"Don’t change the subject! Sir, what twelve culprits are still alive? " Cold-blooded some angry and said

"Well … it may be a misunderstanding."
"Misunderstanding? The old house outside the city, Sima Huangfen, Blood Phoenix, Wushengdong, Wushengxi, Mo Geisansan! Die here, Ouyang Da!
And the bodies of Sun disrespectful, Du Guwei and Zhang Xuao, who were killed in the moon, are still lying at six doors. Are these all misunderstandings? "Cold-blooded high nu way.
"This ….." Zhuge Zheng said after I hesitated for a long time. "I will give you an answer after this, but it is not good for anyone to find out now."
"Pseudo gentleman! How long are you going to hide from us? " Cold-blooded some excitement nu call way
"…" Zhuge Zheng took a deep look at me and shook his head slightly in cold blood and asked, "Where is the cliff?"
"I’ve been hiding in my room since I came back from Shengjia ancestral temple," said the iron hand stuffy.
"What’s the matter?" ZhuGeZheng I see iron hand look strange hurriedly asked.
"Sir, she already knew the truth twelve years ago …" Iron hand hesitated for a moment and said it out.
"What? Who told her? Who told you that? !” ZhuGeZheng I didn’t realize that god Hou Fu all really already know the truth of the twelve culprits-
But this matter is extremely secretive, and no one knows it except the parties concerned.
Now the twelve culprits have died, and only nine people, including Simon Gong, Iron Hand and Wang Ye, know the truth.
The latter three won’t tell the truth for some reason, so the only possibility is Simon Gong! !
"I don’t know why you have to hide it, sir." Asked after death
"Because I am also one of the twelve culprits, Kong Lang" Iron Hand has already met the love in the afternoon and was almost killed by her.
But in the end, after years of friendship, I didn’t make a move. I coldly told the truth about the Sheng family’s annihilation in those years, and after being confirmed by the iron hand, I sneered a few times and turned and left the Sheng family ancestral temple.
At this time, the pursuit of life was finally white. Twelve years ago, the Sheng family was killed by 32 people. The truth is that he was also puzzled by Zhuge Zheng’s release of the "twelve culprits" and rushed back to Shenhou House to prepare to question Zhuge Zheng …
And cold-blooded has heard about the twelve culprits from Ji Yaohua, and then I saw the bodies of Duguwei in the six-door freezer, so I doubted Zhuge Zheng …
As a result, in addition to not seeing the situation behind closed doors, the four famous arrests, the pursuit of life and the cold-blooded started to attack at the first sight of Zhuge Zheng-
It is said that the iron hand was cold-blooded after saying his true identity, because they didn’t expect that there was such a secret past behind the Han who had been honest and silently guarding his feelings …
On the other hand, after he left Shenhou House, he came to Bandung Gambling House and named the pseudonym Zhang 10,000 Simon Gong-
He was the 12 culprits who killed the Sheng family in those years, and he was also the last anonymous "living dead" except the iron hand and the report.
"Are you looking for me?" Simon is old and white, but he still looks at him warily with a pike in his hand.
"Kill people want to pay back their debts! Since you have done it, you will die generously! " There’s no nonsense in it. Just write a few notes. Fingers fly out "whew", "whew" and "whew". Powerful fingers hit Ximengong pike and made a few crunches.
"Hum, that’s what you came for!" As soon as Simon heard his words, he immediately realized his purpose and waved a pike to take his right throat-
His left hand and his right hand grasped the point of your gun at will, and the palm of his right hand hit Simon Gong hard in the chest-
Suddenly, a large piece of his chest was sunken, and the whole person flew out. Bright red blood kept overflowing from Simon’s mouth, and he would not live long.
"Murder! Murder!" Gamblers in the gambling house saw Simon Gong being killed and ran out in panic, shouting and shouting. It didn’t take long for them to see a team of six-door catchers coming towards Bandung gambling house.
"…" It was getting dozens of silver tickets from the gambling table, then jumped off the roof, grabbed Jin Yangong and galloped towards the pier outside the city, and soon disappeared …
"Fuel and gunpowder" is on its way to Wharf Road, where it has bought almost all the fuel and gunpowder on the market, and then sent people to load it on a rented fishing boat and then sailed for Sanliao Island in the East China Sea.
There was no wind and waves all the way to Aodao, and the boatmen were told to move the fuel and gunpowder department to the island.
Then he led the crowd into the underground palace hidden in the deep forest of Anyun Mountain and crossed a deep and secret iron bridge to the underground.
The boatmen poured fuel and gunpowder along the way according to their meaning, and fell directly to a wide platform along the long iron bridge-
Although it is surrounded by rocks, it is surrounded by many night beads, making the whole underground palace like day.
At the entrance, all kinds of expensive tables and chairs are decorated and separated by several gorgeous screens, which hide many gold, silver, jewelry and celebrity calligraphy and painting.
Just as he told them, they began to carry the treasures in the hole to the ship without landing.
Later, after discovering the terrain of the underground palace and the location of all the people, it was necessary to drop the underground maid to the ground and carry it back.
"Hoo ~" After all this, he was taking out a fire, blowing it and throwing it into the underground palace-
"Teng-"the fire broke and ignited the fuel, making a loud noise. Almost at the same time, the gunpowder in the underground was detonated.
"Boom", "Boom" and "Boom" followed by several explosions, the whole Aodao island shook a few times, and then the underground palace began to collapse, and black smoke came out of the gap and drifted into the middle …
And it just returned to the ship before the explosion, and then returned to the pier of Bianjing City in a "rumble" and went to six doors to find out the news-