They are all immortals. He is just an ordinary mortal, and he wants to eat.

When entering the small transmission array, Chu Yanqi once again has the dreamy color of returning to the earth. This is the elevator.
The top floor of Danque is a luxurious restaurant. To Chuyanqi’s surprise, this place is actually a semi-self-service restaurant. If you want to eat, you can help yourself. If you don’t want to move, you can also order food, and there are many beautiful waitresses next to it.
"Move a window for me!" Wuji threw a stone or two to a waitress, and suddenly, the waitress was staring at stars.
"That is Yunmeng Lake. At the beginning, we called it Yunmengze." After sitting down in the position near the window, Wuji ordered food. He was nominally a slave of Chu Yanqi, but Chu Yanqi could see it. It seems that Wuji himself was born in that kind of rich family, and his hand was not ordinary.
When Chu Yanqi looked at it, Yunmengze had a large area and was blue, surrounded by lush green trees and commanding. It seemed that the whole Yunmengze Lake was like a sapphire embedded in green trees.
"If it is in the morning, you can still see the treasure gas and transpiration, and the scenery is really beautiful." Wuji smiled. "If the master is interested, he can come and have a look tomorrow morning."
Chu Yan perched on a chair and sat down, smiling without trace, and asked, "You seem to be familiar with this place?"
"I have been here before, and I have lived here for two years." Promise know what he means, thinking about their own identity estimates can not hide for long, immediately laughed.
"I got into a little trouble today." Chu Yanqi said.
Promise one leng, he thought, ChuYanQi will take the opportunity to ask, unexpectedly, he so easily change the subject.
"Trouble? Which girl was attracted to it? " Promise can only follow his words and continue.
"Although you all say that I am good-looking, it seems that no girl has a crush on me." ChuYanQi very helpless said, "I provoked some people …"
"people?" Promise frowning slightly, thirteen is not weak, with ChuYan habitat’s temper, want to provoke people, take the initiative to pick things up is unlikely, maybe, is thirteen?
"I want to buy a flying device, so I can fly to play if I have nothing to do!" ChuYanQi immediately put pale blue pharmaceutical things today, said it again.
Wuji stayed for a while, then said: "Canglan Pharmaceutical … it should be Luoyulou who is in charge, right? There are many words in the error-free novel network. "
"Who is Luoyulou?" How does ChuYanQi feel, this person’s name seems familiar? I seem to have heard people talk about it. When the shopkeeper of Canglan Pharmaceutical said it this morning, he was surprised.
"He is known as the most beautiful man in the East." Wuji looked at his appearance and immediately understood, laughing, "Someone must have mentioned it to you, um … it is inevitable to compare with you."
"Oh, it is also ornamental?" ChuYanQi suddenly to the interest, asked, "really good-looking? Have you seen it? " Error-free novel network does not skip words.
"Ha ha ha ….." You can’t resist the promise, laughing aloud. If someone asks this, he just laughs it off, but when ChuYan asks, he has a kind of unspeakable feeling.
"Don’t laugh, seriously." Chu Yanqi frowned slightly. "What is his identity?"
Infinite smile, this just said: "He is the nephew of the current Emperor of Cangyu Dynasty, and his mother is the sister of the current Emperor of Cangyu Dynasty. She is quite handsome and has been pleasing since she was a child, but-"
"But?" Chu Yanqi asked, but in his heart he whispered, "Being good-looking naturally makes people like you."
"At the age of three, I was enlightened and cultivated all the way, and I was quite talented. I was held by people since I was a child, and my temper was inevitably arrogant." Wuji said, "I don’t like it."
"Do you like to do it?" Chu Yanqi knocked on the plate with chopsticks and smiled. "I’m very curious about what you said and I really want to meet him."
After being said by Chu Yan, Wuji realized that he accidentally let slip, and immediately smiled: "Since he is in Yunmeng City, he will naturally have a chance to meet him. Besides, you have offended Canglan Pharmaceutical. However, how did you think of selling this stolen thing? "
Chu Yanqi spread his hand and said with a smile, "You robbed it, too. What worries me is that Zhuo Changqing is also in Yunmeng City."
"I’m here now, but I’m afraid he won’t succeed?" Wuji sneered. "Besides, you’ve robbed everything. You don’t need it yourself. You have to sell it. You can rest assured."
Chu Yanqi smiled and said, "Did you say that? I am a mortal who can’t begin to understand, and the rest is up to you. "
Wuji glanced at him and suddenly said, "I want to tell you a secret."
“?” ChuYan habitat curious asked.
"Luoyulou is not as handsome as you." Promise said solemnly.
ChuYanQi just proud, fooled the promise to do things for him, but, just as the promise said such a word, he was more than I could bear, cursing in a low voice.
Two people chat, while eating slowly, at this time, suddenly the whole restaurant is noisy, originally orderly waitresses, boom, and rushed forward.
"What’s the matter?" ChuYan habitat curious asked.
I don’t know! Promise is also stupefied. Theoretically, the waitresses invited in Danque will undergo strict training and won’t do such a rude thing.
Immediately, the two of them heard a mess of people, some girls chattered, and even Chu Yanqi heard someone say, "I love you!" " Something like that.
Wuji pointed his ear and frowned slightly. Then he said, "You said you wanted to see Luoyulou, here you are!"
"Those girls are all going to see Luoyu Building?" ChuYan habitat curious asked.
"Yes!" Wuji nodded. "He is famous abroad and is highly sought after by girls."
"How horrible!" Chu Yanqi said.
"If you can promote it all at once, you will also cause such a sensational effect, even worse." The infinite light said.
"Don’t!" Chu Yanqi shook his head again and again. It’s depressing to be ugly, but it’s really not a good thing to be a good star. It’s really an ornamental animal.
Between the two people gossiping in a low voice, no one thought that the waitress in Danque actually led a bunch of people towards them.