However, blood lion Xian is a very clever pilot. In that environment, it is more suitable for pursuers to sneak up on him. It is precisely because of this that he did not take a positive confrontation way, but took the initiative to show weakness and let the enemy miss the opportunity, but he waited for the enemy to hook in a trap.

Whether to enter the jungle to arbitrate the poor performance of the referee or to attract the attention of the stalker by attracting animals, and finally push the stalker to the direction of the large animal nest, it is said that this is a tactical master and a very good tactical master.
When you are alone, when you are caught in an unfavorable environment, you will benefit all the profitable things around you and turn all the profitable things into your own tools to enhance your strength.
And he has a good grasp of the enemy’s psychology. During the whole battle, the ordinary audience may think that blood lion won easily, but the whole tactic is actually very dangerous. If he is a little careless or the ghost in the forest is not so confident, the result will be different.
Ghost in the Woods A pilot of a military base in South America chose the original jungle competition environment again and again, and blood lion behaved very clumsily all the way, which inspired the ghost in the Woods to be arrogant and made him relax his vigilance. He didn’t carefully observe the arbitrator’s situation, didn’t carefully observe the surrounding environment and didn’t make a long-range attack, but wanted beautiful melee combat to quickly end the battle.
All this is the key to blood lion’s victory. It is obvious that blood lion himself is very aware of his weaknesses. Instead of rashly attacking, he arranged tactics bit by bit to increase his chances of winning. Eventually, this accumulation bit by bit finally overwhelmed the ghost in the elite forest of shotgun base.
At the end of the first game, the score was ahead of blood lion, and the audience stood up and applauded. It was really wonderful, both technically and tactically.
The two men were sent back to their respective starting points to resume their endurance in the second race. This time, the terrain was standard and the gravity was cloudy.
As far as the terrain is concerned, this doubt is beneficial to the arbitrator, because although the terrain is uneven in the mountains, there are not many obstacles, which makes it difficult for the pursuers to exert their greatest strength, and the arbitrator can use strong firepower to suppress the pursuers.
But now there is a new situation, that is, the ghost in the forest has got a better understanding of blood lion. Technically speaking, the ghost in the forest is superior, while blood lion is good at tactics, which is to dress up as a pig and eat tigers. But now the tiger has exposed his true nature, and his opponents have really known that he is not the pig who looks very clumsy and careful but bungles things.
In this case, the outcome is unknown. The official two mecha rushed out of the arbitrator at the same time and stopped after a certain distance. Instead of continuing to press forward, they mobilized the camera to observe the terrain as if to find a suitable venue for their decisive battle
On the other hand, the pursuer didn’t rush straight to the center of the field, but carefully hid his whereabouts as much as possible in the rugged terrain of the mountain, and after rushing out for a while, he started to hide, and then he acted more carefully, almost observing the surroundings every time he moved a little.
This made the audience dumbfounded. This time, both of them seemed to have become a blood lion. They were cautious and overdone for several minutes, but there was still a long distance between them. There was no sign of meeting. The spots selected by the arbitrator had no real value, and the pursuers had not yet reached the radar detection range of the arbitrator. The root was hidden energy in the waves.
In this way, five minutes later, the two mecha are still carefully circling in the mountains. There is no meaning of contact. The audience are already sleepy. Wang Tianping is also in distress situation. Obviously, in a game, both of them were scared by each other. blood lion marveled at the ghost technology in the forest, but he was so close to himself when he was aware of the situation, while the ghost in the forest marveled at the tactical design of blood lion, which made him unconsciously catch the road.
As a result, in this second battle, they gave their opponents enough attention and carefully considered how they could win. blood lion suffered from the fact that there were too few profitable things in the mountains and could not design a complex tactic like the jungle. Ghosts in the forest thought that the arbitrator was more dominant in this terrain, and it was difficult for pursuers to hide the sneak attack.
When I continued, the two mechs were still drawing a circle, but fortunately, the radius of the circle became smaller and smaller, and it seemed inevitable for them to meet. After a few minutes, the stalker’s concealment was about to fail. At this time, the ghost in the forest finally saw a red dot on his radar and finally came to the detection range of the mecha radar.
However, the ghost in the forest feels like crying. He finally realized that the hidden energy in Bai Qian is white. This blood lion is actually here. I don’t know what tactical arrangements he will make this time, but his concealment is coming to an end. Sooner or later, it will be discovered. Then simply fight for it. The ghost in the forest is determined to make the last point of concealment and slowly approach the arbitrator.
On the other hand, while observing the surrounding terrain, blood lion is alert to find the pursuers. There are no animals and plants in the mountains, and he has little to gain, which means that the terrain can find the pursuers as early as possible and then directly suppress them with strong firepower.
What was left when the pursuer was hidden? But the ghost in the forest finally saw the camera and captured the picture of the arbitrator. It seems that the arbitrator didn’t notice that he was still observing the surrounding environment at this time, which was very similar to a scene in the first world war. Or do you want to see if there are any traps? It’s time to choose.
Chapter 5 The outcome has been divided
There are some ghosts in the forest who are struggling. Now he really wants to rush out and fight it out, but he has already lost one game. If he loses this game again, he will lose his qualification to continue the competition and be eliminated. However, if he does not rush out and hide, he will be exposed and compete with the arbitrator by means of the pursuer firepower method.
What should we do? The ghost in the forest gnashed its teeth! Even if you don’t rush out, you don’t have a better way to win. Since you are still stronger from the technical point of view, let’s fight for this.
The ghost in the forest made up his mind. The stalker started instantly, and there was still a last minute concealment. This mountainous terrain came to a position less than 20 meters away from the arbitrator. Almost at the same time, the hidden failure red dot appeared on the arbitrator’s radar, and blood lion also saw the stalker’s wretched figure through the camera.
Now that it’s exposed, it’s no longer prudent. The stalker rushed at once waving katar. The arbitrator immediately raised his arm and waited for a long time for multi-tube laser gun shooting.
However, on the one hand, blood lion didn’t expect that the other side would suddenly rush out, and the distance was a little short when he noticed the other side. On the other hand, the mountains were different from jungles, and there were not many obstacles. Although this also led to the lack of many bunkers, it also increased the mobile station for the highly flexible pursuers. This wave of attacks hit very poorly, and most of them were evaded by pursuers.
Blood lion Naihao drove the arbitrator to several profitable positions he had just observed, where he wanted to contain the pursuers and give full play to his ability.
However, the ghost in the forest obviously won’t give blood lion so much. He has already learned the characteristics of blood lion in a game and naturally won’t let blood lion easily arrange tactics.
The pursuer was shot several times and finally came to the arbitrator before the arbitrator arrived at the scheduled place. Without saying anything, he attacked his hands. katar danced continuously and attacked the arbitrator’s body again and again
But blood lion has some strength to parry the arbitrator’s arms or open the multi-tube laser gun in melee. The alloy combating Dao is still not drawn on the back of the mecha. Now it is impossible to draw a sword in this situation. He may continue to make the multi-tube laser gun to shoot at close range. If he wants to force the pursuer back, he will pull out the alloy combating Dao himself or move to the predetermined tactical position.
However, the ghost in the forest is obviously holding the mentality of success or death because of a defeat. Even if it is shot, it will resolutely not retreat, and at most, it will evade the attack as quickly as possible to cause harm to the arbitrator.
The audience is boiling. This is good. This is what the audience likes to watch. After all, the level of players is not high now, which includes both the level of fighting and the level of appreciation. In Wang Tianping’s view, the first half of this battle is the real essence. Now that the arbitrator has lost the opportunity to defeat and win, it is only a matter of time before it is blown up.
Sure enough, as he expected, the durability of the arbitrator’s outer armor was beaten in a few minutes, but the pursuer who won the battle was not much better. Because he wanted to suppress the ghost in the forest of blood lion Tactical Institute, the durability of the pursuer’s outer armor was still more than 100, which was already in tatters. At most, it could be done with two shots.
The ghost in the forest breathed a sigh of relief, and finally won, and finally turned the score into one to one. Two people were at the same starting line again, and there was one last game left. Who won and who advanced to the present? The final result is like the ghost in the forest. I feel that there is no regret.
Two mecha were sent to the starting point at both ends of the competition venue to prepare for the durability recovery. The third and last game between them decided that the light curtain of terrain and environment was flashing rapidly, and the final random result was low gravity and sunny moon.
Most of the audience didn’t react much when they saw the final terrain environment, but both the audience and Wang Tianping, some good spectators, frowned. This environment is really interesting.
The lunar environment is relatively flat, and there are no obstacles or complicated terrain. The sunny side is full of light, unlike the shady side, which is dark. The low gravity has no special influence on the battle between the two mecha, and the final conclusion is perfect equality.
But it is very interesting to combine the situation of the two people now. The ghost technology in the forest is more exquisite, which is very suitable for this equal terrain, but driving a secret reconnaissance mecha without obstacles. The strength of the pursuers in the terrain will be discounted.
And blood lion? On the surface, the arbitrator is very cheap in this kind of terrain, but he can observe the enemy from a distance and then suppress the enemy with fire. If not, he can fly a kite because the stalker’s long-range attack power is weak and pitiful.
However, blood lion is not dominant in technology. What he is good at is to set up a complex trap with everything around him and then lead the enemy into the trap to get rid of the enemy. But now there is nothing around this terrain and no material. Even if he is clever, he can work out a reasonable tactic.
How to fight? When two people think of it at the same time, they are not allowed to think for too long. It is shown that the game is officially blocked, and the two mechs can directly confirm it visually by echoing each other.
The two mecha rushed out together and moved towards the center of the field. The first attack was the pursuer. Although the shooting speed was slow, the range and single shot damage were still higher. When the pursuer saw that the arbitrator had just arrived in the range, he immediately fired and continued to move towards the arbitrator.
The idea of a ghost in the forest is still to approach and then engage in melee combat. Although the pursuer can attack the arbitrator with range advantage without being threatened, if he wants to fly a kite only on this point, the simple terrain will be a little weak, and the arbitrator can easily leave the range or push the pursuer into a corner.
The range of the arbitrator is not much shorter than that of the pursuer. After a few shots, the pursuer also entered the range of the arbitrator. The arbitrator immediately made no mention of the fire. This light and shadow effect is not comparable to that of the pursuer’s millet and rifle.
Then the pursuer approached and dodged the arbitrator, while retreating and shooting. At one time, the light was interlaced and the dust was flying. The audience was also very excited. Now the key is to see if the arbitrator can solve the battle before the pursuer approaches.
Are the two mecha getting closer and closer, but at the same time, the durability of the outer armor of the stalker is getting lower and lower? The audience also pinched the staff, and the distance between the two mecha was less than 30 meters.
Just then, the stalker, who was about to explode, made an amazing move, "James rule Z maneuver"! Ghosts in the forest also have hidden ghost cards! He was able to make this skill!
Blood lion obviously didn’t expect the opponent to make this advanced skill hit a sudden drop and lost the opportunity to beat the opponent. After a few seconds, he rushed to the arbitrator’s side, and the pursuer raised his hand, katar.
Chapter 6 opening battle
In the end, the score was 2-1, and the ghost in the forest successfully reversed the previous defeat. One situation won two games in a row and finally won the game. blood lion was sadly eliminated in the first round.
In fact, at this time, blood lion is not depressed, and his opponent’s technical level is much higher than his, and it will also make the "James Rule Z-type maneuver". Only in this way can the military elite make advanced skills, but what they are good at is tactics. The more materials, the greater their ability. The main battlefield is in the team competition, and losing this game is also a heart.
At the end of the game, the durability of the two mechs was restored before the game, and then they were sent out. After a few seconds, a new group of players were sent in one after another. The nicknames were not prefixed and no one had heard that they were two ordinary players.
After the three high-level confrontations just now, the audience was naturally not interested in fighting two ordinary players, and many viewers withdrew from the room one after another.
Wang Tianping didn’t leave because his line time was running out, and the frenzy team filled in the section of the late-gang line during the game. He planned to spend his time here and then wait for the game arrangement at any time after the late-gang line at NPC, the entrance of the arena.
It’s a pity that there were no military pilots, professional players or elite players in two games until the end of his line. In fact, this kind of players are still in the minority. Wang Tianping is very lucky to meet two groups of such players in a row in one day.