Do you often conspire against each other?

However, she feels that this is not the case. Over the years, he has worked hard and won the trust of two generations of emperors. But if it is not him, who will it be?
Who has the ability to make Chang Xiangchen?
When I often look up at each other, I see a smile on my tired face.
"Come back! How many times has Dad told you to stay in Xiangfu and see what’s good about you thinking about going out when you’re young? "
Chang Xiangsi moved a stool to sit opposite him without answering his words, but looked at him for a long time and was puzzled by her inquiry. "What’s the matter?"
"I wonder if the rebel mastermind is you. If others don’t seem to have enough people to make you willing to give up everything now, last stand! So … Dad, do you want to be a phoenix in the country and want to climb the 95 th statue? "
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Half of the imperial court has been invaded by him. I didn’t expect him to plan so much over the years.
Chang Xiang didn’t expect that when she opened her mouth, these things immediately froze in her face, and soon she pulled her face and some thick anger in her eyes.
"Acacia what are you talking about again? Dad, you didn’t say that dad is loyal to the emperor. There is absolutely no such thing! "
"But what if I say there is evidence? Feng "
Chang Xiang’s eyes flashed a little shocked. "What evidence can you have? Dad didn’t think about it. Where are you going to find evidence? "
"Xiaodong, Dong Ye, Meng Tian, Han Chengyi …"
Chang Xiangsi read out the names of the list she knew one by one, and then finally saw Chang Xiang’s eyes as she wished, shocked and surprised.
"You … where did you get this list?" Chang Xiang quickly calmed down and asked her calmly.
These people are submissive to others. How do you know that he is always cautious and often homesick?
"Qingyun pavilion on the second floor is filled with a lot of bottles as decoration, but I accidentally met the machine so you can be white? I’m here today to advise you to leave here in one word! "
I used to miss him a lot. He is in the secret room on the second floor!
His secret place will not be known by her, so she can safely rummage through the second floor. I didn’t expect to hide it so secretly and let her turn it out.
"Acacia this list …"
Before Chang Xiang finished, Chang Xiangsi directly interrupted him. "Dad, I know you have to start making up again. It’s a pity. I have given this list to eleven princes and confirmed that all the people in this list have surrendered. You didn’t expect Dad to look like the people have never done anything unnatural in recent years, but secretly they are plotting to rebel. Most of the imperial courts are actually you. I also want to ask if you have hooked Nanyong?"
Often angry and glowering often lovesickness "You actually gave the list to Feng Jiang’s clothes and often lovesickness. You are so courageous that you think about putting righteousness above family interests. Do you know what the consequences will be if the list is handed over?" Come-"
Immediately from the darkness, a man appeared unnoticed. He often missed seeing him in a dark gown and a black mask on his face, and he was covered with a cold breath.
"Jinse is here!"
"Take people to eleven Wangfu immediately to assassinate Feng Jiang’s clothes and not fail! See his head before dawn. "
At this time, Feng Jiang Yi must not have sent the list out. He solved the trouble before he sent the list out.
Often miss one leng anger burning also angrily strike table.
"Often you are so bold that you want to assassinate the eleventh report of the dynasty!"
Chang Xiang smiled warmly and revealed a malicious meaning in his eyes. "Acacia is that you pushed me to this point, but in fact, Feng Jiang’s clothes died just before!" I will turn all the princes and grandsons of Fenglin into dead people or Shu Ren! "
Jinse replied "Yes!"
But when I saw Jinse leaving, I often missed him quickly and grabbed his arm. "Don’t you dare go, Miss, I’ll take off your arm today!"
But I didn’t expect my five fingers to grasp tightly, but Jinse moved slightly, and the figure was gone in a flash, leaving her hand and keeping her posture just now.
It’s hard to be surprised that not many people can leave safely in her hands, but this so-called Jinse person has reached such a level.
Chang Xiang said, "You don’t have to be too surprised that people who stay with me to do things won’t be left by me without some collars. Acacia obediently listens to me and wants to remove the pink clothes. I can think that you haven’t done anything, but you will still spoil my daughter!"
Of course, this is also temporary. When his identity emerges, she will be his wife and his queen!
Chang Xiangsi withdrew her hand and stared at Chang with cold eyes. She was worried about the safety of Feng Jiang’s clothes. She turned and wanted to leave, but Chang Xiang over there had quickly stopped her way.
"Where are you going?"
"Where do I go to you? Chang Xiang, I’m here to tell you today because you’re my father and I want you to leave at once, but you can still live. Otherwise, I can wait for your story to come out and wait for the emperor to copy the house and get out of the way-"
"Ah Su took Huei-fang back to Qingyun Pavilion to rest. From now on, Huei-fang was not ordered to step out of Qingyun Pavilion!"
The nangongshan Su immediately entered the door and spoke coldly "Huei-fang.
Go home! "
Chang Xiangsi didn’t intend to leave. Looking at Chang Xiang with a frown, she felt that she really couldn’t see through this person.
"I won’t let you wishful dad if you are willing to let go or if my dad is stubborn, then cut off the father and daughter from today! If you really feel that you have something to do, it’s your business to be a prosperous generation in 1995. I often miss it! "
Chang Xiang was unmoved, and he couldn’t wait for her to cut off her father and daughter early!
He raised his hand in the previous step and was about to gently rub his lovesick hair, so he let her wave it away with one hand before touching it.
"Don’t touch me so much. Do you want to let go?"
I’m not surprised to see Chang Xiangsi’s behavior, but I laughed. "I’m glad you can worry about my safety, but I’ve been wily for so many years to overthrow Fenglin’s state affairs, and it’s almost time to be ripe. If Fengjiangyi is killed successfully, no one will reveal my secret and you’ll stay with me recently!"
Glancing at Nangong Su, "Take Huei-fang back to rest!"
"Yes!" Nangong, a moment!
I often miss you with a cold smile. Since I often don’t listen, I will act as his death.
At this time, she is going to save Feng Jiang’s sudden assassination, and he has always been protected by Yi Lee. If there are too many people brought by Jinse, it is estimated that the two of them can’t cope.
When Nangong Su wanted to ask her out, she often wanted to slip away quickly. Nai Changxiang suddenly chased Nangong Su at a high speed, and one person took her by the hand to control her.
"Let me go!" Always miss each other and stare at each other with anger
"Let you go to save Feng Jiangyi?" Instead, I often ask, "Don’t worry, dad will let you see his head first thing in the morning! I robbed a woman and wanted him dead long ago! "
Chang Xiang suddenly bullied Chang Xiang and dodged Chang Xiang, but a kiss landed on her lip corner. She stared at Chang Xiang in disbelief, and her heart was shocked. The touched corners of her mouth felt even dirtier!
"You … I’m your daughter!"
I have long wanted to kiss her like this!
Chang Xiang succeeded. Seeing the shock in Chang Xiang’s eyes slowly evoked a smile. This taste is even better than he imagined!
It’s a pity such a scene, otherwise he would like to have a good taste.
Chang Xiangsi was strangled by Nangong Su in one hand and suddenly felt that there was not even the strength to struggle. She coldly stared at Chang Xiang and asked hysterically again, "I am your daughter! How can you do this? "
It turns out that the words of Feng Jiang Yi Chang Huanhuan are true!