"It’s great that Zhouyi is not dead." Zhou Chi is also more excited.

"Zhou Chi hurry home and tell this news to my adoptive father and master Zhou Shan" Kexin Yu said happily.
So Zhou Chi once again drove the car to Zhoujia Villa. Chapter 3 Killer Training Camp 1
Soon Zhou Fugui and Zhou Shan’s master, Li Hao, Ruyan Liu, Qinglong and Dragonfly, all knew the news that Zhouyi was not dead. Then Zhou Yi’s confidantes, including Ye Qingcheng’s desire for red beans, Luo Qingxue, Fang Qin, Li Li, Alice Qian Siqi, Zhang Xuanxuan and others, got the news. Those brothers at the core of Zhouyi’s hand, except Zhou Chi, first knew about it. Chen Hu Jingge, Qin Feng, King Li Wang, Yang Silang, Laobai and others also knew the good news []
Of course, the news that Zhouyi is not dead is to let a small range of people know that after all, there are some things that Zhouyi Thailand can’t expose, otherwise it will bring trouble and even danger to Zhouyi.
Zhou Yi is not dead. The brothers and allies are planning to unify the underworld. They want to give Zhou Yi a big gift, that is, when Zhou Yi comes back, they have helped Zhou Yi complete the great cause of unifying the underworld.
On the bright moon night in early autumn, the wind in Xu Lai makes people feel comfortable.
Master Zhou Shan took Chen Hu and Zhou Chi to practice boxing in the hospital.
After teaching Chen Hu and Zhou Chi a trip to boxing, Master Zhou Shan took out his pipe and smoked it pit by pit.
"Zhouyi, you are really my good grandson. When you come back, don’t have a family feud. Go and report it yourself."
Master Zhou Shan thought with Tian Yue that Master Zhou Yi was not dead, and he almost burst into tears.
Half a month passed quickly, and the brotherhood continued to expand, first annexing the Guangdong gang.
And in Zhouyi, Bangkok, Thailand, his physical injury has healed.
"It’s time to act." On a moonlit night, Zhou Yi left a local hotel in Bangkok, Thailand.
But now his name is changed to Yi Lee instead of Zhouyi.
A suburb of Bangkok, Thailand
This is a valley surrounded by hills.
The moonlight is like water, but it should be a quiet night, but it seems a little noisy in the valley
When the pseudonym Yi Lee Zhouyi came to this valley, the valley was full of people, and it turned out that the killer base turned out to be a large-scale recruitment
"So many people are going to join the killer organization? It is reasonable to say that this matter is not very secret. Why didn’t the local police intervene in this matter? It’s impossible for this country. "
Zhou Yi thought curiously that he was wearing a semi-new sports surface with short sleeves, sweatpants and a pair of black sneakers tonight. His dress was naturally carefully handled. This time, he came to the killer base. Undercover must never reveal his true identity, otherwise it would be a dead end. After all, the killer in the killer base is like a cloud, and he can’t handle it alone.
So Zhouyi looked around carefully and immediately gasped.
Because there are many snipers lying in ambush around this valley in Zhouyi, where there are at least fifty snipers, not only blocking the whole valley, but also blocking the road to the valley.
"No wonder the local police didn’t dare to interfere with the original killer base. The force was so powerful and I don’t know who the boss behind this killer base is."
Zhou Yi was shocked to think that his strength could kill dozens of gunmen from Mo’s family and work together to encircle and kill them, but in this terrain, he knew that if the killer base and the enemy killer base wanted to kill themselves, then he could not live at all, but would be shot into a sieve like others.
Zhouyi dress is very ordinary, of course, it didn’t attract anyone’s attention. Most of the people who came before were teenagers, and these people got together in groups to discuss.
"How many people will the killer base recruit this time?"
A slightly emaciated boy asked a strong man around him.
These two people are both dark-skinned and speak Thai. First, they are Thai.
"This time, it is said that the number of recruits in the killer base is one thousand at most." The strong man did not answer, but a white man behind him spoke.
This white man is wearing semi-new jeans, his hair is blond, and his Thai is not standard at all. He should be from Europe.
"Recruit one thousand people? How is that possible? I only recruited two hundred last year. "
The first question that slightly thin boy immediately said a face of disbelief.
"You know what? Didn’t you hear the news? This time, the killer base killer was killed by several people. There are a lot of killers to be added." The strong man next to the slightly thin boy said absently.
"That doesn’t need to recruit so many people." The slightly thin boy asked incredulously.
"You are really stupid. You can become an all-powerful international top killer by recruiting a person? Don’t dream of his grandmother. One hundred people go in and at most one person can live to be a qualified killer. "
Strong man still casually said
"Eldest brother, are you saying that it is easy to get into the killer base and difficult to pass the qualification?"