Although there are more than 70,000 soldiers in Cao Jun, no matter how many troops Cao Jun has, he should let him go.

"I don’t want to say anything anymore. I will die if I don’t succeed." Yang Feng is like a gambler with the last coin in his pocket who loses his eyes. He doesn’t hesitate to bet his last bet.
Liu Xie’s tent was lifted by manpower. Liu Xie was surprised. It seems that it was Yang Feng. If he hadn’t protected himself all the way, he would have yawned.
"Ai Qing came here deeply?" Liu Xie frown displeasure.
"Cao Cao has a heavy army and wants to be unfavorable to you. Yang has come to rescue you!" Yang Feng’s statecraft is considerate, and he draws out his sword without striking an arch. Although the blade is low, he dares to show his weapon in front of the emperor. Besides him, there are Dong, Li and Guo.
The left and right imperial secretaries stopped in front of Liu Xie, but the two men also shouted loyally, "Does General Yang want to commit a crime when he enters with a blade?"
Being yelled at by two eunuchs, Yang Feng felt even more furious. "Don’t dare to bully me!" A sword went straight to the left imperial secretary’s abdomen.
Another imperial secretary immediately lost his mind and shouted, "Yang Feng, the thief, wants to do something wrong! Come and help! "
Once again, the curtain of the sound side was lifted and dressed neatly, and Cao Cao swept in with a murderous look on his face. It was Feng Zhang who was wearing two pheasant tails again.
It’s been a long time since the door was too small to get in the way. The soldiers simply covered the thick cowhide into a camp account and cut a few big gaps. Suddenly, a large group of heavy infantry armed with long guns came in
Yang Feng’s mouth covered his face, and he fell for it. He didn’t believe it when he came in as soon as he called.
"You …" Yang Feng also want to ask you how to lie in wait here.
"I knew your bad eyes in the daytime must have been disloyal, so I ambushed you and looked around at you, a traitor. There’s still something to say!" Cao Cao didn’t use his weapon. There are so many people here. Even if Xu Huang is severe, he will not be afraid that Yang Fengfei will fly away.
"Ha ha ha ha ha!" Yang Feng suddenly lost her face and smiled to the sky, thus laughing long.
Feng Zhang pointed to him and said to Cao Cao around him, "Master, this cargo must be crazy."
Cao Cao quite agreed to nod.
"I can’t believe that Yang Feng made a wedding dress in the end! Who will die after a hard work! I didn’t expect you to be so scheming! Alas, alas, it is you! " Liu Feng single-handedly pointed to the in the mind has big Liu Xie "surely didn’t expect this is another conspiracy! Ha ha ha! "
Yang Feng laughed and picked up his sword again. Some soldiers were nervous. Others surrounded Liu Xie and Yang Feng and Xu Huang.
"No, you do it yourself!" Yang Feng’s mirth is full of lonely heroes, and the end is bleak.
The sword gently pulls a blood arrow on the left side of his neck and bursts out, raising a parabola high and sprinkling it on the soldiers.
Hey, how can it be so simple? Feng Zhang remembered that he seemed to have a fight with Xu Huang.
Section 100 Friends come from afar
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First of all, I want to apologize to Lian MM for waking me up. Cao Hong belongs to Cao Cao’s brother. Feng Zhang shouldn’t call him my second uncle … ……BUG, it should be my second uncle, right?
Xu Huang persuaded him to join the Jun camp in Feng Zhang, of course, and the five heroes have arrived at three.
Feng Zhang and his party returned to Chen Liuzhong with Cao Cao’s army, and the people came to watch the fun in succession. How many people have the opportunity to see the story as high as the fairy, but no one has ever seen it. Of course, married with children ran to the door and looked at Liu Xie’s tattered ceremonial.
After coming, you can prepare a new ceremonial ceremony before Liu Xie enters Chen Liucheng, including Cheng Yu and Zuo Zhou, who can wait on the palace people, but Gong E is hard to find Liu Xie’s side and bring out the imperial secretary from Chang ‘an. There are two left, but one Gong E died because of Yang Fengguo, and none left in the days when he was displaced. It is estimated that he was also killed by Li Jue and Guo Si.
Attendance at the palace is a strict training for everyone. Now, even if you recruit people to castrate them from scratch … and then you can officially take up your post after training. It is estimated that it will take more than a year at least, so you can make Gong E’s idea first, and get smart and beautiful from all the cremation. Dozens of little maids are left in Liu Xie to let his fruitful imperial secretary go to headache training.
"It’s a capital crime to let the driver not collide with the emperor." I remember that I once gave a concert when I was in a hotel class. At that time, Jay Chou, Li and Wang Leehom were also so ostentatious when they appeared.
Gong, drums, firecrackers, and firecrackers are ringing. At every step on both sides of the road from the city gate to the temporary couch mansion in Liu Xie, a soldier with a spear is struggling to stop the surging crowd from crowding into the imperial chariot. Most of the soldiers are local people. If outsiders dared to rush like this, they would have drawn a spear in the past. For the sake of their hometown, no one was violent.
"Hey, I said this official, I want to get a closer look at what the emperor looks like. Don’t push me."
"Uncle, what’s so good about this emperor? Our brothers have vomited all the way, and they are annoyed with him every day. It’s not a nose and two eyes. It’s nothing special."
"Don’t you dare to say that just because you have seen too much? Let’s have a taste!"
"Yes, yes, just take a look!" People with a Texas accent around them all supported this statement.
"I can’t. It’s a capital crime if anyone rushes to drive a car and surprises the emperor! Soldiers who want to be beheaded will also be beheaded because of poor protection. Don’t rush for fellow villagers. "
A listen to decapitate this crowd suddenly offensive to slow down, but how can you take care of Zhou Dao everywhere with such a long road?
Cao Cao is on the road in front of the emperor, one is Feng Zhang and the other is Xia Houyuan. According to the advice of Feng Zhang and his advisers, don’t let the emperor show up and don’t give him a new car for the time being, so that the people will forget Cao Cao when they come to their hearts.
These are also the reasons. If it were in Puyang, it would not be the problem. Puyang was the only private city in the Three Kingdoms period that recognized property. If it wasn’t for crime, the official was Zhang Fengren, who accounted for the people. This kind of disrespectful behavior was supported by the people of Puyang if it was known by the readers.
The emperor thinks that everything on this day is the emperor, including most people. This is two extremes with Feng Zhang’s policy in Puyang. Because of the nature of this "headwind case", except Puyang Zhang Cun, even Chen Liulao Cao did not do this, for fear of causing dissatisfaction among some aristocratic families and causing a fire in the backyard.
Therefore, it is more appropriate to give the people the impression that the emperor is so much. However, if the emperor is allowed to show up, he will definitely put on a show of loving the people and being close to the people based on the prisoner’s life in Liu Xie in recent years, which will be extremely unfavorable to Cao Cao’s rule.
"I said that you should be so secretive and secluded at ordinary times. When you go out, there will be so many people watching." Feng Zhang looked at the turbulent crowd around him cheerfully and didn’t worry at all. Liu Association got out of the carriage to show off.
Cao cao a listen to these words if it weren’t for a dagger in his hand would certainly knock Feng Zhang head "nonsense! You don’t want to find a way to stop the crowd. If you let the emperor show up, I’ll punish you for not seeing you for three months! "