"I know the meaning of public protection. Let me think again." Is Tao Qian old? He just got up a little and was instantly overwhelmed by weakness.

Tao Qian finally accepted Sun Gan’s proposal to ask Lu Bu to grant Xuzhou Pastoral Seal and hand it over to Lu Bu’s family to avoid disaster in the wild.
The news came that even Cao Cao was a little stunned. Tao Qian refused
"Tao old son is to cross the rubicon? Fight to the death? "
"Tao Qian will also know that the master will not let him go," Xi Zhicai said
"Can pay everything to lyu3 bu4 … this person policy also? Pour some old flavor "Jia Xu squinting smile more see more like stealing a spy on mice in the dark.
"Many words benefit the army to prepare for war! It’s time to get rid of Xuzhou completely. It’s enough to live with Tao Qian’s old son for so long! Wen and you let the rest of you stay behind and go out with me! "
When Guo Jia heard this, he asked, "Where does your master know the machine …?"
Cao Cao was stupefied and said that Feng Zhang is not in his charge now. "Well, Xiang also wants to have a grandson. I hope I can live up to it when I return home in triumph!"
Guo Jia smiled and let the atmosphere ease a little before the war. "We were ordered to go out to know the machine, but we were ordered to have sex … Oh, master, how did you hit me?"
The striker’s 5,000 troops are mostly cavalry, and the first one is Cao Hong.
It’s easy to get a job as a striker. Cao Hong swaggered on a horse and fantasized about the Lyu3 bu4 army everywhere … I laughed when I was thinking about it
"Will the military be so funny?" Asked Liu Xun, the deputy of "big talent" known by Cao Cao.
"It’s okay that’s ok! Where are you now? "
Liu Xun called the guide officer "It’s almost Xiaoxian County now"
Cao Hong took a sigh of relief. "Be careful when the boys are approaching Xiaoxian County!"
The magistrate sent orders to explore one wave after another, was released and came back to report the news.
"report! Twenty miles ahead! "
"report! Thirty miles to the east! "
"report! Three miles in the south! "
All the spies came back and reported that it was quiet at dusk here.
"How so quiet? Wrong? " Although Liu Xun’s talent is not as high as that of Lao Cao’s "eye", this common sense still exists
"Maybe Lu Bu is afraid, haha!" Cao Hong dictionary Reagan has no word caution.
"General, be careful. Be careful. If the ship in Wan Nian is hit by the enemy, the morale of the army will fall and the Prime Minister will punish it."
"Rest assured that the general knows naturally! The army marched forward and settled in Xiaoxian County tonight! "
Xiaoxian county is in Yuzhou, near Xuzhou. Be careful here. You should have to prevent Lu Bu from crossing the border to get people.
Xiaoxian county magistrate was waiting at the door early to see Cao Hong bow before he was busy. "The official has seen General Cao!"
"Li! Ask you if you have a large number of foreigners coming in and out recently? " Cao Hong is not finished. It is silly to prevent the enemy from entering the city in advance to sabotage and collect information. This kind of thing emerges endlessly.
"Back to the general, I learned that the Prime Minister wanted to levy Xuzhou officials and didn’t dare to sleep all night. I paid special attention to this foreigner, and the general said that the big stocks were occasional passers-by and even few companions."
"Very well! All the people in the county to build a meal "Cao Hong ordered.
"Please ask the general to rest in the county government!" The magistrate bowed and said
"Liu will leave things in the military camp to you, and then continue to set off!"
"yes! General! "
A general with a direct background like Cao Hong passed by this small county magistrate, of course, to curry favor with Cao Hong, who was not satisfied with food and wine, and lived in the magistrate’s house.
In the middle of the night, a small flame is ignited in the east of the city, and it is getting bigger and bigger with the wind.
"general! It’ s not good to walk in the west! " A QinBing don’t rush into Cao Hong’s room. Cao Hong is naked, and a hairy thigh is exposed from the quilt and hanging on the bed.
"eh? Maybe it’s the people who accidentally set fire to send someone to look at it and don’t make a fuss. "Cao Hong turned around and went to sleep without opening his eyes."
For a moment, there are two pro-guards "General! Great things are not good! Walking in the north of the city! "
"general! Walking in the south of the city! "
Cao Hong realized that it was wrong. He got up and looked for armor. "Don’t panic and get up and go out and have a look."
Just out of the gate, the county magistrate led two chief officers not to come, but there were no lights at night, but he could still see a circle of smoky black on the county magistrate’s face "General …"
"Not to say that no outsiders? Did you cure the people of the fire in this city? Huh? " As soon as Cao Hong saw him, he was furious and threw the magistrate in the middle like a chicken.
"The general out of the city to say again first" side pro who woke up.
"Hum, wait until I check before you convict."
They kept Cao Hongxian outside the west gate, shouting Cao Hong’s name. It was estimated that the fire woke them up, but they couldn’t enter the door.