"That … that also can’t let the son go to jail. Do something again. It’s older than doing something again. You must fish the son out … whoops." After being scolded by Yu Pengwei, the middle-aged woman dropped her voice and sobbed.

"You and I don’t want to save him … I don’t want to save him, but I can’t save him …" Yu Pengwei sighed bitterly and sat down on the sofa. Now he can’t wait to save his son immediately. That little beast is a jerk again. It’s also his own son. You can’t watch him go to jail. Besides, it’s not a glorious thing for him, a mayor. How many people are waiting to see his jokes? The officialdom is so deep that you have to consider a balanced state if he wants to control it.
"Whoops … wow …" Even her husband, a mayor, couldn’t help it. The middle-aged woman cried again. Yu Pengwei listened upset and went to the room alone. The back seemed to be much older …
Yu Shuai, the public security bureau of Haigang City, had just been violently smoked by Torre. When he saw the old man leave, he quickly cried, "Dad, don’t go. I was wrong. I was wrong. You rescued me …" While shouting, he wiped his tears and cried. Because he had just been smoked by Peng-wei Yu, his speech was a little unclear, which added a bit of cowardice.
Yu Pengwei didn’t even give a bird to him. He went straight to the secret building. Wang followed Yu Pengwei and looked back at the pathetic Yu Shuai. He sighed and hurried away. Qin Zhonghao looked at him just now, and he was like a handsome grandson. He sneered at me and wanted to go out. You still have a few days’ public dinner in the number. Your father is also capable this time!
"Police eldest brother police eldest brother you hurry up and let me out! Hurry up and let me out! I must have thanked you later! My dad is the mayor, and you can see that he was angry just now. If anyone lets me go, my dad will be grateful to him … "Yu Shuai looked at Yu Pengwei who had disappeared in the stairs and knew that his dad was really angry this time, so he quickly dragged the squadron’s long legs for mercy.
The police are really being teased to death by this stupid 13-year-old officer. What time is there to think that his father is the mayor? This kind of person is really incurable. Nothing can be saved. There is a bird! I can’t blame Yu Pengwei for being so angry when he came here just now that he couldn’t wait to kill this disappointing son. No one can stand it!
"Come on, I’m telling you, even if you’re old this time, you can’t save you. Give up quickly or don’t blame me for being rude!" The mid-team leader looked contemptuously like a pug, tugging at his pants and yelling at Dagong! I wish you were a fucking figure when you are old, but you are not as good as a fart without being old!
"Please … please, police eldest brother … I want you to let me go, and my BMW 73 is you …" Yu Shuai, the little boy, played a blatant bribery game and returned the BMW 73. You are the whole BMW 83, and no one dares to do it unless you are a stupid 13 who wants to squat with you!
"Hehe, you’d better keep your BMW after you come out. I can’t afford such an expensive car …" The squadron leader replied with a sneer and then ordered two policemen around him, "Give him to me first!" Say that finish a motioning with his hand, two policemen will have been there holding the squadron long legs Yu Dagong to drive out.
"Let me out … let me out … whoops …" By two policemen, Yu Shuai was carried out, struggling and whining, crying, but he couldn’t get up at all. I’m afraid he had already been cut out by the little secret agents. How can he have the strength and two trained policemen?
An hour later, Yu Dagong was sent to the No.1 detention center in the suburb harbor. Actually, the police treated the criminals quite humanely. Before going in, they gave him a dark blue suit. Unexpectedly, the reform-through-labor camp shaved him a cool reform-through-labor head, and pushed his barbed hair and the original mechanical haircut directly. After that, the old man of the reform-through-labor camp showed off his achievements and said, "Look, after cutting it, you will be refreshed. Go inside and make a good reform. Don’t make any more mistakes!"
Where is Yu Shuai in the mood to pout for an old man now? He’s so desperate now. From the moment he was taken into the detention center, the door was locked with a bang, and he knew that he was really planted this time, and he was still struggling and whining all the way. Now he even had no strength to whine. He was pressed into the prison by two prison guards. The corridor of the prison room was dark and mysterious, and Yu Shuai could hear his heartbeat without taking a step, especially when he saw the Gherardini coming out of the prison room and looked at his eyes.
"8 prison! When you come to a new cellmate, you will work and reform together, help each other and take care of each other! " A prison guard took out a bunch of keys, slapped a cell with a nameplate number of "8" on it, and then coldly yelled at the inside, only Nuo Nuo greeted five prisoners.
"That is, that is, please rest assured that we will live in peace and take good care of the prisoners!" Five people in a big fat grinning guarantee way
The prison guard saw his one eye, then pushed Yu Shuai in and locked the prison door again. He was scared silly when he stepped on the leather shoes. Yu Shuai looked up and saw five people staring at himself with a bad smile, as if he had put flowers in his body. The eyes were like that he had never seen an old sow for decades. The old sow suddenly saw estrus. Yu Shuai was so scared that he quickly turned and ran to the door of the prison and shook the hard iron gate and shouted, "Let me out … Ah … Let me out … I know I was wrong .."
His wailing like a wolf suddenly brought a little life to the lifeless prison. Listening to the endless laughter from the prison cell, they finally saw what it means to be extremely wrong today, and they fucking know that you are wrong. Who comes in and doesn’t know that they are wrong? If they can be released if they say "I am wrong", they would rather talk about it every day for a year!
"What do you mean! Be quiet! Otherwise, don’t blame me for being rude! " The prison guard who just went out hit the prison cell. Daimon Masaru scolded him. After he scolded him, the cell suddenly became quiet. No one spoke any more. The prison guard is the boss. It’s not good for him to get old. If he wants to mess with you, there will always be ways to offend no one and no one can offend the prison guard. This is the rule of their profession.
Others stopped laughing, but the five people in the 8-cell were so happy that they were all lonely these days. This time, such a coward B finally brought them one. It was nice to see them all smiling and crying. Yu Dagong didn’t talk or do anything, so he stared at Yu Shuai’s heart. "You … you … look at me?"
"Ha ha, because you are cute. Look at this little face. It’s so fucking white …" Looking at Yu Shuai, the fat one in the unintelligent sample is becoming more and more interested. Seeing that he slowly came to Yu Shuai with a wry smile, he pinched Yu Shuai’s white face and said that the other four prisoners followed closely to surround Yu Shuai.
"You … what are you doing … I’m warning you … my dad is the mayor, and if you dare to hit me, he will punish you …" Yu Shuai looked at the five criminals who surrounded himself and stammered "warning", but the trembling legs betrayed him and pretended to be calm. Chapter 3 I won’t blow it!
"Ha ha … your dad … who is your dad? You say it again for you guys to listen to … "Yu Shuai shouted and was afraid that he would laugh when he finished, and asked with a laugh, thinking that your father was the mayor himself, and his mother had committed a little rape. If he had a steward and Torre himself could not get in, maybe he could earn a daughter-in-law as beautiful as flowers and pure as jade! Return the mayor. If your father were the mayor, I’m afraid you wouldn’t dare to catch you!
"I … my dad is the mayor …" Yu Shuai looked up and was afraid to look at the fat novel. Obviously, this time, his hand was a little insufficient. He didn’t understand what fat was staring at himself until now. A man kept smiling. That kind of smile made him sick.
"Your father is the mayor? ! Haha, if your father is the mayor, he will always be the governor! I really didn’t see that I looked down on you. I didn’t expect you to be a braggart! Small pretty can blow ….. "Fat laugh scold a way and then holding in shuaiba teasing.
"My dad … my dad is really the mayor … I’m not bragging … 13 …" Yu Shuai was very uncomfortable when he was pinched by fat. Looking at the fat face, the juryman face and the bad smile made him move as if he were about to be violated! So he struggled desperately to get rid of the fat yin hand, but it took him a long time to succeed.
"Yo mouth is quite hard! Are you hanging around again? I shake my mother and crush you! " Fat looking at Yu Shuai shook his head a little dishonest sample hand added a little strength tightly holding his bold threat.
Yu Shuai, who was threatened by being fat, was a coward, and now he has no face. He was beaten twice by a Burmese drug dealer and then hit by a car. Finally, today, he was slapped by his father. Which face is he? It’s almost his mother becoming a pig! He didn’t want to let the only one who was still intact be unloaded. He quickly raised his hand and buried his face for mercy. "I was wrong, big brother. I was wrong. Please stop hitting me in the face …"
"Ha ha, you his niang still have the face to say you this face is his niang face? ! Even worse than Mao! The old man looks better than your face. Who did this to you? This hand is tough enough. Is that the group? " Fat despise looking at has been beaten without human beings Yu Shuai pinched the side away swollen face asked.
"No … it’s not …" Yu Shuai’s mouth was honestly flattering, but his heart was secretly cursing. Grandma, that’s what you are. You see, you are as fat as a pig. That face is his mother’s pig’s ass, and it’s also a sow’s ass. Yu Shuai stared at the fat disgusting face for a while while while thinking.
"What the hell are you looking at? ! Is the horse holding back a bad scold me when it hits a wall? ! I’m telling you, people like you have seen more and more. If you have something to say, don’t hide it from his mother and a girl! " Fat seems to understand Yu Shuai mind holding Yu Shuai face hand added a few minutes to bold scold a way.
"No … no … I really didn’t …" Yu Shuai, facing the fat, almost ate his tiger’s eye. He quickly denied that it was enough to be beaten outside while denying it. He didn’t want to go to prison and get a few more meals, so he was really a sucker
"You said no, no! You and I are as stupid as you! I’m telling you, I know what shit you shit when you pout! You are still young with the old tricks! " Fat cursed the potential to raise my hand and give Yu Shuai a big mouth
"Eldest brother … uncle … no … uncle, I beg you, I beg you, don’t hit me again. I really can’t stand it … whoops …" The unintelligent goods will never get hard and fat, and Yu Shuai’s legs are so soft that he kneels down and cries for mercy.
"See you his niang that unintelligent! Still the mayor, you don’t even deserve the village chief, let alone the village chief. I don’t want a soft egg when you give it to me! " Fat didn’t expect Yu Shuai to be so unintelligent that even a bitch was not as good as a few years ago when she raped the bitch herself. The bitch also resisted for a long time and scratched several scars on her own. So she patted her hand and knelt down to shave her head and show her scalp. The handsome head despised the way
"I was wrong, uncle. I was wrong. Don’t hit me. I beg you … please …" Yu Shuai knelt there and cried for mercy, saying that his pathetic appearance left him with a fat grandson called Grandpa!
"Ha ha, don’t be afraid of gigolo. How can we be willing to hit you? We want you to behave well. Not only will we not hit you, but we will also hurt you!" Fat Yu Shuai looked down on his knees and said with a smile while playing with Yu Shuai’s bald head like a ball. It was that smile that made people feel very uncomfortable.
"Thank you, big brother. Thank you, big brother. I will behave well. I will behave well …" On hearing that I don’t want to be beaten, Sun immediately assured me that that guy was sincere and eager to swear to Chairman Mao.
"Well, yes, I like sensible people … Tell you guys what’s wrong with you?" Fat is obviously influenced by cow force to coax commanding asked
"I … I didn’t commit anything, eldest brother … I was wronged …" Yu Shuai vowed to answer that he once heard people say that if someone asks himself to commit a crime in the number, killing him can’t be said, that is to say, killing humans is a deterrent, so they won’t dare to bully you. If you say you are a rapist, they can play you to death and make you miserable. Every day, you shouldn’t call the ground ineffective!
"You’re dishonest just after you guarantee it. I think you’re itchy. Call me!" Fat scold raise my hand is a slap in the face and really took Yu Shuai’s little head and almost beat Yu Shuai, followed by the four prisoners around him, kicking and beating.
"Ouch … ouch … stop it. Stop it. I said, I said I came in because of drug trafficking …" Yu Shuai didn’t expect that they would turn against denying people so soon and then hold their heads and beg for mercy.
"Horse a wall you are a bitch! It’s dishonest not to hit you! " Fat Pei vomited a mouthful of phlegm and cursed. Then the four prisoners said, "Stop fighting …"
Four people stopped when they heard the fat words. Yu Shuai carefully put his hand on his head and showed an eye crack. He was relieved when he saw that everyone else had stopped playing. But he was fat and kicked again when he didn’t go smoothly. "* * * You are the mayor who just came to me, and now you are a drug dealer. Have you ever seen drugs? !”
"Ouch … Brother Zhen, I really got caught for drug trafficking. If I lie to you, I’m Sun!" Yu Shuai gave a whine and swore.
"You his niang don’t lie to me you are the sun! Born with a sun face! Then tell me how much poison you have committed? " Fat scolded him for being lonely in prison for many days. This time, a doll is coming, so you can’t have fun! If you can’t play, he won’t be called playing.
"Six kilograms of heroin …" Yu Shuai replied truthfully with a face of koo because he was really arrested because of the six kilograms of heroin.