai Kui ignored Wei Chengxian’s muttering and closed the door after entering. The decoration in the room was swept away by him, and the girl was once again included in the storage bag. Sitting cross-legged on the ground, he began to study the array of twelve gods depicted on the ground.
Judging from Zhou Lin’s voice that day, the array of gods and evil spirits must be a powerful array, otherwise he wouldn’t be so surprised.
He was sitting in the middle of the law at this time, staring at the large array with a solemn face, trying to see that the mystery suddenly appeared in Haikui’s mind, and the ferocious twelve monty portrayed on the ground gradually became lifelike.
This time, Haikui didn’t give up watching directly like the first time, but let the feeling of dizziness hit and continue watching.
The more you look at the twelve heavenly demons on the ground, the clearer they are and the feeling of stirring. However, he didn’t see the mystery. Some principles and concepts of disposal have been known through several memories absorbed, but these twelve heavenly monsters have no shadow in several memories absorbed by him.
The memory of the white ape only shows that there is a strong presence in this wooden house, but the white ape is not familiar with this array. According to the memory of the white ape, Haikui can’t learn this array either.
He thought while watching all of a sudden a monty portrayed on the ground suddenly jumped at Haikui.
Haikui raised his hand and slapped monty, and the whole environment changed.
He is in a dark space at this time, where the evil wind bursts and the cold wind blows him deeply, and everything in his soul is cold.
Haikui pulled himself together and searched seriously. Did he guess whether he had entered the array of the twelve capitals?
But it is clear that the patterns carved on the floor of the wooden house are injected with magic when they are carved.
Haikui is guessing that suddenly a wisp of black smoke rises in the dark space, and the black smoke soon condenses and forms a tall monty, which is two meters high than Haikui’s, and is four or five heads tall and burly, glaring, holding an immortal mace and wearing a black helmet and black armor.
This monty yelled at Haikui and only felt a burst of anger from his heart, which produced anger at Monty’s drinking.
Monty raised his mace and hit Haikui truly. Haikui hurriedly drew his sword to resist but didn’t collide with Monty’s immortal mace. He directly hit his body through the flying sword and passed through it.
Although he was not hurt at all, Haikui broke out in a cold sweat and a voice rang in his ear, "Slay the Immortal".
When he looked intently again, he found himself still sitting in the middle of the wooden house, still depicting the twelve monty demons on the ground.
What’s the matter? Did you just enter the array in an instant? Was it an imaginary illusion or a real illusion? Haikui couldn’t tell clearly, because he now looked at the ground carefully and sure enough, one day, the devil wore a black helmet and black armor, and he was a burly man with a scorpion mace.
It has also been said before that when a person pays full attention to a painting, he will suddenly feel that the person or thing on the painting has moved at a certain moment, which can be called vertigo or temporary illusion.
Haikui just can’t figure out whether it’s his momentary blindness or whether the illusion scene just now really exists.
At this time, he is looking forward to stepping into the distraction and separating part of his Yuan God as a third party to watch, so that he can know whether he was dazzled or really had an illusion just now.
However, Haikui then felt that both illusion and vertigo should be a meaning. Isn’t illusion just an illusion that makes people dazzle?
Haikui looked down at another monty again. The monty was also very burly, but it looked like a man or a woman or a woman. She stood there in a very enchanting posture, with half a shoulder, a bucket waist and a slightly pouting upper body, and a fairy rope in her hand. There was something in her eyes.
Haikui felt funny in his heart. Is there a transvestite in Monty?
But right away, he felt funny, because I don’t know when the fairy rope of the monty had been drawn towards him. This time, it was without warning. Obviously, I just looked at a painting, but this painting really caught him off guard.
It’s too fast for Haikui to raise his hand to block it again. It’s still the same as last time. The fairy rope in the hands of Monty passed through the body. Haikui once again broke out in a cold sweat and a vigorous male voice rang out in his ear.
It turned out to be a man
The picture in Haikui’s eyes is still in the wooden house. The scene just now is more real than an illusion for thousands of times. Although he has been analyzing whether it is an illusion, that moment is too fast for him to think that the instinctive reaction is to resist the instinct, and he is surprised out in a cold sweat.
Chapter 224 Monty 2
The romance book is updated and started, and you only come.
These twelve monty marks on the ground are slightly light, but they are very vivid, as if they can come back to life, and the general expression is ferocious.
It is mainly aimed at the twelve demons such as Xiandao, who hold the immortal mace, the immortal rope, the immortal axe, the immortal gun, the immortal sword, the immortal blade, the immortal bow, the immortal staff, the immortal knife, the immortal whip, the immortal hammer and the immortal cone.
These twelve immortal weapons cooperate with this array, which is powerful.
Hai Kui looked at these monties for a whole hour, and looked at all the forms from the beginning to the feet, and wrote them down in his mind. However, it is meaningless to remember these monties. It is impossible to draw these monties intact and use the array of twelve heavenly gods.
Suddenly it occurred to him that Wei Chengxian’s coffin had souls in it, and those souls all had certain attack power …