Then, I saw that the momentum of the three soldiers was like a rainbow, and the steps were sonorous, and they were ruthless and clean.

Everyone is proud to smile when they leave and wait for good news.
The performances of several companies are not good, either military boxing or martial arts. jǐng often captures enemy boxing. Some women’s teams simply take simplified Tai Ji Chuan as a substitute. They are trembling like an old lady with feet bound. Someone either falls or goes in the wrong direction, and there are a lot of jokes at the moment.
Qi Yufeng couldn’t help sighing. In fact, even if the military boxing or the enemy’s boxing can be strong and powerful, it can still look better. However, seeing these people being frivolous, it is obvious that no one will take this game to heart, even two long fists are not as good as two.
Little by little, it was finally time to announce the results. After seeing the school leaders talking nonsense as usual, the head of the military training announced that "the 12-company girls’ group was the first and the 3-company boys’ group was the second …"
Taiwan immediately be utter silence …
Zhan Guoying frowned and asked softly, "What’s the matter?"
The company commander of Sanlian got along with these kids for more than half a month and was very familiar with it. When Xiao explained, "The small white face of Shilian is a teacher and diligent soldier. Now you know the main points of promotion …"
After reading the results, the head of the delegation immediately said, "Now please ask the student representative of the first winner to come and receive the award."
Everyone looked at each other, but no one received the prize for a long time.
After a while, there was a burst of sāo in the direction of the twelfth company. A girl shouted crisply, "I’m not going to lose face!"
This shout was like an explosive fuse, and the whole venue immediately talked about it. Sanlian’s position was noisy, especially harsh
Listen to the noise of Zhan Guoying yelling, "Is the teacher diligent amazing? How can the army defend the country when it is so * *? "
This shout suddenly became an epiphany and other companies waved red flags to express their support.
When he shouted, the scene was boiling, and other companies waved red flags to show their support, even the senior students outside the venue followed suit.
Seeing the situation, the chaotic head frowned and shouted, "Students, stop arguing!"
Who knows, this is even more shocking to several people. Actually, several girls raised their middle fingers and then turned around and disappeared into the crowd.
Colonel saw the situation intensified, and the students’ anger reached the extreme. Suddenly, Se was livid, so I don’t know.
He unbuttoned his skirt and looked around. When he saw Zhan Guoying pointing fingers at himself, he couldn’t help shouting angrily, "What did you mean by that just now?"
Zhan Guoying laughed and got close to the podium. "I’m sorry, I’m not very good at talking. If there’s anything offensive … come and hit me!"
The head of the regiment has been a soldier for decades in his forties. Have you ever seen such a provocation? The veins stood out in my head and I was furious. "Come here if you dare!"
Zhanguoying ha ha a smile and the previous step in the podium "maybe you come! If you dare not come, you have no seeds! "
Head smell speech immediately blood gush a lift to chuai to the front table.
This podium table is more than three meters long. It turned out to be a large table and chair in the conference room to show the style. The table is wide and big. Five or six students carried it with great strength. When they saw that the head of the delegation was about to hit Zhan Guoying’s head, the girl cried and lost the Se "ah" and exclaimed to cover her eyes.
Zhan Guoying is also in the heart in a surprised and hurried back, but the table is wide and fast. When you can avoid it, you can close your eyes and lift your arms and block it.
At this time, I felt that someone behind me suddenly pulled himself and stumbled and finally escaped.
Looking back, it turned out to be Qi Yufeng. I don’t know when I arrived at him.
The table banged down on the platform of the Sifang Stadium in the earthquake and there was no sound for a long time.
Qi Yufeng pulled back Zhan Guoying’s feet and lifted a hook to flatten the crooked table with one hand holding up the table, and raised his head and looked at the head.
When the head of the delegation saw the student’s bright eyes full of murderous look, he couldn’t help but feel flustered and short of breath. He scolded himself for not doing anything but taking the blame for it for no reason.
Look around. Several people are watching their noses, watching their mouths and watching their hearts. Even one of them didn’t get through. Obviously, they are all waiting to see his jokes, which is even more annoying.
On behalf of the school youth league Committee, I thought for a long time and suddenly cleared my throat. "Students …"
A "classmate" just shouted out and saw Qi Yufeng raise his hand and cut it in two on the desktop, which is more than an inch thick.
"good!" A tidal wave of mountain calls and students’ enthusiasm was aroused, and the red flag fluttered and the drums blared, and one connected with another company played a wave of people, which was mixed with constant shouting
"Erlian pays tribute to the comrades of Sanlian!"
"Five companies and six classes support three companies to win the super boy championship!"
"The School of Information supports three consecutive comrades!"
"Pay tribute to the three companies of pure men!"
Colonel heard this shout face se is getting whiter and whiter, while the Youth League Committee was carrying one hand and couldn’t put it down on the podium. Several people looked at each other and found that they had a big time and didn’t know what to do.
At this time, Qi Yufeng walked beside his instructor and sighed and said, "Let’s withdraw."
The instructor had tears in his eyes, and an old gentleman had been crying for a long time. In fact, he was very satisfied with winning the second place, but the enthusiasm of these children made him don’t know what to do.
"There are three conjoined bodies!" Instructor fiercely a yell.
Sanlian people put away their smiling faces and looked at themselves in surprise, crying with tears on their faces, instructor
"attention!" The instructor shouted at the top of his lungs
More than 1000 people gathered in silence.
The instructor wiped his face and rubbed a hand of tears on his body. "All three conjoined bodies have turned back!"
"Let’s go!"
Three companies evacuated āo field.