What Lin Tianqi didn’t kill himself? What didn’t kill himself, the man who inherited the power of ghosts and gods?
Lin Ze can’t think about it, and he can’t think about it either, because all those things just happened in Shi Huo.
The neck exudes a subtle bloody breath and stimulates Lin Ze’s nerves. He feels that he is going to run away. Berserker’s blood is boiling …
Chapter 47 Unplanned Results
"Thank you, Lin Keqing!" Lin Ze suddenly let Lin Tianqi a stare blankly.
"Thank you for not having a quick victory …"
Lin Zeqing explained again
For a second, Lin Tianqi felt that his sword was out of his control.
The giant sword in Lin Ze’s neck was caught by a blood-red palm, and the sharp blade instantly passed through his palm, but the blood overflowed but did not drop.
Lin Tianji hasn’t been surprised yet, but the thick scent of blood has wrapped him up …
"Soul-eating hand!"
As soon as these four words rang in his ears, his vision was dyed red with blood.
A mass of bloody air spurted from Lin Ze’s palm, and the powerful evil force instantly shot the figure of the king’s shadow, Lin Tianqi, and the strength was far beyond his imagination.
Fell to the ground Lin Tianqi kept coughing up blood and forced to sit up and transport the dark attribute. The soul force washed away the blood around the body, and the eyes could finally see Lin Ze at this time
Lin Ze, whose left arm just spurted out bloody air, turned pale. Take a closer look at that strange red left arm, which is still wrapped in a few bloody chains, as if it were sealing something …
What power is this? Night spirit power? When did the night spirit have this ability?
He still has time to think about these things?
Just when Lin Tianji looked at those bloody chains, his body blood was also surging, like he desperately wanted to flock to those chains …
This kind of blood rushing wild makes Lin Tianqi act up the will to fight. At this time, he can actually look at Lin Ze staggering closer and closer
"Lin Keqing I’m very sorry! It seems that I can be enemies all over the world in my life. Now that you know my secret … I was born. "The golden vertical pupil in Lin Ze’s eyes exudes a cold color.
Lin Tianji coughed up one mouthful blood. He didn’t expect that he would be defeated by Lin Ze. Although his strength was suppressed to the shadow level, he would really be defeated by Linze with his years of combat experience.
Is Lin Ze hiding its strength before it is so strong?
Lin Tianji wry smile to guess …
In fact, Lin Ze’s soul-devouring hand can’t do such damage. The soul-devouring hand used to suck the enemy’s blood and then make the shadow soul force spurt out. However, the strength of this battle in Lin Ze Lin Tianqi is too different. Lin Zegen can’t hurt a trace of Lin Tianqi and can’t meet the conditions for making the soul-devouring hand.
However, Lin Ze was desperate to get his own blood by self-mutilation and attacked Lin Tianji by soul-eating hands.
Lin Ze’s blood spurted out through Lin Tianqi’s mouth with the soul-eating air, and entered his body Lin Tianqi’s blood fusion place. His blood would be so eager to move and would want to flood into Lin Ze’s bloody chain.
"Ahem, Azeri! I didn’t expect the night spirit to be so strong. The dark shadow is indeed the easiest person to get the shadow curse. "
Lin Tianqi coughed and bled more and more …
"Night Spirit?" Does the night spirit have it? Lin Ze doesn’t know what Lin Tianqi is talking about, but since things have come to this, they must be cold-blooded.
Red left hand clenched Dark Moon, held it high and stabbed Lin Tianqi in the chest …
"Zeer, stop!" Father’s voice sounded in Lin Ze’s ear when Lin Ze pierced Lin Tianqi’s chest.
However, Lin Ze ignored the sharp dark moon and easily pierced Lin Tianqi’s bones without obstacles
As soon as the darkness disappeared around him, Lin Ze returned to the Lins’ studio again.
"How dangerous! Lin Lang, do you really want to kill me? "Sitting on the ground, Lin Tianqi jumped up and grabbed Lin Lang’s collar and roared.
"Don’t worry! I didn’t know that Lin Ze could beat you. You, a shadow king, were defeated by a shadow artist. How dare you yell … "
"You, you, you don’t know my strength is limited? And Lin Ze has been infected by the night spirit. "
What’s going on here? Was that an illusion? No! His left palm still stung, his neck still ached slightly, and his left arm was still wrapped in the strange red bloody chain and held in his hand …
What the hell is going on here?
"You don’t know don’t talk nonsense Lin Zegen not infected shadow curse! It’s your own problem. "Lin Lang’s face seems to be very heart.
"How is that possible? Why is it so strange that Lin Ze is not infected by the night spirit? "
Lin Tianqi still doesn’t believe it.
"You have to ask him!"
Two noisy middle-aged people finally turned their eyes to one side, Lin Ze.
But Lin Ze took a look at Lin Lang because of the ghosts and gods pupil, which has fallen into a dull state at this time.
Because that cold and mechanical sound rang out in his mind again.
"Ghosts and gods manipulators Lin Lang and Lin Tianqi (endless) The ghosts and gods’ attributes are read, and the charm test is completed, and the target erodes ghosts and gods …"
Lin Ze never thought that his father, the first guest of the Lins, had ghosts and gods.
They turned out to be "ghost manipulators"
Then why did they just try to kill themselves? If it’s not ghosts, then what is it?
"Night Spirit!"
Are these two words in Lin Ze’s mind because of the night spirit?
Yes, Lin Lang Lin Tianqi made such a big appearance to test whether Lin Ze was infected by the night spirit or infected with the shadow curse
"Azeri really thought that you could defeat Lin Keqing. Although his strength is limited in the field, it is also your strength!"