Chapter 357: Ancient Mirror Controversy

The heart did not dodge at all, but he firmly stared at Liang Ping’s eyes with some doubts in his perseverance, and seemed to believe that Liang Ping would not slay him so simply.
In fact, Liang Pingjian really didn’t cut his heart. When Jianfeng just touched his neck, he stopped slashing.
"Heart, aren’t you afraid that my sword will kill you?" Liang Ping has some courage.
My heart says, "I know you won’t do that."
"Oh?" Liang Ping waited for the heart to continue with interest.
"Because I know there are still many questions in your heart." The heart seems to see through Liang Pingxin easily.
Liang Ping was not surprised and said lightly, "Then you should know what the question is in my heart."
Heart nodded slightly and said, "Of course I know you want to know what I would betray Bones."
"Then you say" Liang Ping’s sword is still in his heart and neck.
Heart said without the slightest fear, "Bones, if I were in Gaoli, he gave me the left command post of Luo Shengmeng, but he didn’t know that I actually did it to defend the glory of Maple City. I hoped that the people in Maple City could get a real peaceful world, but Bones personally ruined it when I sent me to Jiuyou."
"How?" Liang Pingbi asked curiously.
"This time, he really destroyed the whole Maple City, and it will never be restored. Hundreds of thousands of people in Maple City were secretly killed by Bones, so that I can be dead set on him by cutting off my posterior road. But he was wrong, which is why I want to ruin his plan. I want revenge. I want to put him in a state of perdition!" The heart is filled with hatred, and the cold and arrogant posture is filled with cold and cold.
Liang Ping looked at his heart with a dignified face. From his eyes full of hatred, he felt some sincerity and eagerness. That kind of expression is not something that people can perform through acting. He didn’t do it or pretend to be worse. He gave his beloved Leng Yue to Liang Ping, which is enough to prove his determination.
Seeing Liang Ping’s silence, he continued, "The black and white ancient mirror is the only key to Tianyu’s secret land, but if you want to get fire fragments in Tianyu’s secret land, you must first slay Yang Junjie."
"Oh?" Liang Ping once saw Yang Junjie turn into a fire dragon in the fire of Modu Taifu, and the fire dragon body showed fire spirit fragments.
"Is fire spirit fragments really in Yang Junjie?"
"Well, you can say that." The heart took a deep breath. "Yang Junjie is a strong man in the middle of Wu Zu. You should know that Wu Zu has five attributes in the middle. It is not easy for you to slay Yang Junjie."
"Of course I know this. I want to know what to slay Yang Junjie first." Liang Ping asked.
"Because Yang Junjie is a fire spirit fragment, but he is not a pure fire spirit fragment. He is a positive fire spirit fragment. You have to find a negative fire spirit fragment in Tianyu City after killing Yang Junjie to really get the fire spirit fragment."
It’s all in this heart. I closed my eyes with a calm face, but I didn’t say much. I seemed to be waiting for Liang Ping’s sword to cut his head.
However, Liang Ping suddenly asked, "Even if you tell me this, I can’t be an opponent of Bones, can I? Even Yang Junjie is my enemy?"
"All you need is more experience." When you open your eyes again, you can’t see the arrogant color in the past, but you also have the kind and domineering color of a city.
With a faint domineering look in that kindness, Liang Ping was somewhat reluctant to slay him. He hesitated and asked again, "Actually, I really don’t know how to experience such a thing as Lingwu. Although Xiaohua told me a lot of ways to practice Lingwu, whenever my property dish is full of spirits, I can’t absorb more spirits. Although I feel full of strength, I always feel that something is missing."
"Flowers are really full, after all, bones * * come out as disciples. Of course, if there were no bones to help his roots, he wouldn’t have the chance to live forever. After all, he is grateful to the bones and can’t give everything to you." The heart said lightly and looked in the direction of Wuxuan Mountain in the west. "In fact, it can help you. There is an old man with a sandwich."
"Oh, you also know the old man?" Liang Ping looked at his heart in shock.
Heart is poised and said, "We are all Lingzhou people. Who doesn’t know that the old man sandwich is the only man who is close to God? Even in the current prosperous mainland, there is an old man sandwich who can override the bones?"
"In that case, why didn’t the old man sandwich to stop the bones?" Liang Ping asked doubtfully.
"The old man is a master of the Tao. He won’t pay attention to the mundane world, but he will often give people advice and ask you to sincerely seek the Tao. He will certainly teach you to truly understand the cultivation method."
My heart felt a chill blast on the barren and abrupt hill when my voice fell slightly.
It’s hard for people to keep their feet in the high wind. Fortunately, they all have some kung fu to tie horses, otherwise they would have been blown up by the chilling high wind.
It is difficult for them to open their eyes with flying sand
But a familiar sound came to my ear.
"Hum! Do you know what it is to betray Rashomon League? " That rough sound is the white bone of President Luo Shengmeng.
Liang Pingwen said with a tight face, "When the bones come, it seems that it is difficult for me to bring the black and white ancient mirror to Tianyu’s secret land alive."
"No, you go with Ink Defect first, and I’ll take care of it." I said firmly and pushed Liang Pingli to Ink Defect.
Liang Ping saw a state of death from his heart and eyes, and at the same time, when he looked at the ink defect in his heart, he still seemed to be filled with deep love.
Do you still love ink defects in your heart?