When I thought that I had to rely on Chu Yun after myself, I put the bottle around Chu Yun, put my arm around him and whispered in my ear, "Don’t forget to take me."

Because the sound is too small, no one can hear her except Chu Yun.
Lin Yu see two people intimacy eyebrows a wrinkly!
A few people drank two boxes of wine again because Chen Mengyao was around and Chu Yun was pretending to drink two.
Lin Weiwei has scruples about drinking a lot. He is a little shaky and ruddy. I’m afraid he’ll get drunk if he drinks a few more bottles.
Chen Mengyao didn’t let Lin Weiwei drink any more. After all, drinking too much hurts.
"I have something to announce today …" At this time, Lin Yu went to the Central Committee and didn’t know what to announce?
When the others are quiet, wait for Lin Yu to announce something?
"This matter has been hidden in my heart for a long time. I must say it today …" Lin Yu said with a hiccup.
"What the hell is it?"
"Don’t sell it?"
"I know, don’t I? ….. "One of them took one look at Lin Weiwei and revealed that everyone knew how to laugh.
Lin Yuxiao walked to Lin Weiwei step by step and knelt down. "Vivian, please be my girlfriend?"
This city is silent, and Lin Weiwei is stupid.
Chu Yun looked at Lin Weiwei and then at Lin Yu. Somehow, he didn’t want Lin Weiwei to promise to be his girlfriend.
Bah Bah … What do you think? Chu Yun hates himself for having a dream Yao. Why do you still think about this mess?
"My brother Lin Yu, you know we …"
Lin Weiwei doesn’t know what to do. Although they are better at ordinary times, they always treat others as brothers without the slightest affection between men and women. But if I refuse, I’m afraid I’ll break people’s hearts
"Please be my girlfriend slightly!" Lin Yu stared at Lin Weiwei unblinkingly. I didn’t expect to confess, but the scene of her intimacy with Chu Yun made him aware of a little danger. It is reasonable to say that it is impossible for Chu Yun to have a girlfriend like Chen Mengyao. But his heart is inexplicably worried that he will finally confess to Lin Weiwei through alcohol.
"Promise, promise, promise, promise …" Everyone shouted with different mouths as if to put pressure on Lin Weiwei.
Chen Mengyao looked at this interesting scene with a smile and saw Lin Weiwei as a choice?
"I’m that …" Lin Weiwei is going crazy. It would be great if the other person is someone he doesn’t know or maybe isn’t familiar with, so he can slap him in the face.
"Weiwei, as early as three years ago, when I first saw you, I liked you and vowed that you would not marry in this life. Would you please give me a chance?"
"Brother Lin Yu, I …" Lin Weiwei bit his lip hard and made up his mind. "Brother Lin Yu, you are so good that you should be able to meet a better girl, and I’m still thinking about falling in love."
Say that finish this sentence Lin Weiwei heart stone finally fell, I hope not to hurt the feelings of two people because of this time.
Rejected by the heart, Lin Yu hung his head and his expression became dim, and the shouting around him became quiet at this moment
"Brother Lin Yu, I’m sorry …" Lin Weiwei apologized that this is a generation of things that must not be sloppy.
"No" Lin Yu picked up a bottle of wine from the ground and poured it.
Lin Weiwei is a little reluctant, but there’s nothing he can do to make things difficult for others and sacrifice himself?
Chu Yun sympathizes with him. Although he has never tried to be rejected, it must be hard.
Lin Yu drank a bottle of wine and walked up to Chu Yun Chu Yun. "If you are a man, are we more daring than wine?"
"I’m better than you." Chen Mengyao came out without thinking. Why did Lin Yu compare wine with Chu Yun? Are you jealous that he has a girlfriend around him?
"I never compare wine with women. I will compare it with you. If you are a man, compare it with me!" Lin Yu pointed to Chu Yun Avenue.
"You’re drunk …" Chu Yun said lightly. I wonder if it’s an illusion. He found that Lin Yu was hostile to himself.
"I’m not drunk. I asked you if you dare?" Lin Yu said angrily that he suspected that Lin Weiwei had rejected himself because of Chu Yun.
Although Lin Weiwei is very friendly with everyone at ordinary times, he will never be so intimate with Chu Yun, especially the scene of holding his arm and whispering in each other’s ears.
He is 10% sure that Lin Weiwei must have a good impression on this little girl, but the other party already has a girlfriend.
"Then I’ll throw in the towel," Chu Yun said gloomily. If this person is really hostile to himself, it is equivalent to another terrible enemy.
"no!" Lin Yu will never stop drinking.
Everyone is in a hurry to help each other. It must be that they are in a bad mood because they are rejected.
"You are so give me go …" Lin Yu hands a jilt immediately broke free from the partner to help.
"Do you drink or not? Are you a man? " Lin Yu picked up a bottle and pointed it at Chu Yun, but it didn’t hit it.
"That’s enough for you!" The saddest thing to see this scene is Lin Weiwei.
"I don’t think you are a man, but you were rejected by a girl. If you really have something to do, you should chase it. Why do you have to take it out on others?"
If others don’t care about Chen Mengyao, they just pick on Chu Yun. "Do you know that what you do is even more annoying? Don’t say that you won’t like you slightly, even I hate you."
Chen Mengyao’s remark froze all the people in the department. Chu Yun held on to Mengyao tightly, and there was a ripple in her hand. Mengyao was a strong girl in her previous life. When did she give up, not to mention taking it out on others? Maybe she chose to commit suicide when she went to the road.
"Dream Yao, why don’t we leave?" Chu Yun felt that there was no need to stay here.
"Well," Chen Mengyao nodded. From the previous scenes, she confirmed one thing. Although Lin Yu is an atmospheric man on the surface, he is actually a narrow-minded villain. If possible, I really want to persuade Lin Weiwei not to get so close to each other, otherwise she will suffer.
When they walked out of the box, Lin Weiwei hesitated to follow them and went to the door. He shouted back, "You should take good care of Lin Yu and don’t affect the day training."
Say that finish, Lin Weiwei hurried after school and agreed to sleep at Chu Yun’s home today. How can he go back on his word?
Lin Yu stupefied at Lin Weiwei’s back, two fists tightly pinched together, and the veins stood out broke out horribly!
Lin Weiwei quickly with two people at this moment, she seems to be smart and lovely again.