Now that both of them are gone, getafe’s, er, offensive quality immediately drops by two grades.

Now they can only rely on tenacious defense to deal with their opponents, and then they will drive forward with their big feet, kick to Charles, and use his header and height to ferry the football to mista.
This is getafe’s defensive counter-attack routine now.
Very simple and common.
Nothing special.
Such a team can’t get a head start in the fierce competition in La Liga.
So it’s normal that their grades are poor …
As if to prove that I really didn’t joke, I really meant what I said. At the beginning of the game, Valencia launched a fierce offensive like getafe’s goal.
Getafe, on the other hand, can only shrink their defense, and take out the tactics they did last season to stop the opponent from scoring.
This may be the only useful and useful thing that Changsheng left for getafe.
Changsheng saw this scene off the court and couldn’t help shaking his head in his heart.
This kind of performance, let alone a step closer, is even difficult to avoid relegation.
In his initial plan, if he can stay in getafe, he will definitely not play this defensive counterattack again.
Just as he did against Mallorca in the final of the King’s Cup, he will design a Tiki-taka tactic suitable for getafe.
I don’t want to be as invincible as Barcelona, but at least I can let the team survive in the first division.
Now, the most common defensive tactics have been thoroughly studied by opponents, so getafe can only fight for the level of players, but in this respect, getafe is simply born weak …
Some teams have the same fate as people, and it seems that they are doomed.
Luis garcia, with his own help, made a detour and finally returned to Barcelona.
And getafe?
Even if I brought them a league title and a King’s Cup title, I promoted them to the first division several years in advance.
But it’s like they’re proving that they shouldn’t actually be here, and they’re desperate to plunge into the relegation zone, and a fierce man disappears.
The historical inertia … is really a terrible thing.
But Changsheng didn’t feel small or inferior in front of these invisible big hands.
Because in fact, he came here to change his destiny, and as long as his destiny is related to himself, he will reverse it!
So what if the opponent is too strong to know the fate?
Nothing more than fighting.
Chapter seventy-two Lose’t dare to see the boss
It didn’t take long for the game to start, and it was obvious that getafe didn’t go all out as Manuel Garcí a said.
At least some players didn’t go all out.
If Chang Sheng were still the head coach of getafe, he would have rushed to the sidelines and roared.
But Manuel Garcia didn’t do it. He just stood on the sidelines, frowned and looked at the court.
It seems very helpless.
He sighed in his mind.
So he wanted Manuel Garcia to come to Valencia to help him. Because Garcia is really unfit to be a head coach …
As a head coach, sometimes the test is not the level, but the personality charm.
Obviously, Manuel Garcia is nothing important to these players.
Many players in getafe really feel that they will always win this game and will not go all out. After all, it’s their head coach. We share weal and woe together. What ups and downs didn’t break in?
There is no need to kill them all at this time, is there?
But reality soon gave them a cruel shot.
In the 24th minute, Valencia finally blew away getafe’s defence.
Of course, it has something to do with getafe’s own mentality.
Their midfielder Harvey gimenez was too careless when passing the ball at half-time, and was cut off by Valencia player albelda.
Then Valencia launched a successful raid.
Carew was brilliantly passed by Guardiola.
Kalou failed to shoot and chose to pass the ball.
The football fell to Vicente’s feet, Vicente tried to shoot on airs, and Rondo, the right-back of getafe, lost his center of gravity, and then Vicente passed the football out.
Fell at the foot of Guardiola, who was inserted later.
The former Barcelona captain started to shoot, and this time it was true!
Football went straight through Pablo’s goal!
“1:0! ! Beautiful! This is a winning Valencia attack! Using continuous passing to send football to the most dangerous place, and then giving it to anyone can easily complete the task of scoring goals! " The commentator Moon shouted.
There were deafening cheers in Mestalla.
Finally, it’s ridiculous!
Guardiola, who scored the goal, celebrated with his fist and didn’t rush. Generally speaking, he was not too excited. At his age, he has seen all the ups and downs, so it’s normal not to get excited.
But the teammates around him can’t calm down.
Have rushed up and hugged him.
The situation on the sidelines is the same, everyone is celebrating the goal.
Only Changsheng didn’t do it. He stood on the sidelines with his hands in his pockets, his expression unchanged, and he didn’t even show his joy at the goal.
"Great, often! ! We are in the lead! " There is a coach on the coach’s bench who wants to pounce on the winning goal to celebrate.
Rudy Gonzalez grabbed it first: "Yes! Well done! ! Hey! "
So no one bothered Chang Sheng, so he just looked at the celebrated Valencia players and some unexpected getafe players with his hands in his pockets.
As the game continues, it will be very difficult for getafe, who has conceded a goal, to play a defensive counter-attack.
After all, they have fallen behind and there is no point in sticking to their guns.
Always have to press it out.
So in the first half, getafe pushed out the fire and Valencia scored two more goals.
As a result, Valencia led 3-0 at the end of the first half.
Although Jose Passareira and Carlos Campo worked hard and went all out, how can they stop Valencia’s powerful offensive by themselves?