Bosco stood up from his seat.

He doesn’t care about losing the ball. After all, Valencia itself is not weak, and it is a home game. Real Madrid can’t do it to let the other side not score a goal.
There are many reasons why he stood up in surprise.
For example, the power of Valencia’s tactics, and Pa Wen …
He felt that the ever-victorious remarks against Pa Wen were just a simple war of words. As long as he ignored the other party, the other party naturally put off.
But now … He was wrong.
It’s not a war of words!
He didn’t expect Pa Wen to become a breakthrough for the other party to make full use of it!
Bosco was the coach who coached Pa Wen. At that time, he was still in the echelon and was not the head coach of Real Madrid’s first team.
He knows Pa Wen very well. He is a talented young man who dares to challenge at the same time. When he was in Real Madrid’s C team and B team, he showed his qualities in this respect.
So Bosco thought it over carefully, and attributed it to Pa Wen’s first La Liga game, and he still had some discomfort.
He thinks that as long as he keeps giving Pa Wen a chance, Pa Wen will gradually improve himself in the competition.
It won’t be easy for Valencia to use Pa Wen as a breakthrough.
Now he feels that he should consider not Pa Wen, but how to get back the score.
Real Madrid’s situation is not good, because their proud attack was suppressed by Valencia’s attack. In these 14 minutes, Real Madrid’s few counterattacks failed to threaten the goal guarded by canizares.
This is obviously not possible.
But it’s not that simple to score in Valencia.
Through these ten minutes’ observation, Bosco has learned that Valencia is a whole, and they play together when attacking, as well as when defending.
Even a center like Ibrahimovic has to contribute to the defense, not to mention others.
Of course, asking offensive players to contribute in defense does not mean that they should retreat to the backcourt, which will consume their physical strength and waste time.
The way to win is to ask every player to actively push for it in the frontcourt.
As long as Real Madrid players get the ball, there will be two or three Valencia players pushing them.
This is similar to when he led getafe to fight Mallorca.
This kind of forced grab makes Real Madrid’s players uncomfortable.
As for their impression of Valencia, there is a big gap.
Not to mention Valencia’s offside tactics …
They fought back less often, and they both fell into the offside trap of the other side twice.
Bosque has been confirmed, and this is a copy of the tactics of Changsheng’s last game in getafe … No, it’s a mature version.
The players are obviously more familiar with this tactic than getafe.
At the same time, Valencia’s five rounds are much better than getafe’s in terms of personal strength and overall strength. When they use this tactic, their power is naturally greater than that of getafe.
Since getafe can beat Mallorca 3-1 with that tactic, why can’t Valencia lead Real Madrid with this tactic?
How to break this tactic, Real Madrid coach Bosco has no idea at all.
At the moment when Mestalla scored in mendieta, he burst into great cheers.
But after the cheers, the Valencia fans suddenly reacted-did they give this cheer to mendieta? Or for this coach China?
From the beginning of the game, Valencia fans found that the football played by Valencia was completely different from before.
Although they have seen some rudiments of tactics in the warm-up match, they always have doubts in their hearts and don’t know if this will work.
You know, Valencia has been playing defensive counterattacks for several seasons before, and it has almost become their label.
Some media have commented on Valencia, saying that they are an Italian team in Spain.
With this Italian style, they reached the Champions League final for two consecutive seasons.
This tactic is successful and mature.
Why does the new head coach have to change tactics as soon as he comes up?
Many fans don’t understand or even are dissatisfied.
It is very unwise to think that the new coach, Changsheng, just wants to erase the traces left by his predecessor.
Unexpectedly, in the first league game of the new season, Valencia actually advanced a goal only 14 minutes after the start of the game by relying on the new tactics of constant victory!
What’s going on here?
This seemingly headless fly tactic has such power?
Many people in the stands of Mestalla were stupid, and the stadium was plunged into a short and strange silence …
Chapter 40 This terrible man
Valencia’s players were also surprised because they were ahead of Real Madrid too easily.
It’s as if their opponent is not the defending champion.
But their opponent is really Real Madrid.
Then they can still take the lead so easily, and they may have to find reasons from themselves.
The new tactics brought by the new head coach and his special exhortations to them before the game.
Pa Wen, that man is the achilles heel of Real Madrid.
After celebrating the goal, the Valencia players turned their attention to the young Francisco Pavón, the central defender of Real Madrid.
By so many eyes staring at the same time with malicious intent, Pa Wen suddenly felt some chills in his back.
Then they turned their attention to the constant victory on the sidelines.
This young coach China really has two brushes …
The previous doubts were dispelled in this ball.
When the game resumed, Valencia’s players strengthened their confidence in playing like this.
Bosque still didn’t think of a better way to crack it.
As long as the football is under Valencia’s feet, he finds it difficult to be snatched.
Because the opponent is always passing the ball, it will not let the football stay at the foot of a player for too long.
Football in this sport is the most difficult to win.