Zhang Ting heard these sounds and the horse ran out of the hall, trying to introduce Xiao Buregret to some of them.

As soon as I came out of Zhang Ting, I saw several children twittering and chatting around Xiao Buregret.
You can’t see the familiar little figure at all. You just met her.
"Who are you?" Staring at this little brother in peace, he asked curiously.
Xiao Buregret bit his finger and replied, "My name is Buregret, I am looking for my well-off brother."
"Well-off, come here quickly. There is a child looking for you." At this time, Hao Guiyin sounded in the courtyard.
Walking in the back, Xiaokang heard the horse coming.
"So you asked for me. Do we know each other?" Xiaokang looked at the little brother in front of him and felt that the little brother looked like himself and his sister.
"Brother Hao Gui, do you feel that this little brother is a bit like me?" Xiaokang took Hao Rengui’s arm and asked.
Hao Gui a listen to seriously look at others in the sight of this sudden extra little guy.
"Oh, don’t say well-off. I think this little brother looks like you. Is it your brother?" Hao Gui patted the well-off shoulder and walked over and asked.
At this time, the little regret came to the well-off side.
"Are you a well-off brother? I don’t regret it. I am your cousin." I don’t regret introducing myself like a grown-up in front of a well-off society
As the little unrepentant words fell around him, several little guys stopped talking and stared at him with curious eyes.
"You said you were my cousin. What’s your name?" Well-off staring at this little guy who claims to be his cousin asked
Little unrepentant straightened his small chest and said to Xiaokang with a smug face, "My name is Zhang unrepentant."
"Is your dad called Zhang Dahai?" Well-off face looked at the little regret to ask
Chapter 947 Equal treatment!
As soon as I saw her coming to this hour, Zhang Ting knew that this guy must have something to tell himself.
No, what did Britain and the United States say? Zhang Ting waved his hand directly at these people in front of him. "You all go out and do what you should do, but remember that everything I say must be treated equally."
Come on, Zhang Ting told the Hao family to slowly withdraw from this hall one after another.
"Sit down," Zhang Ting pointed to the chair next to him and told the British and American.
As soon as the British and American sat down, the horse showed a surprised expression. "How did you know I had something to tell you?"
Zhang Ting pointed to her beautiful face. "Tell me your face. What is the good thing to tell me?"
The British and American looked at Zhang Ting with a face of worship and couldn’t help but give Zhang Ting a closed thumb. "That’s amazing, Xiaoting. It’s a pity that you should be a doctor with these eyes. You should be a fortune teller."
Zhang Ting shook his head and smiled at her and said, "Come on, don’t wear a top hat for me. Come on, tell me something."
"Oh, yes, I have a great thing to tell you. You know, when you wake me up, things have begun to take shape now." The British and American looked at Zhang Ting with excitement.
Zhang Ting was still a little confused at the moment. "What did I wake up with you?"
Smiling all over the face, Britain and the United States showed disappointment when they heard Zhang Ting’s words. "Really, Xiaoting, you forgot about my son’s birthmark. Did you forget?"
It’s a waste of her happiness to bring it here and tell her that I didn’t expect people to forget it.
Zhang Tingma showed an epiphany. "Oh, you said it was this. I remember. What happened? Did you find the midwife who delivered your baby?"
When Britain and America heard Zhang Ting ask about this matter, Ma forgot what Zhang Ting had just forgotten about it.
At this time, Britain and the United States changed back to the happy appearance when they came back, holding Zhang Ting’s hand, and a picture of gratitude and gratitude "found it."
Zhang Ting looked happy for her. "That’s really great. So did the midwife tell you what birthmarks your son had when he was born?"
The British and American took several breaths with excitement until she took several breaths, and then slowly said, "I said there is a red birthmark on his thumb."
Speaking of which, the British and American faces looked at Zhang Ting with a nervous expression. "Can I find my son with this birthmark?"
Zhang Ting zheng how did she listen to the British and American said that this birthmark is so familiar, as if she had seen it somewhere?
Before Zhang Ting could figure out where he had heard it, Britain and the United States spoke to her again and interrupted her thinking about it.
"Oh, do you think this birthmark can help you find your lost son? If you have this birthmark as a clue, I think it should shorten your childhood."
That Britain and the United States are about to smile into a flower when they hear Zhang Ting’s words.
"So I’ll see my son soon. Great. I’ve seen my son once since he was born. I’m still in a hurry. I wonder if he remembers my mother?" Speaking of which, the British and American eyes are full of tears.
Zhang Ting sighed and reached for a handkerchief and put it in front of her. "Well, this is a good thing. Why are you crying again? If you let that person see him, I must be bullying you again."
The British and American took the handkerchief handed to them by Zhang Ting and cried and smiled. "I am not happy. I am happy to cry."
"Come on, I’ll ask someone to help you pay attention to this matter. If there is a red birthmark on your thumb, I will make people pay attention to it." Speaking of this, Zhang Ting suddenly remembered that he had not asked clearly whether the thumb was left or right in Britain and America.
"By the way, is that thumb left or right?"
The British and American were wiping their hands and heard Zhang Ting’s question. The horse replied, "It’s the left hand."
"Okay, I know. I’ll speed up and let my hands and the Hong family there. I’ll let them help you find this child in the people."
Off the thousands of thanks to yourself that Anglo-American Zhang Ting and continue to be busy with this family don’t things.
At noon, several school children came home from school.
Looking at it for only a few days, I became one with several children at home. I don’t regret it. Zhang Ting had to give this child a big finger in my heart. This child is really good. He changed his living environment at an early age. He has been accompanying his biological parents. This little guy is still crying and not making trouble here at Hao’s house.
"Cousin" is not regretful. After everyone shouted at Zhang Ting, it was put at the end and shouted at Zhang Ting.