Bai Rao is like a naked woman who has been stripped naked. He has discovered that Feng Zhang is a knife hanging from his head, which may fall off and cut off his head at any time!

"My Lord, forgive me!"
"Rao? Hey hey, give me a reason why I won’t kill you first? " Feng Zhang approached step by step.
"My Lord, I …" Looking at Feng Zhang at hand, he fell to the ground like a man slaughtering a lamb. Bai Rao suddenly jumped up with his hands clapping, and his left hand pulled out a short blade from his waist. He was never sitting on his hands. He knew that he could save his life by threatening this young man.
The short blade with a hint of dazzling cold light to Feng Zhang throat forced to the right hand also a buckle Feng Zhang wrist "adult since you don’t give me a chance I think of some way to myself! Don’t come over! " Bai Rao succeeded in holding Feng Zhang’s wrist in one hand and holding Zhang Feng’s neck as white as a woman in the other.
However, he found that Wang Yue and Huang Zhong, who regarded himself as the greatest threat, sat in situ and did not move. That Huang Xu and Wen Pin didn’t even blink. Wen Pin seemed to be smiling at himself …?
That’s right, it’s a smile with disdain and pity.
Bai Rao growled angrily, "What the fuck are you laughing at!"
Feng Zhang said softly, "I’ll tell you!" Then the wrist was buckled like a slippery fish, but Bai Rao’s wrist was buckled. The whole person turned behind Bai Rao like a windmill, and many guys who were bigger than their own height and size did a diving competition to see the difficult movement of "leaning back and flipping 72 degrees"
Plop a white Rao was thrown to the ground like a dead fish, and his mind was still not clear. He shook his dizzy head and found that his life-saving short blade actually didn’t know when it was in Feng Zhang’s hands. This hateful and terrible teenager was trimming his fingernails with his short blade and smiling with the same disdain, pity and contempt as Wen Pin.
"You still know martial arts …" Bai Rao found himself with a fatal flaw, and he didn’t know what else an adult would do if he had almost no weakness.
"I don’t have to inform you in advance? Come and send a white strong man road "Feng Zhang understated a word.
Bai Rao regrets lying on the ground. It’s not that he doesn’t remember that Feng Zhang’s one-handed robe is really beautiful. He has two knees broken in one hand.
If I had known, I wouldn’t have asked for that. If I had known, I would have just said that I was pretending to surrender …
Where did you get so much early knowledge? A choice determines your life.
Bai Rao was dragged out by several soldiers with the same armor as he had seen at the door. Soon after, there was no such person as Bai Rao in this world.
After the screen, Lill shed more tears.
She never thought that she had such a position in Feng Zhang’s heart, although for her father’s sake.
She didn’t expect that Feng Zhang would have treated her and Lianer as her own women, but they didn’t realize it.
"He … said he was his woman … this bad guy doesn’t say such things at ordinary times, which makes people feel warm. It’s really necrotic."
From time to time, my mouth mutters something like "goose with a dull head" and "wood", and my hand keeps twisting the handkerchief that is about to be twisted. There is something called emotion in my heart that is slowly flowing and extending to my limbs and five organs …
Hey, how come happiness is so unexpected?
My little girl skipped towards the room, humming a happy ditty like a happy bird …
Section 29 startle the snake
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Bai Rao’s skull was salted with lime and put in a wooden box as a reward for this fraudulent surrender.
Feng Zhang told the agent carefully, "Remember to run as soon as you find that the Yellow Scarf Army lost this box. Don’t be surrounded. It’s strange that they are not crazy when they kill their handsome head."
Exploring the arch and handing over "promise!" Put the box on your back, then step lightly with your left foot and jump off the horse’s back. The horse first bowed its head and hissed, then stepped slowly and accelerated for a while, and then disappeared into everyone’s eyes as a black spot.
"Master what send Bai Rao head back? Isn’t this to alert them? " Wen Pin speak asked.
"Well, I’ve also thought about this question, whether to continue to let them Bai Rao lurk well here or simply have a good fight? But because I couldn’t hold my breath and killed Bai Rao’s chess game, I couldn’t just scare them. Besides telling them that it didn’t work for me, what’s more important is that the yellow turban insurrectionary has two handsome players … This will always cause some minor confusion, right? "
Also don’t believe that a square yellow turban insurrectionary army command there the rest of the two people will not be tempted … Few people have sent their soldiers out through the ages, right? Is this people born in the yellow turban insurrectionary?
"It’s already done." Although Huang Zhong agreed with Feng Zhang, he felt sorry for killing Bai Rao after listening to his deep meaning.
Indeed, if Bai Rao is talking about whether he is really healthy or not, I can make an illusion that Bai Rao, the commander of the other two canals in the Yellow Scarf Camp, has been able to control a city gate. In that case, I can design a perfect ambush plan and I will kill them if they dare to come.
It’s a pity that I get angry as soon as I listen to that guy! Zhang Feng has some chagrin and thinks that she is still not stable and mature enough.
"At ordinary times, we train soldiers only on paper, so soldiers are like this. If there is less real battlefield, I won’t expect them to perform too well. Why don’t we take this opportunity to pull the soldiers out and practice with real swords and guns and copy the Huang Jun from Fox, so that they will change from recruits’ eggs to real soldiers-soldiers who have been baptized by blood and fire in the battlefield around murderous look!"
"Some people also think it is feasible. Now Zhang Cun militia equipment, weapons and peacetime training results are first-class but there is too little actual combat experience." Huang Zhong nodded.
"Master Xu asked to be the pioneer."
"The master also asks for it!"
Huang Xu and Wen Pin both knelt down and asked.
"Zhongye, I have a plan that you must pioneer. I plan to Yong Cheng so that we can look at the sand table and assign it."
Two soldiers carried a sand table in the middle of the head and a brazier. From time to time, one or two oil stars would jump out.
Feng Zhang, the three heads meet, points here and there from time to time, pointing at the fluttering lotus flowers, and Huang Xu and Wen Pin are nodding there.
Leave the fox and the yellow turban insurrectionary.
Today is the last day of the appointment. If the news of Bai Rao doesn’t come, you can say that he has failed.
I grabbed a large piece of mutton with my right hand and chewed it greasy. From time to time, my left hand reached into the skirt of the animal skin and turned it into a black dirt the size of a ping-pong ball. Then I slammed it on the ground and even formed a shallow pit …
The woman who waited on him next to him turned pale, knowing that these bandits couldn’t talk about hygiene. Who knew it would be so disgusting?
Suddenly, the curtain of the door was lifted and a cold wind blew in, which made the woman shake deeply and was about to swear. After her big eyes adapted to the light outside, she remained silent.
"Yu Shuai but something?" It was Yu Yi who came in. As soon as he came in, he looked at the "minefield" composed of small black projectiles. He was so startled that there was no place to stay by the door.
"You come out first. Old Bai had an accident."
As Yu Ying walked out of the account, he found that hundreds of people had formed a circle and pointed at what was being said.
"All his mama give old roll! Look at a ball! " Shouted the quick-tempered self-closed eyes
The yellow turban insurrectionary soldiers were so afraid of smelling like flies that they ran away clean. Only then did they see a wooden box with a pale head, which should have been pickled with lime? Those eyes are not willing to look at them with their eyes open.
"Is this an old white man’s head?" I can hardly imagine that the cleverest of the three people, Bai Bai, would be beheaded. How can such a good plan be seen through? Aren’t all the loyalists timid and stupid?
"There must be a master in Puyang city, otherwise it is impossible to see through such a wonderful scheme." Yu Yi sighed lightly and then patted his chin on the shoulder and said, "Brothers, I’m sorry for your loss."
When these three people were together, they said that it was impossible without feelings, and they felt a little sad at the same time, and they also felt a little lucky that there was no more handsome person than themselves.
"Let’s order a bloody slaughter in Puyang and Zhang Cun! Revenge for Lao Bai! " Zhuan Gu felt very manly at this moment. He jumped his feet and shouted as if he were not a bloody man if he didn’t do this.