"But the footprints are broken here" is a mystery.

The light in the bamboo forest is dim and the ground is wet and full of stench.
The mushroom suddenly screamed, "But it was killed here."
"being killed"
Liang Ping asked with different feelings, "Who killed the fire spirit beast?"
"Is a terrible mecha" mushroom voice became very trembling.
"Mech man"
Liang Ping eyebrows tiny cu way "is it LanJieLing?"
My hands are still behind me, but I look calm and calm, but I say with wisdom, "I don’t think it’s possible."
"Seeing" Liang Ping always feels that he must have something to hide from himself with a suspicious look on his face.
He must have lied to himself less than the pear fall.
But Liang Ping didn’t expose the love lies, but looked at the love with a face of inquiry.
Love is also looking at Liang Ping’s eyes.
Two people’s eyes are opposite, and it seems that they can see through each other’s minds.
So there was a short silence and embarrassment at the scene.
Yang Junjie suddenly squatted on the ground and picked up a hair belonging to a woman.
Liang Ping’s sense of smell is amazing. He took the hair from Yang Junjie and smelled Lin Xinru from it.
"It’s Lin Xinru," Liang Ping affirmed.
Yang Junjie was extremely shocked. "We saw that she was rescued by a strong warrior. How could she be here?"
Liang Ping studied the end of the hair carefully.
The end of the hair is knotted and there is some blood on the root.
"Is her hair pulled out?" Liang Ping boldly guessed.
Love also took the hair from Liang Ping’s hand, but when I saw it, I came to another conclusion: "It is unlikely that her hair will fall off naturally in my opinion, but it will definitely not exceed ten minutes when it falls off."
"ten minutes"
Liang Ping frowned and said, "How do you know this? And we have arrived at the Moon Gate in the courtyard ten minutes ago. If there is any movement here, we can’t be aware of it."
"But if there is movement, that thing is not human, will you still feel it?" It seems that you know something, but you can’t stop talking about it.
Liang Ping and Baby Wang looked at each other with a shocked face.
Surprisingly, Yang Junjie suddenly appeared extremely calm and said, "If I guess correctly, that thing is a ghost."
Liang Ping does not believe that "I never believe that there are ghosts in this world."
"If there is no ghost, then tell me who has this ability to shuttle through this bamboo forest in our ignorance." Yang Junjie certainly looked at Liang Ping with a face.
Liang Ping always feels something is wrong when he takes a quick glance at Yang Junjie.
But at the moment he doesn’t know what’s wrong.
When you look at the situation again, you will lose your hands behind you and throw the hair that represents the clue to the ground.
Seeing this scene, Liang Ping felt incredible. How could he do such a stupid thing when he was once a spy?
There must be something wrong.
Just as I was thinking about Liang Ping, I looked at the baby king again and saw that the baby king was also suspicious. Looking at Yang Junjie seemed to be full of hatred for Yang Junjie.
Chapter 446 dodge
Looking at the baby king, Liang Pingchao consciously felt the deep hatred in her heart.
That kind of hatred makes people feel creepy at first glance.
But at this moment, the mushroom suddenly shouted with a sharp and impatient voice, "Liang Ping, don’t hesitate. Go ahead. The man who just died seems to be alive again."
"Dead people can still come back to life," Liang Ping said strangely.
Mushroom was impatient and said, "It doesn’t seem surprising that such a thing appeared in the prosperous mainland. Don’t make such a fuss."
Liang Pingwen one leng to see love, baby king, Yang Junjie all seem very calm.
It is the mushroom that leads the way to the deep bamboo forest.
Deep in the bamboo forest, some floating red gauze clothes can be seen vaguely in the dense mist
The first person to appear in Liang Ping’s mind is Shen Jianing, and then there is Yang Li.
"What are those things?" Liang Ping hesitated.
But the mushroom’s body is no longer shaking. It closes its eyes tightly and says, "Don’t go to see them. They are really ghosts who stay here."
Liang Ping frowned. "That is to say, they are all dead."
"They’re not people exactly."
Yang Junjie suddenly interjected in a low voice, "I’ve heard that it’s sunny for a long time, and adults have personally created tens of millions of ghosts in the bamboo forest, which is exactly what it is today."
"So this is the bamboo forest of resentment?" Qing and Yang Junjie walked side by side and whispered, "I heard that there is a monster who likes to eat people in the bamboo forest of resentment. I don’t know if it is true or not."
"It’s absolutely false," Yang Junjie said lightly.
Liang Ping looked back at the emotional expression.
Look calm when you see the situation, and you can’t see anything unusual.
And this kind of anomaly also makes Liang Ping’s heart suddenly shake.