"Why do you need to train me if you are so powerful?"

"What is it that wannabe needs me to do?"
With the in-depth understanding of God’s ability, Lin is becoming more and more curious about what they want to do by themselves … What they want Lin to do is definitely not a real thing, because in reality, a lot of people are stronger than Lin. But if it is special training or things in Time rely on God’s horrible strength and IQ, how can there be anything that wannabe needs him to do?
What Lin can do can’t other gods do?
Involuntary thinking … This kind of thing is normal, but now is not the time to think about these things. As soon as the idea appeared, it was immediately cut off by Lin himself and moved on.
"Damn it!"
God watched Lin disappear from the black hole area and Lin appeared in another place. He immediately reached out to the virtual grasp, but his five fingers just bent slightly and immediately stopped. "Damn it, it was transferred from this black hole to another black hole …"
I don’t know how many forests there are in this universe.
But in the 21st century, when astronomy discovered more than one black hole in the universe, let alone in the 1st century, when humans just rushed out of the earth and entered the second life planet, they found more than one hundred black holes in the universe.
This black hole is dangerous. Then go to another black hole!
God was stupefied and did the same trick, throwing an entire star into the black hole where Lin was located … It was Lin who felt dangerous and hid and ran to another black hole area.
"I see how many black holes you know!"
God didn’t just stop. This method is very practical … To force the forest away from the black hole area, he can remotely control the universe where the forest is located, so that the forest can not play a miniature wormhole. If the forest can not play a miniature wormhole, it is like killing turtles in a jar.
If Lin hadn’t interrupted God’s thinking twice in a row, God wouldn’t have killed Lin. At best, he would have let other gods hunt him down and train him in actual combat.
God’s own hand to Lin is not training … God never thought that he had made his own hand, but there was no way to instantly kill Lin for several times and let him run away, and it seems that there is no way to take Lin for a while.
Ten times!
Twenty times!
God moves a universe and throws it into a black hole. It takes only a few seconds to complete this operation.
Even once every ten seconds, that minute is enough for God to turn six black holes into forests and not get close to black holes!
There are 36 in an hour!
How many black hole phase data do you remember in Lin’s head … Black hole data has no real value, just a pile of data and a pile of coordinates.
Simply speaking, black hole information is tantamount to garbage roots, and there is no place at all … There is only one way to know the location of black holes and avoid them during interstellar travel.
Ever since Lin mastered the micro wormhole technology, he can travel freely in the universe, especially in the ninth special training. Lin made a trap leading from the micro wormhole to the black hole … Lin naturally worked hard to remember a lot of black hole coordinates, in order to prevent himself from accidentally leading to the micro wormhole.
There is definitely more information about black holes in Suolin’s head than God estimated!
Lin keeps running!
God keeps moving cosmic stars into black holes one after another.
Hours passed like this …
If God’s mental state is normal, he definitely has enough perseverance to keep chasing Lin and make Lin tired of running for his life until there are no coordinates to install a black hole.
But God is now in an angry state, and his patience is limited. After several hours of continuous pursuit, he is a little impatient … The impatient head forces him to stop thinking about other ways of pursuit, but for a short time, he can’t think of other effective and rapid ways of pursuit, which will make him even more impatient.
When impatience swells to the extreme, the brain will automatically choose … give up!
That’s right … Give up!
What will give up?
God watched the anger in Lin’s eyes slowly disappear. "If I figure out that problem, he will lose his profit value. I can give up … I will find trouble with him in this virtual world. When I figure out this problem and come back to reality, I can easily kill him directly!"
Chapter six hundred and sixty-five The last delay!
"This is the tenth special training with a time difference of 9,000 times in the real world. One minute here is six days and six hours. Let him live in the real world for one more minute … Although I can’t see him, how can I keep him alive after reading so many valuable materials from my God!"
"I really want to thank him … if he hadn’t found that set of realistic armor, I still don’t know when I would think about the solution to the problem in the realistic direction."
"Reality and virtual problems are relative to each other. Breaking through the virtual limit will eventually return to reality … just these last few cards!"
Thinking about god, I closed my eyes again
God just closed his eyes and suddenly opened his eyes. "That guy who can’t stay here can’t tell if he will interrupt my train of thought again …"
"A god was forced to escape because of a mortal?"
"I don’t believe he dares to appear here!"
"Forget it, you will be angry with the dead and change places, which is just a moment."
God didn’t dare to stay in this position that was attacked twice by Lin. As soon as he thought about it, his figure disappeared and he didn’t know where to go.
Lin kept moving in the same black hole security area, and there was no sense of crisis as before. It was a bit strange. "God gave up?" It’s impossible. A subject like’ God’ can be studied for a generation until the end of his life. A horrible creature is still worried about the research topic. Its perseverance is not understandable by ordinary people … This creature can’t have the word’ give up’ in its brain! "
"But it’s also … the most important thing for God is that he is thinking about the problem instead of killing me. It’s normal to give up killing me for a while and continue his research and thinking!"
"Of course, it may be that he is planning an ultimate plan to kill me in case of failure, and he needs to prepare at some time."