And before the game, Magat repeatedly stressed this issue in front of the Wolfsburg players, which is why Wolfsburg really wants to exploit loopholes, and they really want to expand their distance again in view of Dortmund’s problem.

The third quarter is aimed at the attack
Listening to Dortmund fans cheering all over the sky at the ball scene, Gao Shunyao is also beginning to wonder what he should do to score the goal faster. What are the weaknesses of the other side and the advantages of his own side? What are the coaching tactics? These things are reflected in Gao Shunyao’s heart, which also makes him constantly analyze what he should do to have the best effect.
In fact, if you really follow Magat’s tactics, he doesn’t need to do anything now. Facing Borborg Dortmund, he has been thinking about the old ways to deal with Bayern and Arsenal, so that they can lose and fight back. By relying on their own steady defense, the other side will gradually expose loopholes and then kill them with one blow. This tactical Wolfborg is now extremely skilled, and Gao Shunyao doesn’t need to start looking for opportunities now.
Magat’s idea is to defend first at half-time-the biggest reliance of his team is physical strength. Magat has no doubt that this is not because of his physical training, but also partly because of the midweek game.
In the mid-week game, Wolfsburg gave up playing against Arsenal. They sent a group of substitutes to lose a clean game, and at the same time, their team maintained their physical strength. Compared with Dortmund, the last round was Paris Saint-Germain. In order to keep the first place in the group, they had to have a decisive battle with Paris. Their two teams exhausted their differences in mid-week, and Wolfsburg had a great advantage in facing continuous battles.
Magat’s idea is good, but in the end it’s just a good theory.
His idea is based on the fact that Dortmund’s crazy attack will not break through the Wolfsburg gate, but the defense line of Wolfsburg is different from that of Bayern and Arsenal. Now they are no longer the main players, but have changed the defense line that is not very reliable. This defense line can be said to be in danger in Dortmund, and the defensive counterattack may become a joke
Just now, Gezer’s foot was easily pushed straight into the restricted area, even if Wan Dovski was almost crushed against Nadal, he could also accuse anything, but Royce could also easily insert it. It can be said that the Wolfsburg defense line was already riddled with holes in the face of Dortmund’s attack at this level. This kicking method made Gao Shunyao a little worried. Deep down, he was also thinking about whether he should make some attacks before, even if he could not score, it would be good to press the offensive arrogance of Dortmund.
Players sometimes need to make a similar analysis of the football scene. No matter how good the tactics are before the game, they can do everything. People often say that the plan can’t keep up, especially in the football field. Players sometimes need some self-determination ability, which is largely based on the experience of players.
At this moment, Gao Shunyao is analyzing the game situation with his own experience.
Needless to say, the opponent’s weakness is that the defender and the lower back are out of line, but when the players of the other team will be out of line, which is also a very noteworthy problem. Looking at the opponent’s formation and playing method, Gao Shunyao is also looking for loopholes. He is also gesturing with his teammates to discuss what to do.
He had a discussion with Ma Diqi Rodriguez, and soon they had a plan in mind.
Dortmund’s attack has not stopped, and this is exactly what Gao Shunyao wanted. When Piszczek took the ball again, Gao Shunyao also ran from the middle to try to oppress him to take the ball. Of course, Piszczek would not be robbed of the football by him. He gave the ball to Kuba with one foot forward.
It was a little early because Gao Shunyao oppressed his ball, which made Kuba face Rodriguez just after the midfield when he got the ball. Kuba didn’t hesitate more. It didn’t make sense to cooperate with the lower back. Piszczek didn’t insert it and no one widened the width. He kicked the ball forward to meet Gotze
At this time, the mutation suddenly occurred.
Rodriguez suddenly turned away from Kuba and ran to Gotze. His behavior was obviously beyond Gotze’s expectation. He controlled the ball and turned around when he wanted to, but Ma Diqi behind him naturally wouldn’t give him this chance. Two people grabbed Gotze’s foot ball and couldn’t control Rodriguez. He broke the ball and ran forward.
This steal was planned long ago. Although Kuba’s speed is fast, because his technique is not as delicate as Geze’s, sometimes he needs some help. Rodriguez deliberately pushes Gao Shunyao forward to force Piszczek to play the ball earlier, just to let Geze go to the side to coordinate and leave his familiar position. Geze is no longer difficult to meet with Royce and Levan.
In Dortmund’s tactics, it is good for a person to take the ball and ask someone to help him, but it will also become trouble when he is targeted.
After getting the ball, Rodriguez took two steps to face Germany and lifted the ball to the frontcourt!
This opportunity is also observed by Wolfsburg for a long time. When Dortmund attacked, the four of them took the ball in the frontcourt and their two backyards would immediately insert and prepare to meet. This is a good tactic, but it is also the easiest to split the backcourt. Rodriguez took the ball and deliberately took a step forward to prevent Germany from returning to the defense, and then his ball would have a greater chance to cross the defense of the backyards and hit a beautiful ball behind him.
There’s nothing wrong with his idea. Just now, Gao Shunyao gestured with him, that is, he wanted him to do it. When his football came out, Gao Shunyao also ran forward quickly. When he was running, his shoulder gently propped up, and he unloaded the football next to him. Piszczek had inserted it from the side, but Gao Shunyao was quite clever in running. He also ran towards the middle, without giving Piszczek a chance to intercept him.
He had to keep fast enough to ensure that he would not be chased, but in front of him, Subotic had rushed to try to intercept him.
Dortmund defender Gao Shunyao is not weak. If you give the ball to Man Zukic Man Zukic at this time, you may not be able to beat Hummels and shoot the football. Obviously, Gao Shunyao doesn’t want to gamble. If he has to score,
Therefore, faced with Subotic’s interception, Gao Shunyao didn’t choose to kick the ball immediately. On the contrary, when two people were close in size, Gao Shunyao suddenly kicked the ball forward and the whole person’s speed increased!
He chose the easiest way to pass-to get the ball out and chase it himself!
Strictly speaking, this way of playing football is not exceptional, but it is also well known by many people as Bell often does it at Tottenham, but many people don’t notice that there is a big problem in playing football like this, so playing football must be done when there is a wide enough backcourt, and if the backcourt is not wide enough, someone will make up for it, and the player will ask for a replacement and break the ball.
However, Gao Shunyao did not make any mistakes in this technical movement at this time. Dortmund’s disconnection between the front and the back at this time is indeed quite big. His sudden acceleration also hit Dortmund’s soft spot!
Subotic’s judgment is very good. He made a quick decision and kicked the ball towards the football. Unfortunately, he was still a step behind after all. The football had already rolled to the backcourt before him, and Gao Shunyao also crossed him and chased him quickly.
In the face of this kick, Hummels has no choice. If Gao Shunyao takes the ball into the backcourt and he defends two people by himself, the pressure will be too great. He can rush forward and try to clear the ball before Gao Shunyao!
He and Gao Shunyao rushed to the football from two different directions, and his speed was no slower than Gao Shunyao’s. After all, Gao Shunyao was not Bell, and he didn’t often do this kind of thing and had no experience. How far should he kick the ball out? Both of them had almost the chance to get the ball.
But Gao Shunyao naturally won’t meet the one-half chance. He managed to turn it into a 100% chance to get ahead of Hummels. Gao Shunyao tackles and throws himself out!
He knows that he may not be able to win if he fights for speed to control the ball, but he doesn’t need to fight for speed at this time. He’s not Hummels. Hummels doesn’t dare to mess around because it’s behind the restricted area and Gao Shunyao dares to gamble because there are teammates in front of him!
The football was rolled forward by him with a shovel, and in front of him, Man Zukic was already running. He controlled his position well. When Hummels moved forward, he always paid attention to the offside line to ensure that he was not offside. When the ball moved forward, he also rushed forward suddenly. He had got rid of all defenses and formed a beautiful single knife.
Weidenler rushed out. He was Dortmund’s last guarantee. He was a goalkeeper. He didn’t take advantage of the striker without the protection of the defender. He wanted to defend his opponent at this time, unless the opponent was fine and started to wave.
Kerman Zukic didn’t choose to play a technical goalkeeper. He was not that kind of technical player. He always knew this. When Weidenler rushed out, he had already kicked the ball out. He believed in his own shooting more than others.
The football darted towards the right corner of the goal, so fast that Weidenler fell to the ground and couldn’t save it. The shot quickly crossed the goal line and rolled into the goal!
The Wolfsburg counterattack has once again worked. No team has been able to stop the Wolfsburg offensive for half a season!
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A successful counterattack, Man Zukic scored a goal to help his team lead. The whole westfalen Stadium was in chaos after his shot. The fans couldn’t believe that Dortmund’s door was hit by Wolfsburg.
After scoring the goal, Man Zukic jumped up happily in the same place. He rushed to the front of the audience and ran quickly around the stadium. After that, Man Zukic gave Gao Shunyao a hug. At this moment, it was really difficult for him to restrain his joy. This goal made him very happy.
He waited for this goal for a long time. The battle between Dortmund and Wolfsburg last season brought great shame to Wolfsburg. They lost the game in the first round of last season, and the loser didn’t even leave any face. In the second game, Wolfsburg took advantage of tactics, but it didn’t bring it to the game, which also made Man Zukic feel extremely wronged.
A good player who loses will not easily forget that for Man Zukic, he is looking forward to revenge, and now he has succeeded in breaking the door of Dortmund. This evil spirit emanates from his chest. He scored a goal, Wolfsburg is ahead of the championship this season, and they are closer to the championship than their opponents. Only by scoring can he feel satisfied.
In fact, he is not satisfied. At this moment, Wolfsburg players are satisfied. After Man Zukic scored, they followed Man Zukic around the field and surrounded him, holding him and Gao Shunyao in the middle.
The players are excited not because of this goal, but also because of all the games against strong opponents in the past half season.
In the past half season, Wolfsburg has played very well every time it faced a strong enemy. Bayern Arsenal Dortmund and these opponents were the first to score a goal against Wolfsburg. The two strikers absolutely contributed. They fought back against them efficiently and made their players proud.
The champions of the giants and powerful teams poured this feeling in front of Wolfsburg, and the players in Wolfsburg enjoyed it very much.
Of course, they will not be satisfied with this.
Unlike his teammates, Gao Shunyao seems to be celebrating with a smile on his face and Man Zukic, but in his heart, he is still worried that he is very white. The wave of crazy attack he set off is because Dortmund pressed the Wolfsburg too hard, and their offensive power is too strong. Therefore, Gao Shunyao had to think of a way to make a sudden attack.
This attack is very good, which is certainly gratifying, but the game has just begun. If it is not known, will Dortmund’s attack stop there? Will the game situation change? These problems are the most important.
However, Gao Shunyao’s concern seems to be redundant, because Dortmund’s attack on this side seems to be not as good as before when the two sides kick off again.
Perhaps it is the backwardness that makes Dortmund players eager for success. Their pace of playing football is not slow at all. It seems that Dortmund players have no intention of slowing down, and their offensive is still very fierce.
However, losing the ball will always have an impact on the morale of a team. Although Dortmund can still maintain its fighting spirit, it is difficult to maintain their ball seriously at the beginning of the game. Compared with just now, it seems a little too impatient, which also allows Wolfsburg players to see more opportunities.
Soon, when Gundogan got the ball again and tried to give it to Gotze in front, Makoto Hasebe suddenly made an interception and took the football again.
Recently, Makoto Hasebe, who has become a rotation player, can be said to be the one who most hopes to make achievements in the team. Seeing that the team has a leading position, he is also very active. Man Zukic’s goal stimulated his offensive desire, and he is also very much looking forward to launching an attack to help the team expand the score.
He was not the only one who had this idea. After he broke the ball, the horse saw the left running wildly, and Pericic Makoto Hasebe pushed the ball straight to Wolfsburg and another attack started.
However, compared with an attack, this attack seems to be too impatient. Some Pericic started to insert immediately after getting the ball, but Gao Shunyao and Man Zukic in the middle of the road have not followed-in Wolfsburg tactics, the two of them need to take part in the defense and fight back too fast. It is difficult for them to follow.
However, Pericic was obviously not ready to wait. He wanted to go straight into the penalty area with the ball. However, Dortmund’s team was not so easy to break through. When Gundogan was intercepted, Germany quickly returned to the backcourt. Pericic’s side was slightly blocked by Piszczek. He did not hesitate to tackle the ball!
The football was kicked out by Fred and Piszczek got it before him!
Piszczek got the football, and he sent it directly to Gundogan in the middle, but Gundogan didn’t hesitate to touch the ball with his foot, and immediately kicked the football to the front, Royce!
From breaking the ball to giving it to Royce Dortmund, it was only twice. They were still ground balls, but the distance of the ball was no longer in the frontcourt. Several players handed these two ground balls back and forth. The difficulty and suddenness of the ball were enough to make the Wolfsburg players stunned.
In this way, there will be no second team to attack the Bundesliga-Bayern will only make a quick assault on two flanks at most, and this beautiful ground ball will not be transferred to counterattack in a large scale, so that Dortmund can kick the ball.
And once they kick out, the ball will naturally be a wolf castle. The wolf castle is in an attack, and their defense line is also ready to press forward. This sudden ball also directly exposes the wolf castle’s weak defense line to the opponent.
Royce rushed forward with the ball and tried to stop his impact, but Royce crossed the ball to the middle of the road with one foot. Gotze wiped it himself and went into the restricted area. After Gotze got the ball, he seemed to see that Ma Diqi was chasing after him. He directly plugged the ball and kicked it back to Royce.
The two of them tore the defense line of Wolfsburg in an instant, but Gezer still pinned down the two central defenders of Wolfsburg from the front to prevent them from moving too much. The defender of Wolfsburg retreated in panic when he faced the sudden pressure of Dortmund as a whole, but their defense line was already riddled with holes at this time.
At this time, Royce was in the restricted area with the ball, and not far from lewandowski, he had already run quickly to meet his teammates.