I ha ha a smile, "this may not be enough, but how much strength do you have now?" Is it enough for 45? "

"power? More than 45, more than 4? " Strong doubts asked
"Oh, that’s good. Hey, hey, I’ll give you not only this crown, but also something that this crown should have when you change jobs."
I hey hey smiled and took a mysterious look at liu er and Xiaohe. Everyone looked at my expression and was puzzled. "Is there anything else?" Take it out quickly. I think these two kids are itchy. I’ll pack them up after I give them something quickly. "
"Haha, liu er Xiaohei, you two have to work harder for a while!" After that, I took out three pieces of equipment, all of which were three epic pieces of equipment: the skeleton king broke out, the king wore his waist, and the king controlled his bones and arms.
"Strong change! Haha, your ya strength attribute will directly reach seven hundred. "
"Seven hundred? What equipment is this? " A few people were frightened when they heard me, and they rushed to see three pieces of equipment. I smiled and looked at them.
"Damn ~ what is this M? Am I dizzy? Are all epic equipment cheap? I rely on one hundred strength! " They burst into alarm. liu er and Xiaohei saw the equipment immediately smirked and gathered around the strong side, scrambling to praise and express their admiration ~ "Haha, I’m welcome. md artifacts have all taken hidden careers and changed jobs. I won’t mince them! Liu er blackie, it’s too late for you two to say anything now! Haha ~ "Powerful smiled and directly changed the three pieces of equipment into excitement." Haha, this feels like a word! Two words are cool, three words are super cool, and four words are killing you! Go to the arena! "
"And so on strong power now? Is it over 700? Even if you don’t have seven hundred, you just need six. "I stopped and prepared to go to the tournament to teach two little thieves a lesson."
"Why? Power is now more than seven hundred, "said the strong doubt.
"Well, that’s good. The average physical attack can reach 3 thousand, but it’s still a little low and can be increased to 5 thousand!" I have a face of serious way
"What? Five thousand? If I now turn this attribute into the second form, the highest is almost 4.7 thousand. What more? " Strong puzzled asked
"Look at what this is?" As I said, I took out the Excalibur of the King and directly displayed the attributes.
Five seconds later, a gorgeous and colorful light shone on the faces of all the people, and then they came to "bang" one after another. In the end, the people were dull and looked at the place where the sound was made. liu er and Xiaohe directly fell to the ground, rolling their eyes and foaming at the mouth, chanting "Not alive ~"
Chapter 172 Strong strength
"Ha ha ~? Can you attack 5 thousand with this? Don’t need to change the second form, "I said with a laugh.
"I ~ damn ~ this is for me? Md always played with missiles when he was in the army, but I haven’t seen this guy yet. I’m nervous! This thing can buy a lot of missiles when it is sold! " Strong dull to say
"Well, it’s no problem to sell billions of rmb. You can get a special armored brigade to go to Africa to be a local tyrant!" Black widow in the side said
"Ha ha ~ Don’t play dead for me, you two. Get up and always make your life impossible! See if you dare to be embarrassed in front of the old! " Fierce laughter will be equipped with a sword to this two guys call way
"Ha, ha, good. Now that the things have been delivered, let’s go and see what the skeleton king is like!"
I laughed and pulled up Xiao Yu’s hand and walked towards the tournament field. Behind me, I laughed wildly, and the black widow gloated and the little black liu er howled sadly.
Holding Xiao Yu’s hand at the edge of the tournament and looking at several people behind him, pandering came over and went directly to the tournament. A huge sword inclined column was domineering on the ground and looked at liu er and the little black guys outside the venue. They shook their heads desperately and just didn’t go in. The shield and the black widow were pushing and drinking a powerful drink. "Come on! My hands are itchy now! "
Xiaohe and liu er Nye nodded at each other’s glances and suddenly pulled one by one, pulling the black widow and the shield into the tournament together. Seeing the four of them laughing together, they shouted, "Come on!" Suddenly the sword rushed to four people.
The original also schadenfreude two people suddenly face a collapse want to denounce liu er two people but strong has rushed to fierce sword to sweep the four people had to get out of here.
Two thieves suddenly sped up and fled to both sides of the shield. They gnashed their teeth and stepped on their front legs in a lunge. Both hands held the sword and met the split sword. The black widow stepped back two steps and then lifted the stave. It seems that she was preparing her skills. Bang! The shield sword was directly broken into several sections, and she was also shocked by great power, and a red number 357 floated. However, when the shield fell to the ground, a white light fell on his head and a green number 3575 appeared again.
It’s really accurate to get to this guy when the black widow adds blood. The shield weapon didn’t roll on the ground with a jerk, and then she took out a big sword and turned over again, followed by a strong drink. The sword slammed into the shield, which seemed to be the basic chopping skill. The shield didn’t respond quickly and was hit by a sword. Bang! 192 A huge number of injuries took up the blood volume and instantly removed most of it. This time, the black widow couldn’t instantly come back. After a strong blow, it seemed to swing the sword at will again, and then swept it to the shield, but people turned their shoulders by shaking the At this moment, the black widow was waving a staff to release her skills’ bang’, and a 1456 damage skill was forced to be interrupted and froze. When the sword was lifted and ready to be chopped again, two thieves fled. Finally, two people, one left and one right, appeared behind the strong side, stabbing at the strong waist, being attacked and being taken out of two places. Just breaking a thousand damage blood instantly lost a long time, but the heavy chop also waved to hit the stiff black widow’s head and instantly took away nearly 10,000 blood of the black widow ~ The only priest died directly after a treatment and disappeared into white light, reappearing outside the tournament field with a face of nai.
Back in the field, although the priest was hanged out, two thieves wrapped around him. Although the attack speed was not high, the attack speed was quickly increased. liu er attack also continued to lose blood with toxin effect, and the shield had also rushed over to wield a sword towards the strong split, which seemed to be a skill blow!
In the face of a three-man attack, a short sword swung toward the shield and accelerated sideways to the right, trying to hide behind two thieves, but the two thieves also turned around at a high speed and clung to the strong body.
However, in this way, the original three people became two people who followed closely behind them. One was strong on the front, and just turned around, his shoulder sank and slammed into the blow. He had swung out the shield for two consecutive flips, and the shield was hit by the blow of the shield and lost more than 3,000 blood. Fortunately, the shield was hit by the body and lost more than 1,000 blood. Fortunately, he didn’t stand still and hurried across to hide to the side. Because of the acceleration of the impact skills, he pulled the distance between the two thieves behind him. Now the shield is on the side, and there is no stopping foot. Step across and step on the ground suddenly, but it’s the shield in the opposite direction. After the mistake is clear, I turned my body back with a small step without moving my feet, facing the two thieves and the shield respectively, and suddenly holding the sword with both hands at the same time, and crossing the giant sword at my side "Total annihilation!" As Jiang drank a big sword, he swept out two thieves who were chasing after him in a hurry and just moved sideways to prepare to rush over the shield again. The shield was directly swept by skills and hung up on the spot.
Two thieves were swept by skills, although they didn’t hang up, but there was only a little blood left. It’s very tragic for two brittle thieves to face such a high attack. Two people didn’t expect to attack three people together in this way, and they almost killed two full-blooded people together, but they haven’t come yet. Running strong has suddenly stepped forward and swept a sword in the little black body with a hey hey smile. Poor little black has directly feathered.
What’s more pitiful is that liu er ~ suddenly grabbed this guy’s leather armor and dumped this guy directly. Nearly two meters high, liu er croaked and went to the ground. It’s a pity that before the poor guy fell to the ground, he flung up a kick ~’ bang’ ~ liu er was directly kicked flying and turned into white light!
Strong curled his lips and looked at the resurrection on the sidelines. liu er was dissatisfied with a face of wanting more. "I’m afraid of falling to death because of too little blood. You want to make up a foot for a few combo. I didn’t expect to kick you to death with one foot. You kids know that you are old and powerful now ~ I take advantage of a lot of equipment, but at ordinary times, you kids are always lazy, picking up cheap when you blame, and you don’t try hard to practice your skills when you kill boss. I just collided and chopped again with one to sweep the other. It’s all about walking. You guys are too young to think about integrating your original strength. It’s not enough to rely on equipment and skills alone, especially in melee occupations. If you have the ability to fly in the sky and are not afraid of people attacking the range, it’s not very skillful! "
"I feel that you are saying that my skills are too poor to rely on skills?" I listened to the strong words Naidao
But to be honest, my technical skills are really not so good. I haven’t played many games, and I can’t compete with Qiang. But like he said, we don’t need much skill if we have tough skills and attributes! Rookie, we can still kill!
"Hey, hey, I just give these novels a truth. I either make an enemy’s attributes and skills like you or practice my skills well, otherwise I won’t be awesome." Strong hey smiled and walked out of the tournament.
"Your small combat skills can be compared with those of the cold front. That guy is also based on very few skills. It’s a pity that that guy is not here now. Otherwise, you two are better than a skeleton king. But although your equipment has some advantages and the damage is much higher, you are probably not his opponent ~"
"oh? Even the monitor is not his opponent? He is not as well equipped as the squad leader? " The original is still depressed. liu er, when I heard that the cold front was worse than the strong one, suddenly exclaimed that it was stronger, but he just realized it.
"Hey hey, it’s not that I don’t brag. Although I’m not 1% sure, the cold front is more than 6% better than the strong one, and I estimate that in our mercenary group, no real battle will be lost to the strong one! Including light rain! " I smiled and said to several people.
After hearing my words, several people showed disbelief. After watching the light rain, I continued, "I won’t say anything about real combat. I’m not stupid enough not to fly skills, and none of you can pick me up. Five skills are basic skills. Blackie and liu er estimate that two will be basic!"
"Light rain words ha ha don’t she is a priest! You should know from the rankings that Xiaoyu has changed her job, hiding the professional light emissary’s attack skills, protection skills, auxiliary skills and recovery skills, and having a very strong medal, which is horrible in blood volume and horrible in recovery skills. No one can hurt her without super terror, but her attack skills are more powerful, and she is actually more like a mage than ordinary wizards. "
"Heaven science shooter that guy agile is a B-level. I haven’t found anyone who can compare with him in speed. The shooter’s output is actually agile in addition to strength. The higher the attack accuracy and crit rate, the higher the attribute. I also prepared a B bow for this guy. The attack speed denomination is estimated to be similar to that with a repeating pistol. The attack is also poisonous! And his control skills are not bad; "
"Then the advantage of cold front over strength is speed and defense. He used to be strength. Do you know what additional attributes are after changing jobs? Strength is as agile as you, plus 3 points per level, and that guy’s boots are epic and speed-oriented. He can abuse you if he wants you to be careless. "
"The last pity frost is the number one summoner in the ranking. She really doesn’t have any terrorist fighting capacity, but she fights by summoning the beast. This girl is horrible ~ Er Lengfeng compared with her and was abused once. She wants to summon the summoner, but it can be said that no one can fight her one-on-one and win, including me ~ Of course, I can’t kill her, but she can’t kill me."
I told the mercenary group the characteristics of several people in one breath, not to show off, but to treat everyone as one of our own and let them know about the people around me.
Chapter 173 Ghost Wolf Poppy and Hunting 7
"At last, what’s wrong with the summoner? It’s hard for you to kill her, too? Still single-handedly attacking the enemy? " Qiang, listen to me. I said that everyone in the group may not believe that everyone can lose to him, but now I don’t know what to think, but I am very interested because I didn’t say what the pity cream is.
"Well, she’s not particularly powerful. Summoning animals are the most powerful, that is, some gold-level boss. Of course, this means being alone, but this girl summoning animals is not one by one, but a group of them, not just ordinary ones, but a group! Like the wind wolf pack, the wolf king is a 45-level gold boss. Ordinary wind wolves are all level 4, and the whole wind wolf pack has hundreds ~ can you imagine?
There is also a bloodthirsty bee, which can be easily dealt with by a dozen people alone, but I helped her to collect the whole hive. The queen bees are all high-grade gold-grade boss, and there are countless drones and worker bees in more than ten or forty silver-grade boss. The original place of this bee colony is in the jungle on the west side of Gert City, but there is no strange thing in the jungle. Because of what strange things seem to be afraid to move around these guys! That girl is equivalent to a horrible Warcraft legion when she finishes alone! "
"hissing" a breath of cold air sounds. I look at the strong people. These guys obviously understand the horror of pity frost. "But you are not worried that all of us can learn and compete together when we have the opportunity. After getting to know each other, Canada will improve its strength and skills, and you will not necessarily lose to them."
"md, a group of B, I understand how you got together and it was not normal! Five people have three hidden occupations, and two of them are not hidden occupations, but they are also super B guys in some way. It’s really a gathering of birds of a feather! " Strong a face of frustration expression sighed
"Ha, ha, come on, everyone, don’t sigh. Let’s go out of the city and play. If your level rises to level 30 earlier, you can learn a lot of skills and your strength will be much stronger then."
"Well, yes, we have to hitch a ride with a bunch of guys with your small skills!" Strong smile way several other people is also a face of smile.
"Well, it’s just that Heaven Science took over. What kind of fog did Sen drill outside Sicheng and asked me to help? It would be better for you guys to work together. I haven’t been there yet. Just let’s train together. By the way, I’ll see if the cold front is here. If so, let them come together and meet everyone."
See a few guys are ready to let us as coolies, just all of them together, and everyone has no opinion. It is estimated that they also want to meet those guys. I don’t know if there are any cold front and pity frost lines, but they didn’t yesterday afternoon.
Hit the friends list and have a look. Hey, two guys are online. Lin Haoxiao also sent a message to Lengfeng and Lian Shuang respectively to the headquarters, and then sent a message to Lin Haoxiao and set off to find him in a minute.
Cold front and flow cream didn’t reply to the message, but Lin Hao’s little one immediately returned. "Damn it ~ finally think of me?" I can’t stand it when you come here quickly ~ this broken place is so strange that I have been having a hard time for a long time and I have to ask you to help me. "
"Well, be careful and wait for the cold front and pity frost to meet. They will set off as soon as they arrive at the horse."
"Come on, let’s wait for them at the door. They should arrive soon, but wake up first. These two guys are quiet and keep a straight face all day, but they are nice. Don’t pay too much attention to them later!" After I sent the message to Lin Hao, I remembered the personalities of two guys, Lengfeng and Xieshuang, and I gave everyone a shot in the shop first, so I had to wait for everyone to be embarrassed.
A group of people came to the gate of the headquarters, and two guards saluted me and Xiaoyu, and several new veterans wowed that this was ostentation and extravagance! Not the kui is the first mercenary group!
It wasn’t long before the cold front appeared. This guy was still the same. After seeing several strong people, there was no reaction. He walked directly to my side. The guard saluted again ~ I smiled and patted this guy on the shoulder when I saw the cold front. "What did you do with pity cream?" It’s not really a real pk, is it? "
Cold front corners of the mouth a pull a face out of a nai nodded without a word looking at and guy nodded I one leng flow cream that wench is not interested in "hey really? What was the result? You didn’t bully others, did you? Are you together now? "
Cold front saw that my face was even more unnatural when I asked several questions in a row. I was greatly surprised at how this guy’s expression felt embarrassed. Hurriedly urged the guy to tell me about the situation. Xiaoyu also stared at the cold front with great interest.
"I’m a killer. She fought a fight, too. I won. She’s with us now."
"oh? With you guys? Are your brothers all right? Where are you? " I Gherardini looked at the cold front and asked
"Well, there is no problem!" The cold front replied, "That’s good. Come on, let me introduce this guy to you. He’s called Killing God with Bare Ears. In reality, he grew up with me in a pair of pants. His brother is called Qiang. He has just retired from the army for several years. Now his career is to hide the professional skeleton king. These are all strong comrades-in-arms. This big one is called shield knight; This little white face is called Pastor Jade Face Doctor; The Grinch called liu er thief; This skin is black and black, and it is also a thief. They are all their own brothers. "
I introduced several strong people to the cold front. I introduced the cold front to several people again. "This guy with a straight face is the cold front warrior. My first friend in the game is in reality."
I looked at the cold front. This guy seems to be white. I didn’t wait for me to say that I said the word "killer" lightly. I took a look at everyone and nodded. "The cold front is a killer in reality."
"I’m glad to see you in the game! Ghost wolf? " Strong smile to the cold front stretched out his right hand.
"You are not ordinary soldiers" Lengfeng stared at Qiang and shook hands with him without a horse.
"Ha ha, what’s unusual? It’s not when it comes out ~ Well, we should have met each other before we really met. We called Hunting 7!" Strong face with filar silk lonely said