But he threw that sentence to clean the door, but everyone in the room changed their faces.

Warm smile It seems that this curator Qi is not capable of playing fist and kung fu, and the reckless people know how to retreat, know how to attack first, and know how to clean the door in a roundabout way. These four words are really profound.
People are saying that it takes a slap in the face to make it go away. I gave it to you after my own apprentice finished playing. Shouldn’t you clean up your own karma? And he just happened to be away from dealing with family affairs. Of course, he has to get up. How can he stay and make trouble?
Warm friends, silence for a few seconds. Everyone in Shuang Mu Martial Arts School is not simple. Why didn’t you learn a few points when you read your eyebrows?
At the moment, Qi Nianmei is stupefied. Seeing the big brother being beaten raw, she won’t and can’t persuade her to see Master go. She can’t walk. It’s like suddenly losing her direction and helping her.
Until Xiao Yulan drank "Warm Kneeling!"
Smell speech warm haven’t how to react is Jin Meilin immediately some nasty just want to shout a "mom" thought of before and swallow back to "the old lady you …"
She just opened her mouth and the pleading words were interrupted before she said anything. Xiao Yulan didn’t give her face and asked, "Look at your own educated daughter. Do you have the face to plead for them? Even concubines can somehow bear the Wen family name. Didn’t anyone tell you the most important rules in a big family when you were in the Kim family? Don’t bring me those insights that are difficult to get to Daya Gallery, and bring them into the Wen family to ruin the style of the Wen family! "
Jin Meilin blushed with irony, covered her chest, and her lips trembled, but she couldn’t speak. When it comes to Kim, that’s her way to change the dead hole. Even if Kim is rich now, she can’t change the outbreak label.
"The old lady …" His wife was so poor and gentle, and her face just didn’t wait for him to continue to talk to Xiao Yulan and shouted at him. "What’s the matter? Don’t I even have the qualification to educate a daughter-in-law and granddaughter? You don’t have a mistress in your eyes, do you? "
Wen Liang bent down quickly and said, "I dare not!"
Xiao Yulan snorted. She won’t be fooled by the filial piety in front of her eyes. The deceased commented on Mr Wen’s gentleness and kindness. You can know that it’s just a disguise. He is a snake waiting for an opportunity. The more it can endure, the more biting it becomes. The way she can suppress him is actually very simple. He values the image of filial piety in front of people most. She wants an unfilial hat to keep him honest, but she also knows that such suppression means will fail sooner or later. It will also be a fight in the back and move to the face. The winner and the loser will win.
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☆ Chapter 11 Punishment is warm
"If you dare not, you will still respect me as a mistress." Although Xiao Yulan hates her predecessors, she also knows that it is not the time to completely tear her face. She softened her tone and continued, "As the saying goes, the godfather said, what do you think should be done with this matter today?"
After selling a good one, he conveniently threw the thorny problem over, making it difficult for him to ride a tiger, and it was difficult for him to be gentle. He secretly scolded the old fox’s face at the bottom of his heart, but he forced out sincere gratitude. "Where can the old lady publish her humble opinion, but it’s up to her mother!"
Finally, the mother was testing Xiao Yulan’s heart, humming and laughing. He didn’t suffer. He wouldn’t let him call mom. He just called mom. Although it’s more intimate than mom, it’s better than the old lady. These three words are too many. She nodded as if she didn’t sleep. "Well, I’ll take care of this wife."
Gentle and deferential, retreat to one side, gentle and gentle, forbearing and full of holes, sneering, "Thank you, mother."
Xiao Yulan took it as if he was genuinely angry with himself, straightened up and looked at Jin Meilin. "What do you think?"
Jin Meilin is unwilling to be twisted into blood, but she can also swallow "foolish daughter-in-law dare not"
Yu-lan xiao said no longer talk nonsense with them staring at the warm folded way "what are you waiting for? Hey! "
Warm came slowly from the soft couch and looked unruly. "Grandma, I don’t!"
Xiao Yulan was angry and smiled "no? Do you still think that I have wronged you by teaching you a lesson? "
Warm, straight back and stubborn defense, "Grandma wants to teach her granddaughter something to say, but this time it’s not my fault. I dare to do it, but I won’t take the blame."
"Are you still reasonable?"
"Grandma should also know that your arrangement for this blind date is very secret and low-key. I didn’t know in advance that I was caught by the warmth today. It was not my intention. I didn’t mean to rob people, but it was just a coincidence."
"Then I ask you how did you get here?"
"Big Brother asked me out and I came."
"So it was his initiative to do those shameful things with him?"
"It’s not who takes the initiative not to actively relationships-particularly those founded …"
Xiao Yulan’s warm indifference flashed a look of disdain in her eyes, but she was heartbroken and trembling with anger and shouted at Wen Liang, "Listen, this is a good daughter educated by you and your daughter-in-law. Even if she didn’t deliberately rob her parents and make trouble, she can act so casually and debauchedly. What does the girl’s honor day take for?"
So disappointed, I asked, listening to the warmth in my ears, smiling, silently praising the warmth in my heart, and trying to avoid the light, it seems that I left a hat that was unruly enough for her to bear.
Sure enough, Wen Liang’s face doesn’t look good either. It seems to be very angry. I raised my hand and slapped it on the warm face, which made everyone present shocked. "Why don’t you kneel down?"
Warm was staggered a gorgeous facial features suddenly swollen, she endured resentment and embarrassment can’t believe shouted a "dad …"
Wen Liang’ s face is cold and there is no room for discussion. "Kneel!"
Burying her face in warmth and grinding her teeth in silence.
Jin Meilin looked distressed and wanted to say something, but she swallowed up the warmth and Wen Ya was also stunned by the gentle slap. I haven’t seen my father send such a big anger in my impression, that is, they stirred up the warmth before, and my father taught me a few words, but now …
This slap is too hard, and both of them are nervous, and suddenly they have a bad feeling.
Section 7
And the warmth suddenly mocked and laughed. Hehe, the atmosphere in several rooms was even more bizarre. Qi Nianmei stared at her and suddenly felt like she didn’t know her. She couldn’t help shivering.
The warmth of the lips is even more ridiculous than the broken cans. In July, the heavens and the earth were covered with blankets. It was not cold, but she was cold all over. "As you wish, I knelt down. Then what? What else are you going to do with me? Give me a few whips, too That can want to find a had bigger so as to trap to feel avenged … "
She smiled and looked at Wen Liang first. "Dad, why don’t you come?"
Gentle face a stiff fundus implies a warning.
Warm and indifferent, I smiled and looked at Xiao Yulan. "Otherwise, grandma will come?"
Xiao Yulan was so short of breath that he pointed at her speechless. "You …"
A warm and broken smile quipped, "Hehe … it seems that this is for my big sister to do it herself, but I don’t know if my big sister is too sad and has the strength?"
"Xin Xin …" Jin Meilin couldn’t help but shout a sign for her to stop provoking. Isn’t it messy enough?
Warm doesn’t listen and still clings to warmth. "Big sister, you should seize the opportunity. After this village, there is no such store. No, maybe when you have a blind date, I will …"
"Warm shut up!" It’s really angry that Wen Liang and Li stopped drinking.
Warm means not smiling and finally hanging my eyes.
Warm at the moment is not good to continue to be weak and miserable. Sit up straight from Xiao Yulan’s arms and wipe a corner of my eye. It’s not in tears. "Grandma, don’t be angry. She said she didn’t mean to forget it …"
Smell speech Xiao Yulan hate its indisputable scolded her "you are too soft-hearted and honest to be bullied …"