"What questions and answers are they talking about?"
I don’t know!
"It seems that the two of them just came to the magic prison to find the answer to a certain question … otherwise, it is impossible for them to be short of money and there is no need to come to the magic prison to make money."
"And this battle is obviously that the wind snake forced the Diablo field to fight him … obviously, the wind snake should have a high chance of winning, but the question and answer seem to have a secret of rising strength, otherwise the wind snake, who forced the Diablo field, would not look so ugly after Diablo said that he had found the answer."
"Interesting. I just read the information of their two brokers’ fighters. It’s terrible! Terence and Beihu actually have many fighters with hell-level strength! "
"You just know … what will be forced out of your dark? It was Terence’s strength that drove others to dare not help the northern tiger and the northern tiger, so they didn’t fall into such a situation. The dark one escaped this robbery and had to live. Otherwise, I’m afraid that the dark one will be killed as cannon fodder at Terence’s hands. "
"Yes, no matter how powerful the dark master is, he can’t escape from the human category, and he can’t fight against the killing machine made by the technology of truly powerful fighters."
"Why don’t you watch the wind snake fight before you fight? Even if it’s a gold-level battle that goes beyond the challenge, you always feel that he didn’t contribute. It’s hard to wait until this can see how big the battle is … they won’t start work if they don’t talk for dozens of minutes."
"It’s good to chat. It’s best to tell the questions and answers in their mouths … I don’t know what kind of secret is worth two superhuman masters risking their lives to enter the magic prison to find it. It’s impossible to get away from the magic prison alive!"
Lin and the Dark King are still chatting for half an hour, and they haven’t stopped talking.
They chat for only a few minutes, and then not many people can understand their conversation … Because they are talking about very high-end technology, the root of it is that the sky is normal, after all, a lot of chemical equations, a lot of inexplicable theoretical concepts, and a lot of technical terms are not acceptable to ordinary people’s brains.
Chapter five hundred and sixty-six Everywhere!
"What on earth are they talking about?"
"I don’t know I’m translating software …"
"Yes, why didn’t I think of translatable software?"
They can understand every word of Lin’s conversation with the dark king, but when they are connected together, they can understand the sky by law. But how can science and technology separate cultures in this era? In the 21st century, translation software has developed to a certain extent, not to mention now.
What will Lin and the Dark King be talking about?
The dark king told Lin that he already knew it, but he could not tell it at this time. Lin also knew that the gene could be secret, but he could not tell it by hiding his strength.
Before entering the special training, Lin has been staying with the Dark King for a long time. What is there to talk about in this special training? What’s worth talking about? What is there to talk about?
"What are they talking about by me? It turned out that they were talking about transformation technology!"
"It’s not that we don’t know those technologies, but we don’t have a deep understanding."
"oh! I know that the questions and answers they said before are probably the transformation technology … What technology is the most powerful in the magic prison? If you don’t say it, it must be the transformation technology. "
The dark Lord is telling Lin about some very powerful transformation technologies. There are some transformation technologies in the magic prison, but they have not yet been fully formed.
Lin is definitely better than the Dark King in this respect, but Lin has an unforgettable memory. In the special training, he knew the news of the magic prison and recorded a lot of complete molding and transformation technologies … Relatively speaking, Lin knows more because the Dark King said that the transformation technology is more advanced, and many of them do not belong to this era. If you want to get it out, you need to study it.
What, they’re talking about this?
The reason why this topic is provoked by the Dark King is simply to tell Lin You that he can get out of the magic prison by mastering the transformation technology himself, hoping that Lin can give him the next victory and wait for the Dark King to secretly speed up Lin after a special training.
Of course, the Dark King doesn’t want to say that he knows that many transformation technologies can be mixed out of the magic prison and hidden in this special training. It is not a problem for him, and it can be made white when it is needed.
Then the Dark Lord retorted against Lin’s transformation technology, saying that he knew that these transformation technologies were backward and full of loopholes, and what kind of transformation technology could be easily cracked … That is to say, it is better to give him this victory.
Lin will definitely still refuse!
It’s been more than half an hour since this chat.
The dark king shook his head and said, "It seems that we can’t talk properly!"
Hearing the words of the Dark King, np’s outside the challenge ring were so surprised that they even stopped thinking … What is this place? This is the magic prison. After entering the challenge ring, one person can come out alive. These two people have been talking about life and death for a long time in Taiwan. Are you going to kill me or am I going to kill you? If it is outside, it is really a life-and-death thing. After all, no one is independent in married with children, and even orphans have friends … For most people, life and death are negotiable.
But here, the magic prison can get out of here alive, and the human base can be said to be equal to no … Here, you are yourself and live to talk about life and death, which is really a joke.
"Ha ha!" Lin said with a smile, "Don’t talk about it. I know you’re just fighting for something … you should still have cards and your own strength!" Let me guess what kind of card it will be? "