"Seven minutes, whether they play or not …"

"Yes, procrastination is absolutely no good for Long Zhi. His armor is far more than Lin’s field officer armor in terms of energy consumption."
"Look at Long Zhi. He hasn’t made plans yet. What is he thinking? Is it because he knows he can’t win, so he won’t fight?"
"Nine minutes!"
"Long Zhi is finally going to shoot."
Long Zhi took a photo of the streamer wing and took out the Vulcan gun … And Lin also reacted extremely quickly and activated his hand. Lei Guang Saber hid in the Lei Guang Saber light group and moved directly.
Long Zhi smiled and stood still, watching Linda move quickly towards the corner of the extreme arena and said, "Ha ha! I remember that there are a lot of equipment in the game, which is piled up by dozens of players and hundreds of thousands of players. It can be said that the value of a good equipment is really difficult to calculate, especially in the game "Time". No matter who puts it in the hands, such equipment will be very cherished. "
"If it wasn’t a competition, you would never give me these equipment, because there is a high possibility that these equipment will be taken away or damaged in my hands."
"Fortunately, this is a competition, and I’m not worried about these equipment … Anyway, these equipment will still appear in my body when this game is over."
By this time, almost all other players with games have finished their respective games and focused their attention on Lin and Long Zhi.
It is very strange to hear these words from Long Zhi.
Then they saw something that shocked them.
"Vulcan gun weapon long-range attack weapon!" Long Zhi raised his Vulcan gun in his hand and said with a smile, "If you give me a weapon that is worthwhile even if it is not in this virtual competition, I am afraid no one will be willing to use it as a bomb!"
Lin immediately stopped when he heard Long Zhi’s words, and the dark axe turned and rushed in the direction where Long Zhi was.
See Long Zhi gently dumped Vulcan gun in the distance, and then wrapped himself up with huge streamer wings.
After Lin finished, there was no way to stop him from turning his head and watching the golden Vulcan gun body quickly covered with red filaments. One by one, the light of the red filaments was magnified, and a small red fireball emitting fierce light and heat suddenly expanded in an instant, filling the entire extreme arena.
"I depend!"
"It’s over … Long Zhi won"
"How did Long Zhi win? Why didn’t he win?"
Mutually assured destruction suicide tactics This is the ultimate tactic designed by Lin for Long Zhi. Of course, this tactic can also make Vulcan guns explode in a narrow area, but the scope is not very large, so it is easy to hide in a big place.
The explosive power of Vulcan gun is not to mention that no player can resist it at this stage.
But there is always a priority in death.
Long Zhi is wearing a general dark armor and equipped with streamer wings. The combination of these two pieces of equipment is definitely several seconds later than others in the explosion of Vulcan guns … This is enough.
"This is purely much better than equipping Long Zhi with equipment. He must have died early in this explosion … No wonder Long Zhi said before that he was the first to be ashamed of his equipment strength. This tactic is to compare equipment tactics with you!"
"Nima … Long Zhi this tactic can also make it no wonder that Long Zhi said that he finally waited for this scene in the extreme arena."
"Champion, all of us don’t want this tactical solution!"
"Yes! You rush to fight with Long Zhi recklessly, and people can crush you with equipment. You run to make tactics, and people fight with you for equipment defense … No one can compete with Long Zhi for the championship. "
"I don’t know if this tactic is designed for him. This should be considered self-inflicted."
"Estimate is not want to come out, after all … Vulcan gun this equipment who also won’t think of to give it to explode"
"How the hell is this game in the virtual scene? If it is directly in the game, it is better than that …"
"That what that death is really dead once? When the energy is gone, it’s gone? Or if the equipment explodes, it will explode … In that case, how many people dare to participate in this kind of competition? "
"Don’t think about it, now we can compete for the second place."
"But Long Zhi’s tactics are too shameful … there is no technical content and even tactics can’t be said."
"Ha ha, it’s not a day or two for everyone to play games. That’s the rule of the game … what can I say if people are better equipped than us!"
The rules of the game are like this. There is nothing to complain about. If you really want to complain, there are too many things to complain about. The whole world can complain about the virtual game Time.
Lin gave Long Zhi a thumbs-up and said, "Well played!"
"Ha ha!" Long Zhi smiled and said, "Really don’t change me to fight?"
"Let you fight, I stay in the first place, not just to fight with them, but also to face the opponent more severely, so I may be beaten," Lin said. "And if you go, they won’t know where we are playing. Maybe some people will continue to hide their cards that haven’t been exposed … If you stay in the first place, there is no hope that they can compete with you for the second and third prizes. After all, although there is a gap, the difference between the second and third prizes is not too much, not as big as the third and fourth."
In the 60 th round, Lin lost 12 games and temporarily ranked first, but no one thought Lin could keep it.
After the sixty-first round, Lin lost 13 games.
At the end of the sixty-second round, Lin lost 14 games and fell to the second place, while Long Zhi lost 14 games now, and returned to the first place again because it took time to win.
Other players lost at least 14 games.
At the end of the sixty-third round, the forest lost 15 games … Because the former game king Lika, Hermit, Tianheng, Sheng and many other experts designed the water release forest, it now takes a long time to win the game and ranks fifth, while there are still four players who lost 14 games.
These four people are Long Zhi, the game king Lika, the hermit and Tianheng.
Lin is the sixth saint in the face … In this case, Lin has long predicted that the four of them, the saint, the hermit, the game king Lika and Tianheng, have no effect on the other three, and the chance of being beaten by them is the greatest.
If Sheng doesn’t have a card, it is absolutely impossible to win the championship, and even the chances of winning the runner-up are extremely slim. If you calculate well, you may be able to mix in the top four.
In the sixty-fourth round, Lin Hao’s suspense easily defeated St. After all, St. Hypnotism has mental preparedness in Lin, which is not at all.
Lin also rushed to the third place because of this victory. Yes, it was just called by Long Zhi from the second place.
Dragon wisdom vs hermit forest vs lika in the sixty-fifth round
The results of these two battles also seem to be expected by many players. Longzhi can’t lose the game, and Lika won the game hard.
Suo Linyi fell from the third place to the nineteenth place, ranking first in the 16-game losing team, and was just called by Lin, who was also hit by 16 games in the losing game. After all, Shenglai is the losing game, and winning the game takes the shortest time among many masters.
Saint has to say that it’s really hard at this time … It’s not much to count the hypnotists who can resist him in the ranking match, and there are only a dozen of them. Three of them died when they hit the top, but the other ten were ranked first in each group because he won the game in a very short time. They were beaten by other players before touching them. Now they are all in the middle position, and it is impossible to hit him.
And Lin is an exception … Lailin has been beaten, but they have let it go, so there is nothing at the beginning. Designing Lin has extended its time to win, becoming longer than Lin but still shorter than others.
That’s why now, if the defeat is the same, the victory will be the same, and Lin and Long Zhi’s time-consuming victory will inevitably lead them to meet directly.
You have to swallow your own fruit because of your own seed.
Chapter two hundred and forty-four Master Mo Shi!
Round 66
Lin once again beat Sheng to 17 games … and there are still more than 100 players who have lost 17 games. If he keeps winning, he will still have a chance to compete for the runner-up. But he is still ranked first among the players who have lost 17 games, and one of them will definitely become a loser in the last stage, such as Lika, Hermit, Tianheng and Lin.
Lin has lost sixteen games now, and if he wants to be runner-up, he can’t lose a game.